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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Surrounded By Crazies

Lately I am feeling like the world is topsy turvy.
People say one thing...
 then they have decided that they really meant something else.
Enough of that wishy washy, 'I can't make up my mind shit.'
I would rather be with wild animals , 
they are sweeter and more predictable than what I am working with as clients.
{i am making a face and crossing my eyes while typing}

I seriously need some rocket fuel.
Strong do what needs to be done.

So, today and tonight I have decided to take to the skies 
and blow far, far away from this crazy town.
I will hook up with some of the 'old crowd.'
And will take just a teeny tiny taste of the wild side.

The wild crowd on the wild side-
is more than willing to help me Blow off some of this steam .
I just want to Scream and Shout and DANCE it all out.

After some fun I should be good as new.

And tomorrow will bring a whole new day.
A whole new way to see things.

How about you....ever get to this point?
Ever feel so frustrated you could scream?

image credit: eugeniore cuenco

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  1. Ya, I ran away from home just yesterday, and landed at a friend who knows home in Laguna Beach.

    I had to get they say..
    "it's like Wild Country Safari with the window rolled down".

    Cheers! find the calm and the quiet ride.

  2. Sounds really good right now Renee!! I just try to do too much at once!

    Art by Karena

  3. I have been known to be at this point, especially after the xmas season....... I know exactly what you are talking about...I just put on the headphones and the ABBA....Wine doesn't hurt either!Maryanne xo

  4. maryanne

    you rock baby!!

  5. Love it Renee...or laugh it off reading this post! Ax

  6. oliveaux

    long time....
    it is beyond lovely to hear from you
    and how nice for me that you 'get' me!!

  7. Incredible photos! Who is the photographer/ artist?



  8. lovely blog!
    great post!

  9. Somedays you gotta dance,live it up when you get the chance. You gotta loosen up those chains and dance.

    I'll be right there. Order me a club soda with a lotta limes.

    xo jane

  10. jane

    you can order me a double club with limes AND CHERRIES!!

  11. YOu can't imagine Renee.. [well maybe YOU can]
    yesterday I thought things were on the upswing.. and last night it all went to hell in a hand basket again.. I seriously need to move out of this dump i'm living in..

    OK.. thanks for allowing me to rant a little.. ciao xxx Julie

  12. julie

    rant rant rant rant
    you make me feel normal.
    it is the strangest thing...
    some people just roll with the punches,
    or let it roll off their backs.

    but not us.
    eh julie???

    oh yeah.....crank up the radio and DANCE
    {but don't get sweaty...i know it is hotter than hell}

    xxx hugs

  13. Oh, yeah, this has been a week FULL of the crazies. In fact, this is horrible to say, but my motto has been "You can't fix stupid." But, the weekend is almost hear and I can leave it all behind for a couple of days. Get your dance on, girlfriend, and enjoy some time away from the crazies in your life! :)

  14. ...that should read "the weekend is almost HERE." Sheesh, I can't even spell anymore.

  15. Oh Renee, Can we just get together and sip a glass of wine and chat? Why in the world do we do what we do? Don't we know that "people" are very hard if not impossible to please? Why can't they just see things the way we do? it because they wouldn't need us then? I've pondered this, but then our very favorite clients have really good taste and have the ability to see what we see once it has been presented to them. Alas, we have few of those, so maybe your idea of a getaway and scream is the very best. Hope it helps.

  16. Anonymous18:31

    hope it gets better..clients can really try our patience....

  17. mona...

    it's not that they should ever need to have taste, and not need us..... is just why don't they say something like.....
    "thank you so very much"
    "what ever would i do without you?"
    "i simply would be lost"

    in my thought bubble:
    that's an understatement if i ever heard one.
    ...just try finding your aas with both hands for starters!!!

    "now what is the damage you sweet darling?"
    'and where would you like me to send the check?"

    "oh yes dear, when do we meet again on redoing those dreary den draperies?"

    right!!! doesn't that sound better????
    is that so very much to ask for???


  18. Oh, I know this client all too well! I remember the days when people came to you because they trusted your vision and let you go with it. Now people want this... no, maybe that... wait a sec, what about this??

    But the old days will be back again... Some day. Hopefully soon. :-)



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