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Monday, April 19, 2010

Fresh Eyes

*Our thoughts form our world. Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Through the thoughts you run through your mind every minute of every day, you can create a rich, rewarding life or a living nightmare. Remember, there is no objective reality. We see the world through our own set of unique lenses and we all have the power to interpret the world in a positive way if we so choose.
 As one wise thinker said: “we see the world, not as it is but as we are.” 
*By Robin Sharma

I know I don't see myself as I am. 
I am so sure.....that I always look older, fatter, and shorter than others see me.
It has been said that 'the more harshly we judge ourselves,
the more harshly we will judge others.'
I think this is true.
How do I see others?
Do I see them greater than they are?
Do I see them as being less significant than they are?
I need to see things as though I were looking through a keyhole.
If I were to look through a keyhole.....
I would be unaware of what is on the other side.
I couldn't prejudge what or who was on the other side either.
I will practice this all week.

Sometimes I need a Fresh Set of Eyes.
How about you you ?

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  1. I think that is a great idea!

  2. Renee

    What wise words you write. I wear rose colored glasses most days, nice to have a pair of "Fresh Eyes".


  3. No, I just need great big sunglasses no matter where I look.

  4. Most definitely....xv

  5. The set of fresh eyes I think is what keeps us going, if we get stuck with the same set of eyes forever i think we would die, it would be so boring. It is amazing how one horrible thing today would seem not so horrible tomorrow. That is how we go on.

  6. You are so right. Deciding how we see things and interpret them is what life is all about. I have seen happy people in the most "ugly" circumstances and vice versa and always try to look and learn from both.

  7. geret

    it is so true...
    it is all perception.


  8. Today I had my first session of a course called 'mindfulness for managing stress'I am hoping this will give me those new eyes!!

  9. julienne

    where can i sign up?


  10. Hey Renee
    You know you are right with all of this.. I think that is why I love travel so much.. freshens ones outlook... I'm way overdue too.... take care my friend xxx Julie

  11. Well, I see you as a pure heart
    Darling.. Mama xxx

    great post

  12. I love this post and I see you as a VERY wise woman. Molly

  13. i don't feel right in the mornings until i've had my coffee and i put my eyes in...

    i refer to my contact lenses as my eyes...

    great words of wise-ness from you today renee...

    i love it...

    and i also love that you are now a follower on my blog...


  14. Really good words to live by. There was a similar message that I took away from Sundays sermon.
    I thought of you while heading down to the country, pulling on the ol rubber boots and helping out with the feeding schedule. I am ready for spring to finally be here and introduce us to Summer. My steed is enjoying the time off and running amongst Longhorn heifers in the SE pasture.
    It is almost time to get him back to work and work off those winter oats!

  15. I always remind myself that I am not my thoughts..., and what I think about I bring about, ha! Which is a good thing..., because as you say we have the power to perceive whatever we want to.

  16. what we all through renee, those ruminations in our heads. i know i always end up on the "too fat list, not dressed appropriately, getting old list.....blah, blah"

    but loved your perspective and i think you are wonderful!

  17. julie,
    you and me both!!!!
    i need to get out of my town, my state, my country for a while, and get a totally new perspective on things.


  18. maison lucky you are to still have your horse to be with and to play with.

    xx hugs

  19. Wow! you are gettin so many comment. Great

  20. I have the 'gift' of seeing things through 'rose colored glasses'. I always want to see the best in others and am sometimes disappointed when 'reality' is revealed.
    I know that I am VERY hard on myself and am sure my perception of myself is NOT what others see. Why can't I treat me like I treat others?

  21. So thought provoking! A fresh set of eyes...what would the world look like then?!

  22. Hi Renee!
    I think we all need to reexamine our point of view once in a while. I loved the image with the yorkie and the great dane...Fabulous!Provocative post!Maryanne:)

  23. Do you know, Renee ? I am so boring ! I don't have these thoughts at all. I think it's because I am very content with my lot and never feel the need to think too deeply about things.
    I guess that I have to look at certain things with fresh eyes sometimes but, I usually go on my merry way. Perhaps I too, wear rose coloured glasses although, I am always looking and learning new things so perhaps I do look at things with fresh eyes sometimes.
    Forget everything that I said in the first half of my comment !!!!

  24. Some very wise and thought provoking words!

    I think it is a good idea to occasionaly to check in for a fresh perspective with those you trust most.

  25. Great words of advice and good things to think about Renee. Thanks for your visit and comment - you're the best! xx

  26. brilliant ...
    you are seriously in the wrong profession... you need a big comfy couch and we all need to come lay down and talk to you! xoxo

  27. Wow! What a great post. There is so much to chew on with this one. I'm not sure where to start. Let's see, first I have to remind myself that I am made in God's image. (say, not to shabby) Secondly, I have to remind myself that OTHERS are made in His image as well. In the end, don't we all want to be loved and accepted for who we are, flaws and all?

    Great post, RF, great post!

  28. granny

    loved and accepted!!!
    that's it!


  29. Renee, I love your thoughts on this! Hope you are well and happy.



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