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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tonight I Am ...

Craving chocolate big time!!!
Unless I get up and get dressed and go to the store,
this will be a s close to chocolate as I will get.

I have been taking it a bit easy on the blogging scene for 2 days now.
I haven't been posting or commenting because
my right eye is red, painful. I have a touch of pink eye.
This is something I get off and on
because of my severe allergies here in South Florida.

I have hot compresses on my eye and and doing the medication thing as well.

xxx's sweet dreams

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  1. Well you know if I had any chocolate in my house, I'd rush it over to you.

    This is a conundrum of the first degree.

    Sorry about the eye. Itchy, I had it once.

    Sweet dreams to you.

    xo jane

  2. This is the kind of chocolate I need more of in my calories and as decadent as they come:) Such beautiful spaces, especially that first whee, really something.
    I am glad I have no chocolate in the house....after I devoured an entire box, yes thats right BOX for Valentines day I am trying to alas practice some self control!
    Hope your pink eye is better soon!

  3. Hope you're eyes are better soon. I was just rearranging the two new daybeds in the main bedroom, which arrived in replacement of the pair of wing chairs we had there, (facing the TV). And there is your picture of a pair of daybeds, presumably facing a TV that pops out of the stool. Mine are raspberry, (like the colour of your eye, perhaps). I will post pictures once the cushions have been remade and returned - they made them with the stripes going horizontally instead of vertically.

  4. Renee,

    Sorry to hear your eye is under the weather! But your other eye picked out a wonderful shade of yummy all by itself. Wow that really does look like you could snag a chunk right from the wall.


  5. We had a chocolate and white bedroom was delicious!!!!
    What is pink eye? It sounds most uncomfortable so for your sake I hope it clears very, very soon.
    Does a cyber kiss make it feel better? xoxo Jules

  6. I am addicted to chocolate...I cannot bring any into the house as i will eat the entire box. Christmas is a chocolate nightmare! vendors, family, friends send the most delicious chocolates and...of course i eat them all.
    Take good care of your eye....My eyes are very painful as well but due to sinuses. Cannot wait to come to your part of the world for a few days of sun in Florida..going to visit my husband's brother in palm Beach and then on a small road trip to the keys where I have never been.
    Any advise??

  7. columnis,

    don't forget!
    i wan to see!

  8. I like pink, but never in the eye! I am so sorry, Renee - pink eye is miserable. Hope you feel better very soon. Have a nice weekend. xx

  9. anne

    you crack me up!!!!
    you are the best!!!



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