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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do You Like Limestone?

And iron work?
And casement windows?
And awesome stone work and detailing??

I am not wrong...
come along with me and look at this place.

Perfect Floors

I thought that this was a beautiful space-
so much so
 that I didn't feel the need to post a room that has been decorated
and tweaked to my taste or to yours.

This is gorgeous naked.

And if you don't get to Paris much....
this is what is all around you.

this is why you need to get out of the house more.....
and maybe get over there.

Yesterday was my birthday-
{i'll alert the media!!! hahahaha}
 I should only age like this masterpiece of a building.

well... almost always....
I think it is more interesting to look at an empty space 
It is my blank canvas and I paint it in my head.

The Doors!

What can you see in this space?
I see a black grand piano 

 Charles Aznavour
and pygmy date palms

 in giant oriental fish bowls on stands.
I guess I am a romantic at heart.
Well.... where interiors are concerned anyway.

I love him!!
This is one of my favorite songs by him.

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  1. Dear Renee

    Happy Birthday my friend!!!

    I see a fabulous work of art! It can stand alone or be the basis of a gallery beyond belief!!

    Art by Karena

  2. karena
    i never thought of that.
    it would make a gorgeous gallery.

    and i suppose we could show yours???

  3. It is indeed gorgeous naked.

    Happy birthday!

    (You can connest the two sentences...if you like)!

  4. Renee, first Happy Birthday!! I hope you were able to do something fun...I have a feeling you did! I love the spaces you find and ask us to create in our minds. I love these photos and admit I would go into a major panic attack if asked to decorate it. I leave that to the experts like yourself. I can see just from what you have shown that you are spot on. What an amazing space.

    I went into Kensington Palace yesterday and was overwhelmed by the beauty in the ceilings....all hand painted and just stunning. I would have been happy just to lay down and look up...not sure everyone else would have appreciated it :)

    Best wishes Renee!
    Jeanne xx

  5. Happy, happy Birthday! Hope it is just the best like thatwonderful Parisianne spot!

  6. Perfection, and so worth the thought and cost to do it right!

  7. columnist

    oh you devil!!!!
    you made my night!!

  8. happy belated birthday!
    You KNOW i love this space -amazing! Also love your suggestions -great song :-)

  9. Happy Birthday your birthday 'destination' today....You ask what I see in this very simple answer.....Me!! Have a great birthday.....and come and celebrate in Paris soon....xv

  10. Happy Birthday, Renee! Hope you had a wonderful day! Hmm, what do I seen in that space? How about a grand party full fun people dressed to the nines with music filling the air? :)

  11. Dare I say it, it would almost be a shame to put anything in this space. It is so beautiful as it is. Happy Birthday for yesterday by the way. And I love She too.. even the Elvis Costello version. Rachaelxx

  12. Naturally your masterpiece building ages well - it's got good stones! A very happy birthday, Renée!

  13. Anonymous20:35

    Yes, everything is particularly handsome, particularly the floors. Note the correct layout with the borders and the field perimeter ending on full and half elements.

  14. The doors and windows are to die for....and I see no lighting...are those lights at the base of the staircase? shine up fantastically?....or is it my vivid imagination?....Imagine the view outside if that is so!
    Happy Happy Birthday R!!!!!...k

  15. happy happy birthday!!!
    that place is glorious. i would have unicorn parties in it.

  16. my fave,

    unicorn parties sound fabulous
    let's do it!

  17. belated verry happy birthday!!!! hope you had a wonderful day... and i adore the naked stone...xoxo

  18. Yes, love the details....Happy Birthday for yesterday Renee!! Hope you had a wonderful day. Axx

  19. Wishing you a very happy Birthday. What a beautiful you have chosen to show on your special day.
    All the very best to you!

  20. Renee,

    Happy Birthday and actually you have a whole year to celebrate. So carry on! Dream some bigger dreams now that you're older, wiser, and you can!

    Love limestone, flooring, ironworks, detail wall ornaments, light and expansive space. I would fill the space with classical musical and that's it. Until...

    When you feed the mind with music the rest is history. Walls in established spaces and places like this will reveal what they want we just have to listen.

    Great post be still my beating heart.


  21. Limestone and Iron and details, Oh My! What a beautiful and romantic space! Thanks for the tour.

  22. Perfect just as it is. The staircase, the floors, the incredible windows...perfect.
    Thanks for coming by - this looks very Frenchie.

  23. And one of my favorite songs!!!!



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