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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Everything was WAAAY Better

I don’t know about you, but when I reflect upon the past 
(like 20-40 years ago)
  it seems that everything was better. 



               Politics, music, men, women, clothes, (except food) and PEOPLE. 

              People have gone crazy

                                                They are RUDE. 

                        And without a second of thought, they LIE. 

                And Lie BIG. Their lies are obvious to most of us.

                    But to about 30% of us.....they believe the lies. 

                   It's is scary for the rest of us, and sad for them.

  They lie in such a way that it puts peoples lives in DANGER.

Remember this woman? (sorry so blurry).

                             They have no social boundaries. 
               Like screaming at immigrants in  Walmart,                                                           or on the open street.

        And sick enough to post it on You Tube for all the world to enjoy.

                                                What is happening?

         Every single one of us when crossing the Atlantic were

                  immigrants with our hearts filled with dreams.

                      We may not always like the latest crop of immigrants. 

                                      That's nothing new!!


                                     When the Irish came they were spat upon.

                       No one wanted the Italians either. 


          They were considered to be dark and or swarthy. 


 Still the largest single immigrant population 

                                        that we have in

                              the United States is German.

Seriously here is a breakdown

           40 million claims to be of German ancestry

37 million Mexican

31.5 million Irish ancestry

17 million Italian Ancestry

10 Million French Ancestry

...and then there are the rest...

In my mind it accounts for some big problems that we are now experiencing. 

People that are not even German but want to be Nazi’s. 

We have our own home-grown Nazi terrorist.

BTW in Germany 1 in 20 men are Neo-Nazi’s

The GOP just had ; 

"Hungarian Prime Minister VIKTOR ORBON has consolidated power over
Hungary's judiciary and press and chipped away at the country's democratic
foundations. He is called "ethnic homogeneity" the key to economic
growth, and deployed the Army and erected razor wire fences to stop Syrian
refugees from entering the country.

He seemed to joke about Nazi gas chambers, prompting a longtime adviser to call
his comments "Pure Nazi" and "worthy of Goebbels"  from Aljazeera 8/5/2022

Seriously, I can not understand how the Republicans have fallen so far off the beam.

This is one of our so called 'White Pride' citizens.
There was a time when all these Pro Nazi's stayed under their rocks.
They grocery shop (in tattoo Nazi symbols) ) go to political rallies, and anything else you can think of.
They are not harmless, they are not men who just like wearing Nazi attire.
They want to be Nazi's and everything that goes with it.
They believe that the holocaust wasn't that bad or was entirely made up by the
Jewish media.
Speaking of Germans, one in twenty German men are Neo Nazi.
Did I mention that already?
I guess they are longing for the the good old days.
These are Facts.
I am not making this up.
You look it up.


Mostly attacks based on Race. 
These past few years they are certainly doing a job on religious places of worship.
Killing as many as they can inside the Church or the Temple.
Some religions more than others.!!!

What do you think about the Hate Crimes ?

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her Blog of her Adventures in Design, Boca Raton and Rockport and Camden Maine, All Interior Design Services, Nazi's Nazi's Rude American,Nazi's Nazi's Rude American,Nazi's Nazi's Rude American,

Monday, August 8, 2022

Gorgeous Outdoor Spaces

Do you not want a place to just be you ?
A place to read design mags or post on your blog ?

I don't know about you..but I could sleep here.

Is this too DIVINE ?

Can you imagine how fab it would be to commission MATISSE ?

This is my fave. I love the brick.

I just want to be right here with all my girlfriends........
the ones that have passed from cancer and the ones that are still in m y life.

How about YOU ???


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And solved all kinds of spatial & architectural issues

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I am a visual, tactile and audio sensitive individual.

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Just imagine how it would be if each of us,

If only for a few hours of everyday,We could be in a space that is our very own.A place that is exactly the way we want it to be

Surrounded by all the things we wanted to see,

The atmosphere we wanted feel, smell and the sound we wanted to listen to.

Private Paradise



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