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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Guest Blogger Buster Barman Is Back

I am Buster Barman 
my dad is a super famous designer based in NYC

John Barman installed a retractable, floor-to-ceiling door between the previously boxy spaces of his 1,500-square-foot Miami Beach apartment to allow immediate ocean views from every room. In the living area, Barman placed Thonet chairs from the 1950s and vintage accessories.

My daddy is John Barman.
He recently designed our new home in Miami Beach, 
it ended up on the September cover 
of Architectural Digest. 

That's my dad
John Barman, 
 designer extraordinaire!

I think it is spectacular. 
The colors are fun and happy.
Everything is bright and clean.
{i better steer clear of the carpets...or else}

This is where I hang out when my dad is entertaining.
The kitchen.
Occasionally someone looks the other way and I can 
steel a tidbit or two. 
Dad has hidden the sub zero behind cabinetry.
Do you like?
Architectural Digest did!

Another carpet to steer clear of!!!
...but it looks inviting.

Dad raised the ceilings in this room to 15 delicious feet.
How is that for a view?

This is the last room in the house to show you.
It is a combination office/guest room.
Lucky guests huh?
When dad is gone 
I nap on this bed 
and watch the action down on the beach.

read the article here:Architectural Digest

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  1. Hey Girl!
    I have to say this is not my gig at all. Way too sterile for me. I would, however, like to be on the beach like that!

  2. I remember when this room was published...I was amazed at all the color against the stark white and slick surfaces. It not my style but so immpressive. Too bad the darling pug didn't make any of the photos...but clearly he would have clashed!

  3. Renee,

    Very nice to vacation in. Brights due stun your senses into activity. Living on the beach should feel uninhibited, spirited, clear to thoughts, and pet companion fun.
    Beautiful photo's of all.


  4. Well Buster my Buttons!!!!! How great was that?????? Maryanne xo

  5. Buster do you by chance need a companion....Teddy "my four legged son" is looking for a playmate! can feel like you forever are on vacation between jetting between NY and Miami...wouldn't that be a hoot! Amazing pictures...the views, the colors, the drama I would Buster is one lucky little fella......Teddys offer stands!

  6. I would follow Buster anywhere.
    The house is nice too.

  7. enchanted

    i am going to see his daddy in 2 weeks.
    i will 'feel out buster' ..
    i will try and find out if he has any significant others
    that we might have to get around.
    i will give it my best shot.
    and i promise to be discree

  8. Buster Barman is so like my Furkid, Taj. I don't know how Buster can live with that glare; he'd be forever hyper!! My Pug and I love comfy couches and shaded rooms. :)x

  9. What I love the most about this is the light....having a Victorian house, the light is not good....they tend to be very is the trade-off for all of the period features that I love so much. But, I am so envious of the light.....and, he certainly isn't afraid of colour. I think that the interior has been done perfectly for the location. XXXX

  10. jax
    he is a great talent.
    he has brought the blue sofa in reflecting the sea

    i love his work...he does everything beautifully
    xx renee

  11. What a gorgeous home! Buster is so lucky! Have a delightful week ahead, Kellie xx

  12. R...I'll take the master bathroom please....(view must be included) ;) k

  13. How could you have anything but a clean and happy mind in a home like this!!!!!!
    Have to be able to afford the cleaners though!!!!
    Is the eye better?xoxo

  14. jules

    thank's now in my left eye.
    it will get better.
    it my rotten allergies.


  15. Anonymous18:00

    Your PUG stole the show...I love I was drawn to that little furry cutie pie...Mel's Cabin visited your post today.

  16. so funny.

    ..Renee , just went through your last few posts. Thinking of you.

  17. Renee,
    I'm watching the Oscars but Mr. Buster Barman grabbed me with those big brown eyes!
    That colorful home looks like a fun place to play!
    I just might have to renew my subscription to AD!
    Darling post Renee!
    xo Lisa

  18. We, at Delightfull are delighted to announce our presence at Architectural Digest Home Design Show, in March 2011. It is our utmost pleasure to be showing once more at this wonderful event! We can't wait to 17th to come! See you all there!



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