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Friday, February 18, 2011

Bring It On!!!

I have to tell you
good things are happening.
I am sending signals out to the universe 
that I want, and am ready for new opportunities.
Am I suddenly seeing what was already there ?
 are they being sent ? 

Something happened at work
 that is absolutely the lowest move
I have ever witnessed in my professional career.

And it happened to me.

When a few words came out of my boss's { and the owner } mouth.
It was shocking. 
And so unbelievable to me
that something inside me shut down.

I wasn't upset.

But, I must admit to you that
I had to reach down and pick up my jaw off the floor.

The details are irrelevant....{but i will tell you anyway}
and trust me, you would tell me to pack my things up. 

The next day before a media room project
that I had been working on was supposed to close {sold}
{for 86,000.00 of which they - the company i work for -
had to invest $0.00 - it was all custom work designed my ME }

In a calm and mature {hahaha} way
I stood up to the owner 
when she asked me about the project
and "was it closing tonight?"

Of course 
this is all about money, 
and not paying me my pathetic commission.
If these people can't mark everything up 100% 
they take commission away from you {the salesperson}.

They do it because they can.
This is a 'right to work' state.

Anyway ....when she asked me about closing the big sale....
I asked her;
"what exactly would be my motivation?"
"you have taken the commission away from me on $64,000.00 of it?"
"that's not right, you have had to buy nothing....
to gain this money"
"And if you try and change anything in this media room by so much as by 1inch,
you will be able to sell no media chairs."

Suddenly she said to me;
{while picking her up her jaw off the floor}
" I never said that " {oh yeah? is someone telling a twisted little fib here?}
"no, you just get 1/2 your commission"


No way.
I have a witness. 
The salesperson who turned the job over to me 
was in the room when she said it.

What's that line from the movie with Jack Nicholson?
" hey lady"
 "you can't sell crazy here" 
"we're all stocked up"

Don't even try to pull that crazy making crap on me!

I say; 
"Bring it on baby!!"

I am ready.
There is something big, bright and shiny 
coming down the road and heading straight towards me.
I just have to be ready to go.
I am.
It is my time.

Thank you C.S.
what is going on with blogger??
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  1. There has to be something great just around the corner....your stories continue to astound!

  2. Sadly low - but they (she) will end up pushing your energies the right way because you are a ball of creative power!!

  3. Unfortunately, there are people like them existing. Do not despair because these days - karma is digital. Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  4. Jealousy + money = evil.

    There has to be a shining light around the corner, take a walk... and your talents. No one deserves that sh*t!

  5. Renee, better things are coming. Don't let these schmucks crush your spirit! hugs and prayers! xx

  6. anne

    thank you.
    i needed to hear that!

  7. Acanthus and Acorn
    thank you my love.

    it is soooooooooooooo true!

  8. Renee,

    Remember there are only two things that cause others to kick sand in your face they are: jealousy or fear.
    Of what? Your confidence. Shake it off and do what you do best being yourself.


  9. bette

    you have helped me {in many ways}
    more than you know.

  10. Karma is not only digital, it goes today in warp speed. Sounds like your boss is long overdue for a karma session.

  11. home before dark,

    where the hell have you been?
    and i can not access you-
    i hope this mail reaches you.


  12. Used Car Sales Reps. are always rated at the bottom of consumers trust & integrity list (nurses being at the top). I reckon this dame has just given the bottom feeders a leg up with this incredible display. Unless she has an epiphany about incorporating trust, integrity & honesty into her daily life, she can look forward to occupying that bottom rung for a long time to come. Yep, I reckon the Universe is just about to come down on your side Renee, & no-one deserves it more.
    Millie x

  13. millie

    you are always in my corner.
    i really wish i live out there because i wouldn't have to SEND you
    hugs and xxx's

    it's all good!

  14. My Sistah Renee!
    Deep breaths, something GREAT is coming your way. You are one strong woman and I admire you for working in that pit everyday.
    Love ya Girlie Girl!

    Oh and I am in love with limestone...that home is fab.

  15. renae

    your my buddy.

  16. It can leave you speechless when someone's true nature comes out - and also hurtful. Everyone here is right,hang in there, something good is on its way!

  17. Wow..I had to pick up my jaw too! My gut says she has jealousy or feeling threatened by you all over her forehead. She was trying to use "her power" as a means of intimidation and it didnt' work. My gut says this person tells me this is more about whats going on in her life, in her head than anything directed in a mean spriited or otherwise way towards you specifically, you just happened to be on her path of endure her wrath! Sorry for you....but you have a great attitude and just forge ahead wtih a smile....remember don't let your past steal your future!

  18. I have to believe that better things are to come, for BOTH of us!! So glad you'll be open to it once "better" shows up! ;)

  19. That's our smart, talented, sharp, quick-tongued designing woman that we all know and love. I love your attitude lady and you know I think attitude is infectious. I for one plan on catching it from you. I've taken on this attitude this year too; enough being a door mat and expecting the worse. You are our blogging bright Star Ms. Finberg. I love it when you shine.
    xo xo luvs



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