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Thursday, February 20, 2014

FERROKER - I Love This Tile!!

This is FERROKER Porcelain Tile.
It is amazing.
Tough and beautiful.
The color above is Ferroker Aluninio.

My favorite is Ferroker - Color Ferroker  above.
It has rectified edges.....
You can install it with almost NO GROUT lines.
I love that.
I have used it on counter tops up here.
You can get 26" x 26" pieces.
.... and there are bullnose trim tiles to finish the front of the counter.

Instead of using marble or granite...
it's is less than $400.00 for an average counter and back-splash.
*Install without grout lines.
*Use silicone grout.

The uses are endless because of the high quality of
Ferroker Porcelain Tile.
Read the specs below.

This is the Ferroker - Ferroker outside.
I wanted you to see it in the light....inside it is more toned down
You might see why it is my favorite.

It has the feeling of an old industrial metal.
It is fabulous.
Don't be afraid of using this Ferroker in a traditional setting.
It is the perfect counter-top in a traditional kitchen.
Where you might use soapstone, zinc or marble....
it's a great substitute at 1/3 the price

Here it is installed with a visible grout line.
I am not a fan of grout lines. 

Read up.
If you want to get a lot of bang for your buck,
this will do it.

XXX Renee

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Have Been Tired and Lost

I have received emails from a few of you wondering where I have been.

I don't really know.
I have found myself working in a job that is ....
let's just say 
another lesson in humility.
I say that and it may sound like a bad thing 
it is not really.
Some of us need that sort of thing. 
We need to be brought right back down to the basics in life.

As far as blogging....I have lost my way. I don't have a clue 
as to who I am up here in Maine.
(and I love Maine)
G-d has some sort of plan for me ( I tell myself that) and I keep looking for the cue card...
....I haven't seen it yet

I actually am afraid to blog. 
This blog may really become something else,
and I am not sure I am okay with that.
(just up here)
And that would be the career aspect 
not the part with a wonderful relationship.
I had NO big relationship with a wonderful man.

I am telling you, it is such a foreign place here in Maine, I am trying to reinvent myself.
I haven't dressed since I got here.
It's just not that kind of place.
They wear North Face, know excellent cold weather wear.
And my gads of jewelry...forget about wearing any of that.
I would stand out like someone from 'AWAY.'
That is what they call anyone that was not born in this area...
the 'AWAY' people.
At work they say ; 
" oh, they must be from 'away' that's why..."

I am trying to get it together to get  a job in the only 'TRADE' showroom in town.
It's a fine tile and stone company.
They already have someone working there (and most places only have 1 person)
and I bet she is not from 'AWAY.'

Here is some good news....
I have taken up snow skiing again. 
 I loved skiing, second only to the ponies.
The winters are so long and last year I ended up in a bad way....!!
So, this year I decided to take up skiing again. I did and now 
I am excited when it snows!!!

There is a ski resort right  here in Camden Maine called the Snow Bowl.
You can see the ocean when you ski.
Pretty cool.
There are about 50 ski resorts within 2 hours of where I live.

 My birthday is next week and my mom bought me ski boots 
and the skis are on the way as we speak.
I am thrilled. 
It is my most exhilarating time here. 
You can ski until you are much older. 
(something to look forward to)
There is a woman in one of the ski clubs that is 82.
and lift tickets are free if you are over 70 yrs old....sweet.

I am trying to find my voice again.
I just feel completely strange, I mean it. 
I don't know what's next, I just go through the motions and wait.

Love to my friends

Ski Resorts in Maine click here

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