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Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweet Sweet Middleburg

How I wish I could get up to Middleburg Virginia sooner than later.

If you should get up to the D.C. area,
it's worth the drive.
Middleburg is absolutely chic in every way.

You can buy a horse farm there.
Or maybe a winery.
But the town itself has oodles of history.

But if you want some place to stay with loads,
and I mean loads of history.
Stay here.
There have been Celebs galore who stayed here.
And that's just in this century.

"Throughout the years, the Inn has been used for many notable events and by many well known people and has remained a popular destination for anyone who seeks a romantic hideaway in the heart of the hunt country. The Jeb Stuart Room, for example, served as the stage for a rare press conference by President Kennedy and as a meeting room for hopeful Democrats hosted by Ambassador Pamela Harriman, a local fox-hunting resident; Elizabeth Taylor often graced the Tap Room both during the courtship and after her marriage to a local gentleman, Senator John Warner; and the lovely and kind Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis frequently stayed at the Inn during fox-hunting holidays each fall. Today, film and music celebrities are often seen in the hotel and dining rooms. "

My hope is that when I go up to see my family in Reston Va.,
in April, I can see a classic hunt.
Red coats and all.
Maybe I will even join in.
Who knows?

If not a hunt ,
some sort of ' eventing ' will fill my heart with joy.

This is my kind of place in every way-
Charm, class, and history.

I may have to dust off my old 'blue blooded' passport ,
just in case I run into an issue.

How about you?
Have you been to Middleburg?
What can you tell me about it?

If I could, this is where I will would be for the weekend.

the history of The RedFox Inn click here

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  1. Never been there, but have heard wonderful things about that area. Those photos are gorgeous. Horse country is so beautiful. Have a great weekend!

  2. Ok - i've always WANTED to go - i live in dc afterall. In fact -my firm has a satelitte office in Middleburg but *gasp* - i've never been! Now I just call that lazy on my part.

  3. Well I for one would like to be there right now because now Officially South Central Texas is colder that ALASKA!!!!!Beadboard's pipes are frozen, so I'm thinking in front of the fireplace in that inn Yep sounds great to me!!!!!Maryanne xo

  4. You are best to wait til April...nasty Va. weather this weekend...Do you have "Hunt Country Style" by Kathryn Mason?....It's a wonderful book with beautiful might get you through til Spring!...have a great weekend k

  5. I love Middleburg.....I went several times when I lived in DC. I always wanted to ride my bike out t here but never did. You are so is beautiful and so full of history! Bags are packed...are yours?

  6. is gorgeous.
    rain or shine, it's gorgeous.

    architect, shame on you.
    you would love the red fox inn for a cocktail.
    and i's worth the drive.


  7. Book me in for the weekend! The countryside looks amazing! Ax

  8. Of course I've been, great junking out that way also.

    Have Julienne come over and the 3 of us will go!

    xo Jane

  9. jane

    i would love that.
    i am so worried about her and the others in that area.
    floods, cyclones...not cool.

    but when i get up yo virginia we will have our chance to meet and play.
    xxx me

  10. How beautiful it is Renee
    I wish I could say I have been there.... love all the historic photos too...

    pardon my absence.. things have been quite 'stupid' my way for a few weeks...

    Have a lovely weekend.. and think of me sitting here in 42C [107.6F] heat!! blaaaaahhh... ciao xxx Julie

  11. My kind of place too; the history, the stories the walls of the Inn could tell! Thanks, Renée, love it.

  12. My Husbands sister lives there and my stepdaughter recently married a man from there and they live on a stunning farm. I love it there. Her wedding was in an old flour mill, in Upperville in November so you can just imagine how gorgeous it was that time of year. Loved this post. Time kind of stands still there. I love it.

  13. Totally sublime Renee....Have a wonderful weekend....xv

  14. Lovely,

    Those red trees......yes. Autumn, I will take that season now!


  15. Hi Renee,
    WOW looks beautiful reminds me of when we went to Strasburgh that nearby ? It is certainly a beautiful place. I wouldn't mind a few nights there myself !! XXXX

  16. This looks like heaven on earth. A gorgeous place. I've never been to Middleburg, but I must tell you, Renee, it looks remarkably like Gladstone, New Jersey.

    Don't laugh.

  17. It is so wonderful for all the reasons you stated. I don't live too far at all and for a second thought one of these were from my own photos! You must visit in the fall because that's when it is truly perfect!



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