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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hey You,Congressman Joe Wilson, That's MY PRESIDENT .....

that you are shouting at.
That you are calling a liar before America and the rest of the world.
(everything in this post refers to the FAR RIGHT of the REPUBLICAN party)
You and 'yours' are the liars.

The bigots.
The mean spirited.
The greedy and selfish....and you hide behind your bible thumping family values.
What a sick and revolting joke the far right of your party has become.
You and your 'far right Republicans' are destructive to society.
Pure poison.
You , and your party members are so far removed from reality that it is feeling 'dangerous' in this country.
You are dangerous.

How dare you dis-respect MY PRESIDENT !
More importantly, how is it that you would be so BOLD?

For some reason you must have felt safe enough to do so. Hmmmm.......

That is what scares me.

Your party just got caught with it's pants down,
While your mouth was wide open, spewing hatred and insults.
The true colors of the Republican party.

It just burns you up (and The Far Right Republican Party) doesn't it ?

A black man in the White House.
America's Best Man in the White House.

You, Joe Wilson, could not shine President Obama's shoes.

Although.... I would give anything to see you do it!!!

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....



  1. Anonymous21:21

    Speak the truth sista, the outright audacity of the man, the level of disrespect that he has shown is utterly amazing. Can you imagine if the situation had been reversed and a democrat/independent whatever....had shown such deplorable behavior during a speech by that national disaster otherwise known as the George Bush? They would have been out for blood!!! I am convinced that no matter how gentlemanly Obama tries to appease these assholes it will only add fuel to their nonsensical fire. Shame on them, I think what the espouse is not only un-american on so many levels it borders on treason. I don't get it and I hope I never will.

  2. Anonymous22:45

    Thanks for speaking the utter truth. You took the words right out of my mouth and many others. My mantra is "practice peace". This Joe Wilson & the rest of the extremist right party needs this more than ever.

  3. Anonymous22:45

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. leigh22:45

    Thanks for speaking the utter truth. You took the words right out of my mouth and many others. My mantra is "practice peace". This Joe Wilson & the rest of the extremist right party needs this more than ever.

  5. Anonymous23:40

    He was wrong to do it, and he apologized. Not all Republicans are as you depict - right wing, racist wing nuts. You are being as closed minded as you claim the right is. There's a word for people who make assumptions about an entire group of people based on negative stereotypes... what is it? something that ends with "...ism".

  6. Anonymous01:25

    Well this should settle things girls. Here is what congressional historians had to say about the outburst.

    Heckling and booing of politicians is considered a national sport, but Wednesday night's outburst by Rep. Joe Wilson during President Obama's healthcare speech on the floor of the House may have reached a new low, according to congressional historians.

    Mr. Wilson’s Republican colleagues overwhelmingly took the position that he had exceeded the bounds of Congressional decorum and that he took the right step by quickly admitting it. “His behavior was inappropriate,” said Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, the House Republican leader.

    This is just another exposure of the GOP (Grumpy Old Poops) nature. It is incidents of this type that cause me much regret about previous votings for Republicans. Thank God I didn't vote for them this past election.

  7. Anonymous01:37

    Wow, I'm not American but you seem like a very hateful person. Your assumption that anyone who is from the other side of politics is a mean spirited, greedy, selfish, bible thumping lying, bigot is really quite interesting. I think that statement says more about you than it does about them.
    I didn't realise that Americans were supposed to blindly follow their leader without question.
    I believe they did the same thing in Nazi Germany.

  8. omg! Keith Obermann did a great take on this - exposing all the lies this congressman has said before. it's amazing. go to to watch it. You're brave my friend. When he shouted that out, I was stunned. I have NEVER seen that before in America. NEVER. I hope to never see it again. What a creep he is, of course Hannity had him on tv tonight just fawning all over him.

  9. That was actually on the news here in Norway as well, we're all shocked.

  10. To Anonymous,

    i specifically am talking about the FAR RIGHT of the republican party.
    it is stated over 3 x in this short post.

    clearly if you think i am hateful for being afraid of people who are tied to white supremacist, you may be right. i hate what the whites in this country have done to the blacks of our nation.

    you may think it is long ago in our are sadly mistaken.
    it is alive and well. if you don't think so watch fox news.
    they may as well refer to President Obama as ' boy'.

    racism it is still alive in the south. not every where, but it only take a few men in sheets to hang a man.
    remember ? this has revived old fears in the whites. blacks are ok as long as they are not in the white house.

    americans come in many flavors. we are mostly a 'good people.'
    but it seems to me the crazies who fuel hatred are on fox nightly are playing with fire.

  11. Anonymous09:34

    I find your hatred of Fox news interesting. Does watching Fox news place a person in the far right category and in turn deserve your hatred and hostility? Surely it must?
    You seem to be intolerant of anyone with views that differ to your own and quickly label them "far right" as a way of justifying your hatred.
    I have watched Fox News but I am not far right in my views. In fact I have done numerous online tests [for whatever they're worth] and I always fall very close to the centre.
    I fail to understand what Obama's skin color has to do with anything. Why did you bring that up? Are you saying you like Obama simply because he's black? Doesn't that make you the racist?
    I bet if the Republicans had won the election you would have blamed it on racism.

  12. OMG -i coudln't agree more -but you missed the most important thing that they seem to be missing - President Obama is EVERYONE's president! The ones who call him liar and want him to fail -he's their president too. The office demands respect and these people are just (to put it plainly) -big babies! If they got what they wanted, they would be living in their own hell, and they don't even realize it! It's so upsetting :-( Just plain ignorance and pettiness.
    PS -i bet a lot of that 'anonymous' commenting is the same person who needs to get a hobby and stop attacking your opinions. I'll keep my opinion about what I think about 'anonymous' commenting to myself.

  13. PS - Fox 'news' isn't the news at all, it's blatant far right propaganda that middle america (my parents included) -sadly eat up.
    I'm not a liberal at all -i'm very middle of the road - but I can see the bias from 100 miles away.

  14. Anonymous10:19

    Renee, Wow! not an American and has all that to say. I bet she is Glen Becks cousin, or just another confused Rep. who can throw mud and when gets it back thinks you are in the wrong. They truly wear horse blinders. That is some of the Republicans (like the Rep. Fox station. They only have their views.) Not many Democtates on that show. The followed Bush Blindly.

  15. Anonymous10:33

    If Joe Wilson and the far right were a piece of furniture they'd be Grandma's TV console. Out of date and needing to be taken to the curb.

  16. I just have to say I love that president of ours. He's a super smart big hearted (good looking!) guy with emotional intelligence too. The Republicans are clearly a desperate bunch and I'm glad that Obama doesn't give them any power so to speak.
    Great post!!!

  17. On another note..., I think you never had THAT many anonymous comments before!!

  18. Renee, every word of your post were my sentiments exactly after that appalling outburst in that hallowed chamber. Did Mr Wilson confuse the occasion witha town hall meeting? His behaviour may have been officially condemned by his party's colleagues, but at another level I suspect they were pleased with the audacity of it, the way in which it undermined the concept of Respect for the presidency~ and for this President in particular. It was a shocking moment because of the implication that somehow, this President can be treated more casually than his predecessors.

  19. Anonymous11:55

    Renee, I live in The Netherlands. We watched this on the news and we were shocked ! To say the least. I can not speak about the drawing of racism/murder but I think that a politician who calls his president a liar should we prosecuted for insulting ( I don't know the preciese term in your language for it ). For now, after such terrible years of Buch we finally can respect the new president of America Obama and that is something this fool should be made to understand. So I think you have every right to state this on your blog and good for you. Do these kind of Republicans think the rest of THE WORLD are liars too ? Or fools but he ?In Europe we do not understand all this fuss about new healthcarelaws. For us here it is normal as breakfast and in my country it is the law for each person above 18 to have health-insurance. A nation should never want a SICK nations because this much % of the people goes without healthinsurance. Why go out to other far east countries to set the rules of democracy straight and then in the homeland have this ??? We Europeans are a bit baffled and confused about all this.
    I will not forget Obama's face and his head turned toward this fool and his silence and then he said: That is not true....great man of peace he is.
    Respect, Renee, to him and you.
    Godeliva van Ariadone

  20. Renne,
    Thank you! I say Amen to your post! As far as I am concerned we should all thank God for the gift of President Obama. There seems to be no level to which the far right will sink in order to further their greed. I suppose it must be difficult to observe such intelligence combined with class and compassion as exhibited by our President after the disaster of the previous administration. Thank you for your post.

    Marion from Ky

  21. I agree with you. This right wing of the wingnut variety is a thinly disguised racial hatred party. I fear for Obama's safety. He is a man of peace in an irrational world. After eight years of having to endure George Bush, it is an honor to have a president who embodies the American dream. He did it the American way: he earned it. I know he thinks he should model the behavior he wants others to give to him. It's who he is. The only way to make things really better, is to keep electing more Democrats and truly lessen the impact of the GOP. That and boycotting all sponsors of FOX craptainment.

  22. I would LOVE to see Joe Wilson shine President Obama's shoes!!! Good one, Renee!!!

  23. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I couldn't have said it better myself.

    I have never been to your blog before, but when I spotted the title of your post on Maya's blog I just had to stop in and thank you.

    I clearly understood that you were commenting on the "far right" but I have to say the other moment that sent me into a tizzy was when there was absolutely no response when my president (but I share) stated there are not death panels in the healthcare bill. I am so over the divide in this country. If people can only come together and show compassion and respect for each other only after a disaster such as 9-11, then are we truly still the United States of America?

    Thank you again for your post.

  24. Anonymous18:17

    Renee, your use of the term FAR RIGHT is questionable.
    On the political scale Fox news is right wing. Not FAR RIGHT.
    Clearly you label anyone with an opinion that differs to your own as far right wing as a way of justifying your hatred and as an excuse to spew your venomous rantings.
    You are a very intolerant person.

  25. Anonymous18:34

    Architect design - you say 'President Obama is EVERYONE's president! The ones who call him liar and want him to fail -he's their president too.'
    Did you want George Bush to fail?
    To anonymous on sep 11 at 10.19am. I'm sorry, I didn't realize that only Americans were allowed to have a say.
    Would you care to repeat the comments I made that you regard as mud throwing?
    Someone needs to take the horse blinders off but I don't think it's me.

  26. anonymous's
    if you have such strong feelings & statements to make,
    why be a weenie and hide your identity.
    it is you my love who sounds hateful.

    i simply am frightened for this president. we have a history of assasinations in the USA.

    it was a goofball named
    timothy mcvey ,a racist and radical who killed many , many people in oklahoma during clinton's administration.
    he wanted to send a message to that democratic administration.
    open hearts and minds seems to send individuals tied to racist organizations over the edge.

    call me crazy but i think if you went to a klu klux klan meeting, and asked all the democrats to raise their hands...there would be none.

    that alone should be enough for you to think about.

    toodles xx

  27. Anonymous21:15

    Renee, nice way of avoiding answering any of my points.

  28. Anon - yes - president bush was my president -and everyone elses as well. Just because I didnt' vote for him doesn't change that. I respect the office -not always the decisions made in it. It's common sense.

  29. Way to go Renee! I sure love your President, even my girls were thrilled when he won...they both phoned us to say he won, he won, he won...they were so pleased as were we, and a little surprized...never thought we would see the best person for the job win...Just does not happen to often. even in our country... I'm from Canada, land of health care! Thank god for Tommy Douglas!
    I am keeping my fingers crossed you get health care for everyone...I could not imagine what it must feel like to know you cannot get sick...must be think your children could die because you do not make enough money to afford healthcare...
    I listened to his speech the other night, amazing! I think he will not stop until you get it, I really believe he is not going to take no for an answer! Point final!
    PS your first lady is the tops too!
    Great post, amazing how many people are afraid to say who they are...I have never seen so many anonymous persons...who are they afraid of...? I wonder?

  30. Anonymous22:40

    How dare you make these statements!! Just because you watch fox news does not make you a racist, far right, bigot. I think that it is despicable that you have invoked race when writing about Congressman Wilson's statements. If you are so concerned with discrimination, why have you chosen to discriminate against and villify those whom you disagree with by associating Republicans with Ku Klux clan members? It seems to me that you are nothing more than a hypocrite! You should be ashamed by this hate speech.

  31. Ms Finberg can make any statements she likes,
    This is her own website~and she has graciously allowed you to have your say, dear Anonymous.
    In fact Renne is too polite to say it, so I will:
    please fuck OFF.

  32. Anonymous23:44

    Dear Anonymous … (the non-American anonymous) … just how many years have you resided in this United States of American anyway? I’m very curious. It wouldn’t take a foreigner being here too many years to get the hang of the political party leanings in this nation. Republicans have always been the MORAL MAJORITY PARTY … Christians were instrumental in getting dear old George Bush the Presidency and Christians have typically always leaned to the Republican party. Well let me quantify that statement … evangelical fundamental Christians that is … (in reference to the bible thumping statement). And what is so hysterical is that I’m one of those evangelical Christians but I sure don’t agree with the majority of them on politics. Politics is brutal and definitely not for the weak of heart but I’ve not seen such bashing, framing, spinning, demonizing and fear mongering in my lifetime as I’ve seen during the past few presidential elections. Case closed.

  33. Hooley dooley!! This incident was plastered over all the news bulletins here in Australia & there were a lot of raised eyebrows. We're a pretty laid-back kinda lot, so raised eyebrows is very serious! Don't worry mate, this Wilson bloke will disappear into oblivion soon enough. As for me, I've already forgotten his name & um, what he achieved for the common good while he was in Office.

    I love you & Joni for standing firm on the platform of true democracy & allowing Anon. comments. And Anon. should worship at your feet - you've given them a place to show their true selves.
    Millie ^_^

  34. ....oh & it's just as well that Anon. didn't have a go at one of your beloved Rattan posts, 'cos then you'd REALLY be mad!!
    Millie ^_^

  35. millie,
    as always.....i love you.

    and you too toby worthington!!!

    xx& hugs

  36. Anonymous18:25

    Right on!

  37. I posted my two cents worth before the Presidents speech to congress because I was shocked by the fact that such an uproar about the mere fact he wanted to speak to our school children. That alone appalled me & then came along Joe Wilson to my ultimate horror. I am always amazed how people hide behind their "anonymous" comments. If you feel strongly about your convictions, why hide behind secret identity? Renee ~ I say bravo. I loved you from the get-go & you speak for me as well. Tobi Farley ~ you are fabulous!! I hope to meet you ladies some day. God bless America ~

  38. Anonymous17:54

    Renee Finbergs definition of FAR RIGHT WING - anyone who disagrees with her.

  39. Anonymous08:25

    Hello Renee, I am shocked about the immense anger this arrouses in some anonymous's.. on your blog. You are entirely capable of writing your vision and this is the fundamental democratic right you have too. If it doesn't taste: zapp away....I don't get this "christianity" and politics mixed up stuff..hasn't dogmatic christians ruled the thunder and killing of the world for centuries; look at European and Middle East History! Beautiful cultures are swept away by religious/politic wars. Don't we learn anything from the past ?! What is the human brain doing ? Can this please stop and can we start living according the Love Of Christ..what is praying for peace in churches doing for the world when on the political stage this non-respect is bursting out so easily. Donkeys !! Bush had to finishe the sins of his father in the east..he did burden your country with new sins and brought danger to Americans, who are working around the world saving people and working for better livings circumstances. He dragged my country into a lost war...and that when we are just recovering from World War II with it's genocides. I seriously wonder about this simple question: if the american government spent 51 miljard dollars and more to its secret services and they haven't caught Bin Laden yet ?! How well did Bush do ? Give President Obama a change to let his light shine and listen more patiently and more christianlike ...don;t fight emotions with...spitfire ! Think ! This man apologized to his president. The House of Congres wants his apology too. He doesn't want to play games ?! No...? He should leave the political stage, for he is like a dinosaur from another ICE age.
    ps. I am a christian too..

  40. ariadone,

    ditto, ditto, ditto!!!

    thank you,

  41. Anonymous12:05

    99% of what I have read here is pure, unmitigated, disgusting trash. You call yourself an American but you want a socialist government, and support those that encourage & define socialism. That is not the basis on which our great country was based.

    I am so sorry I decided to read not only your opinion but the opinions of others. Now that is so scarey. But in another way I am glad I did. I have found out here, things about you and Cote de Texas, that you will probably be happy to know means I will never come back to read your blog, or hers.

    I am still rather in shock to read what has been written here.

    There is no need for skewering me as I will not be back to take any crap from you or your supporters. There is no need to waste your breath, for what it's worth.

    I liked your blog before you opened it to politics. Now that you've opened up Pandora's Box, I for sure will not be coming back, as I am sure many others will not either.

    WHat a shame. In so very many ways, what a shame.

  42. anon, sept.16th 12:05pm

    i will ALERT THE MEDIA !!

  43. Anonymous20:40

    Love, Love, Love...all we need is Love (and a little respect).

  44. What!!!???? I was exploring your design website when suddenly, I get smacked upside the brain with psrtisan politics!!!!?? Demonizing an opposing side politcs!? I turn to design to escape from this kind of insane ranting. I am going to be escaping from your website soon; never to return; as soon as I finish expresing that this is the height of bad taste and judgment.... And, for the record, he did lie.



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