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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I want to know....

I want to know the man who
paints here.
How do I know it's a man?
A woman's studio,
I think would look differently.
...just my opinion

How about you?

 you remember in school when they would 
{Javier Ángel Encinas Bardem - paints in this studio}
show you a picture
and would have you write a story?
I could write about this image.
It would involve a torrid affair.

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  1. Javier Bardem is who first came to my mind, even though I hadn't scrolled down the page yet! I guess I've seen "Vickie Chrisina Barcelona" one too many times. :)

  2. Well, he's very neat! We saw him in a movie the other day and I wrote his name down to look him up. He looks much more handsome in your pic than he did in that movie! 'No Country for Old Men'...good movie, silly ending.

    I picture my studio to be a conservatory attached to the house, glass everywhere, potted plants, white couches, me in a large paint-splattered white smock, a view down to a little's only a dream, as I'll never be an artist!

  3. Renee,

    This space is primal, earthy, historic, and masculine we all have a male and female side to us. Your dominant hand reveals your male side and less dominant side is your female side. That's why most women possess a renaissance ability they "own their talents", and walk their talk. Most men haven't established their comfort in that zone yet. They will it's just that women are a bit more advanced at this point in time.

    Great photo Renee...yes you do walk your talk and own your talents which are evident in topics you blog about.


  4. You & me both sister! I could imagine all sorts of artistry happening in that space!
    Thanks for the eye candy.
    Shhhh don't tell the MR.
    xo Lisa

  5. Hey Renee
    I wouldn't mind watching Javier Bardem at work... great studio by the way..

    Have you ever seen Le Mar Intendro? The Sea Inside.. Spanish movie... interesting and sad true story... It was the first movie I saw him in... but recently saw him in Eat Love Pray.. like thousands of other woman.. hahah

    Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

  6. thanks

    it is a comfort to me that all my main girls dig him too.
    and the studio is a dream.


  7. A man's because it's so dark. Javier, to me, is just shaggy. And, I hated Vicki Christina Barcelona, a bunch of hedonistic, clueless, vagabonds who didn't care about anything or anyone. But, I love YOU!

  8. lovin em both sweetie... xx

  9. Personally, I wouldn't be looking or thinking about the studio......I would just stand, mouth opened, drooling and staring at HIM !!!!! haha
    You are so saucy Renee, I've got a feeling that the torrid affair might include you.....not if I get there first !!.....not a bad space either !! XXXX

  10. I'd think it's a man's space decorated by a woman. It's what women do best! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  11. Have a feeling that would be torrid affairs....with a giant S!

  12. oh most certainly....
    the affair is with me.
    and including 'S'
    thank you very much!!!!

  13. Anonymous09:32

    it does seem like a mans studio...I on the other hand am looking forward to getting my studio together this spring and I'm sure it wont look quite like this one...hmm...but I may have to fix that a the studio that has a European element to it as I feel this image has...

  14. I'm not sure if my first commented posted. At the risk of repeating myself I'll try again. I agreed with Maureen on the European element in the design. Also, my designs tend to be more masculine. The colors, textures and scale of accessories tends to speak to one gender or another in design, don't you think? However, I'm a real girly girl.

  15. i also have been accused of designing like a gay man!!
    i find it to be an incredible compliment.

    as for being a girly girl.
    once a tomboy always a tomboy.
    but you would never guess it by the way i dress for work.


  16. Step aside lady, as you'll need to share!! You can share can't you? xo xo

  17. I rather like his studio. Mine would look similar.

  18. Let's take turns with the J boy. I have first dibs. And if Penelope calls, we know NOTHING.
    Millie x

  19. mille
    your'e a laugh riot!!

    if she calls....mums the word

    love you xxx



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