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Thursday, November 15, 2012


It seems there are just too many complications ;
THE BANK selling my property in Boca Raton - Bad Bad Bad People
THE MOVERS- my things are still not here, and it will cost more than estimated
and A JOB search in a town of 7000 population off season......
....just getting settled in general is exciting - YES -
but overwhelming.

Everyday there is another fire to put out with the lawyers & the bank over the closing.
I am not a happy camper right now.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow will bring a better day.

It is so beautiful here, and cold, 
but I love the cold don't I ???????

Once my things come I will be able to post pictures from my camera.
I hope this post finds all my friends well and happy.

hugs xoxo
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Maine VS Florida

I am here.
No more complaining 
about the humid sweaty Florida weather!!!!

It is dropping to 20 degrees F. tomorrow night. 
:)      :(

I have been car shopping,
*job hunting
*getting my little dog Josephine adjusted
*getting myself adjusted
*painted my room
*trying not to eat all the uber fattening food my Mom makes
*drivers license
It never ends....
and the movers haven't even arrived yet.
That will be a stressful {OMG} day!!!

Please have patients with me.....
I am emotionally exhausted and can not bring myself to blog right now.
...I need to get back to commenting .....
I am always so tired.

I send you love and thank you 
for your emotional support 
through these difficult times.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Where do I begin? Was it the flight?

Where do I begin?
Was it the flight?

 The fact that I did not actually get the opportunity to fly the big machine that
Would take me and my little love ‘Josephine – JOEY’ {shit-zsu} to our new home.

We boarded the plane at 7am arriving in Boston at 10.30am…..and we waited.
And we waited. And we waited. And we waited.

To Joey , it may as well have been a space ship taking us to another planet. Joey has never been on a plane or to another planet like Maine.

The plane we were supposed to get on
to take us to our final destination in MIDCOAST MAINE...

Well, they just kept cancelling the flights.
“Too Much Fog” they said.
This went on for 3 flight cycles…..
then I found out that
The last pilot was a ‘chic’ – I was so frustrated. I wanted to tell her….
Move the f—k over!!!

I am not afraid of fog!!!! 
(big talk coming from a big chicken)

My dog had no place to relieve herself. I kept taking her into the ladies room and telling her to
Make her pee pee & poo poo. She did. I cleaned it up.
What was she to do for 12 ( and 3 more) hours????

Anyhow…with the veins in my head visibly popping out
I suggested that I would wait no longer – since there were no more flights on this night….
And that I would like a refund because I was driving by rent a car up to Rockland.
This my dears….. is an entirely other story.
At last 
We reached Mom & Spruce Head Maine at midnight.
Tell me, isn't my dog a little saint?
She never made a peep or a problem.
And it was her very 1st airline trip.
I am so proud of her.

For now,
I am just praying my things arrive in one piece when the truck comes.

Later….give me some time.
I am in shock and trying to decompress.

love all my friends xoxo

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