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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

GENIUS FLOR - Flooring Tiles

Since I am living in a Maine cottage....
there is mud, and salt etc in the winter months.
There is not much pavement here.
Need I say more.
It is a 3rd world!!!!
Trust me on this-
it is in every way.
No shopping, 
The contractors / handy men are working with an IQ of 72 ....if that.

Now where I work they sell carpet tiles.
But these are GLUE down.
This is not for me ,
I have a beautiful wood floor.
The above example is what i will use in my family room,
the TV room off the kitchen.

You can design your own floor on their very friendly planner as shown above

The great thing about carpet tiles is this.....
if you get a stain just replace the tile.
This is what I love.

You can build carpet style you want.
They even have a sisal look carpet. 

They have chevron tiles as well ,
but only in grey.

And for a childs room.....what could be better?

Here is how you put it together.....
Sticky dots that do not stick to the floor-
Just to the back of the carpet tiles.
What could be better??

go here to find out more:

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Follow your bliss which does not include Maine .......

I just came back from Boca Raton ( my old home of 30 yrs.)

I haven't been posting because other than  5 or 6 months a year here in Rockland Maine-
I hate it.
It has been pure torture in ALL the remaining months.

There is no place better to be for those summer months & fall.....
the rest of the time....OMG, it's the worst.

And I haven't posted because I have prided myself on being honest in all my post.
I have had nothing nice to say, 
so I didn't want to post because I would sound so NEGATIVE.

My mother reads my posts,
and I didn't want her to internalize my own mistake of my move here.
was it really a mistake?
My move included precious years with her.
And they have been wonderful.
But I can't HOLD UP inside the house for 6 months.
I go crazy.


I felt like an idiot when I was in Boca.
It was so beautiful.
Green & manicured.
I like manicured.
There is nothing manicured here.

I came up here to be with my MOM, 
but other than my relationship with her.............
it is the worst move I could have ever made.
I guess I needed this to appreciate where I came from.
I have learned my lesson well.

My daughter was considering a move here, and I strongly discouraged her.
It would be a career killer.
There is no work here.
No fashion.
No design.
No nothin'.
It would all but destroy her (financially, relationship wise etc etc)

That is what has been going on with me

PS my marriage is doing just fine.
Now that he has been to Boca Raton he is not loving it here either.
Who knows what the future holds for us.

Follow your BLISS.
It's great advice,
but it would be nice if it came with

Follow Me on Pinterest Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her Blog of her Adventures in Design,Boca Raton and Camden Maine, All Interior Design Services,

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I am a visual, tactile and audio sensitive individual.

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