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Friday, October 30, 2009

Boo!! What Scares Yoo ??

These Are Things That Terrify Me


My mother had a freaky clown painting that she painted and hung in my bedroom.

For my friend Willow at Willow Manor , a scene from the Stephan King movie ' IT 'below. 

I had nightmares for years after this.

Was this not the scariest ???? 
Did you see this movie in 1973 in the theater ?

Growing up in South 'Fla Fla' swimming and water skiing is how I spent most of my days.

I have an insane fear of the water at night. I was afraid to swim in the pool in my back yard at night.
Even with the pool light on. It was just to eerie.
And the woods.
Well, what could be creepier that being alone in the woods at night and hearing things.....

Have you ever imagined that you 
saw something go by and it really wasn't there ? 
Or was it?

You are alone at home....
you open your eyes after rinsing the soap from your hair, 
and you see this man leaning on your
shower glass.
I would just drop dead right there.

I can not watch scary movies.
And if I do, I keep my eyes covered for most of the movie, while squeezing your arm until you tell me that it is numb.
It is ridiculous.

Any form of mutilation...EEEEK!

The Grudge

Goats Eyes!!!!!
People think goats are cute....NOT ME!

Aren't the devil's pupils supposed to be slanted in the same way as a goat's?
( I am creepin' myself out)

Anything related to Satanic ' anything ' makes my skin crawl.

Lastly, an ordinary garbage disposal  freaks me out.
Have you ever dropped something of value down your garbage disposal. Did you reach in and get it?
I am terrified that the disposal will go on while my hand is inside and my fingers will.....
well, you get the idea.
A mini domestic chainsaw massacre right there in my kitchen on a Wednesday morning.
Are you afraid to stick your hand down into your garbage disposal ?
If none of these things scare you, 
What does?
Happy Haunting !!!! : )

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Thursday, October 29, 2009



The reason for the title is to help you memory challenged gals out there remember the pattern name.
I am challenged daily with remembering names.
For instance, there is a woman that I regularly see, she doesn't look like her name.
Do you know what I mean ? 
Every time I would run into her I would call her by the wrong name. The same wrong name every time.
Her name is 'Diane.' But she looked like a 'Deb.'
As you might imagine this was a tad embarrassing for me.
Finally I decided to use something that my first boss taught me.
' Name association.'

Anyway, back to Debbie... Oh, I meant to say DIANE.
Desperate and embarrassed at this point I was forced to use 'name association.'
Here is how I did it.
Diane is 'loaded' , not on booze, with money. Her husbands.
She dresses over the top. Everything is the most expensive that you can find.
She drives a JAG, her hair is always coiffed perfectly, and she is thin and tanned (or sprayed tan).
She sports a golf ball sized diamond on the hand she wears her Presidential  Rolex. On the other hand, ears fingers etc she wears the latest trend in fine jewelry.
Did I mention she is (on the surface anyway) very very nice?
No really, she is nice.
I have never seen her face move out of a slight smile when she is talking with other people.
She has had 'work' done. I know that.
Diane, like me, is 'Jewish Lite.'
Hence the name I finally gave her to remember her real name.
Ta dah!!!!!
F@$^ ing Brilliant!
Easy as pie.
I have never forgotten her name since.
ps guys...I maybe Jewish, but I am no Princess.
(only in my dreams)

how to do name association - click here

The pattern on these pieces is called a Suzani Pattern.
I am digging it. They are so very sixties.
So 'Serendipity' , NYC (a restaurant)
Someone please pass me their frozen hot chocolate please.
I just need a sip!!!!!

Oh yeah, about Suzani Patterns;
(oh susannah...don't you cry for me)
The word 'Suzani' is the Persian or Farsi word for needle and refers to textile panels embroidered with silk thread. The suzani was an integral part of a woman's artistic expression in Central Asia for hundreds of years. Traditionally, as soon as a girl was born her mother would start embroidering the suzani for her. As the daughter grew older, she would join in the process. The suzani would eventually become a part of her dowry and be used to decorate her home.

They are HOT HOT HOT right now.
I dig them.
Do you like the pattern?
How do you remember names?
I just used this pattern in a different color-way on some pillows on the job I installed yesterday.
I will take pictures and SHOW &TELL you later.

xxx's to my friends out there.

 I am off today, and my feet will be up. :)

* credits:
the boots are from :

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Do You Say?

Do you think this was a good a good choice for a lamp on this table? 
Do you like the black table in this room?
*meow meow, where's my bowl of milk?

Sorry so short tonight , gotta go to work very early for a whole house installation tomorrow.
This house and these people are why I went into the business.
I love doing homes, particularly when most of it arrives all at one time.
It is so exciting!!!
Everyone is excited.
Just like it says on my sidebar,
I am a designer because I want to make a persons home their favorite place to be in the world.
Even after going on vacation, I want them to feel that their house looks and feels better than anywhere else.
I love what I do.
Especially when the clients are nice, pretty to look at, and COOL people.
Tomorrow I will be in my bliss. 

xx's RF

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Feed Your Faith And Your Fear Will Starve To Death

It will be a cold day in hell when I wake up fearless.

I struggle with fear.
Fear of the unknown.
Fear of not making my sales numbers at work, and then what will happen?
What will happen if I lose my job?
The economy is weak and people are not beating furniture showroom doors down to buy design services and furniture.

Yesterday I was on an emotional roller-coaster.
I had  meetings with two clients who bought nothing. One of them was an antique dealer and everything I showed him he thought was 'poop'. And well, yes, compared to furniture from 150 years ago it is.
But he and his wife still had taste in their rectums.....and I mean that in the nicest way.
You would have to live here to 'get ' what I am talking about. Boca Raton is a very tough environment.
Possibly the most difficult customers in our country. All they care about is their ADDRESS $$$, and their cars $$$, and their jewelry, their hand bags, and how little they can spend to give the impression that they are millionaires or billionaires.

The other client brought in his newly divorced ( 25 year old) ex-wife who is a sexy, gorgeous, skinny, with a boob job. a bombshell with her shirt open to her navel

  ....and still nothing was cheap enough.
I was showing him 2 Sherill Sofa's that were all upholstered beautifully. They were coordinated to go with his oriental carpet. The floor plan and everything was great.
He liked all of it. He just refused to pay for it.

CHINA, and( it rhymes with) 'Rooms To Blow'  have ruined us. People WITH money don't seem to care
anymore about fine quality. Forget 'fine' quality, they don't even want to pay for good quality.
As far as I am concerned, the furniture from some of these cheapo furniture places is worse than what we used to put in model homes. It wasn't furniture, it was just fashion to explain the space in a home.
If you were unlucky enough to buy the model home with all the furniture in it, and were unlucky enough to get the furniture WET.....IT WOULD EXPAND TO TWICE IT'S NORMAL SIZE.

In just 2 hours I have to show up for work and try to talk to strangers and sell myself. I am feeling beaten up from yesterday.
Today will take some work on my FAITH.
Will things be better today??? (oh please, please,please)

 Fear puts hopelessness in my heart.
I must remember that
"Fear imprisons, faith liberates; fear paralyzes, faith empowers;
fear disheartens, faith encourages"

I love you guys.
xx's RF


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Friday, October 23, 2009

A Barge And A Bash At Vizcaya In Miami

A (formal) Halloween Bash at sundown on October 24th 2009.
I have mentioned a few times that Halloween is my favorite holiday.
This weekend I wish I could go back to Vizcaya again.
I went as a small girl a few times and I wanted to share it with you.
I want to see the home and the grounds again, but what I really want is to go to the BASH!!!!
The barge and most big structures are made of coral.
Which means is all TEXTURE.

I remember this the clearest.
How cool it is to swim in and out of  one's home!
John Deering. It is his house.
The process.
You have to understand....Florida was a remote and difficult jungle to deal with.
You had to be  pretty ambitious to get this task completed.

The tour guides.....
Now you know if these woman were around today, THEY WOULD BE BLOGGING!!!
( and on my blogroll for sure)

Now...this is a formal garden.
Do you think so? Would you visit Vizcaya if you were in Miami?

Let's go inside and look around.

Check out the ship chandelier.

Would you want to go to a Halloween Bash at VIZCAYA with me if you could ????

I wish we could!!!!
And all dressed up too.
It is the closest thing to a masquerade ball that I will get to this year.

xx's RF

I am trying to get my 21 yr old daughter to go.
She is in her last year at  the Univ. of Miami.
If I were her...........nothing would keep me away. :) :) :) :)

to see the site click here
It is worth the click!!!!

New WPBT2 Documentary to Detail Unique History of Miami’s National Historic Landmark

Narrated by Actor Andy Garcia 
*I went to Miami Beach High With Him.

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....
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