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Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Artists Studio....

That I would like to lease or buy.
For some weird reason I would like to live in this space.
Is it the white everywhere?
Is it because it looks like I would have more open space?
Maybe it is just the huge paintings.
The orange one.
I have had orange on the brain.
I need to use it in a project.
And I need to use it soon.

The stone walls painted over remind me of when I lived in Montreal.

The feel is beyond casual, which is very freeing.
It's like I am feeling inside.
Like I am 'verging'......
on a new creation.

Could you lay out projects here and do some work?
And then go to another part of this studio and relax, dine or sleep?
I would love to!!

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  1. to live in such a bright, huge open space would be the ultimate luxury...story boards abound, fabric library, shelves filled with books, huge work dreaming!

  2. i fell the same way francine.
    if i were there for about 2 months..
    i feel that i would be inspired.

  3. You are killing me with these amazing spaces Renee!!
    Imagine a studio big enough to take an enormous canvas and do a you please...a dream come true in my books :)

    Jeanne xx

  4. Have had orange on the mind too...such an uplifting powerful color. This studio is great because it has great light, it has a lot of white which makes it appealing, you know a talented and interseting person lives there and that ALWAYS adds to the allure and that painting you pointed out IS intriguing indeed. I can surely understand being captivated by the space...Renee, I think you are destined to pursue a life as an artist in a fabulous loft in either downtown Soho or Paris, think its in the cards:)

  5. An absolute dream come true Renee, in a moment, I would move in!

    Join my Artfful Offering and Read a great Interview at my site.

    Art by Karena

  6. Renee,

    You being a renaissance woman have many talents, interests, desires and prior lifetimes. You've done it before and memory serves you and is recalling a fine time...that is how it works.
    How do you know? Because if left on your own in a studio like this everything becomes instinctual.

    Happy Monday!


  7. If it were just me, I would do it in a heart beat, Mr. MD would hate it though. I love the white walls and I think it's because of all the paintings, and I would want ALL of them around me!
    Where do you find these fab images?

  8. You know...I live in a traditional home with lots of color and dark orientals on the floor (and have lived this way for 30+ yearsand have loved it)...and now...all of a sudden...I'm obsessed with loft-like large, open WHITE spaces and contemporary art work...and I'm into orange now as well! a little (where did that come from?)...k

  9. kathy
    i am going buggy for ORANGE lately.
    xxx ithe only think wrong with this space for me is......
    i would want floor to ceiling glass windows looking out at the ocean

  10. bette

    i feel you are right.
    i think this is where i belong right now.

  11. my enchanted friend,

    your comment was exactly what i wish for myself.
    thank you xxx

    will you come and visit?

  12. It's the artist crying out. I love it too, yet I love more refined (finished) interiors usually.



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