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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great Beds - Built-In

I have always had a thing for built-in beds.
I still want my own.
This one would work just fine for me.
Is this not fabulous???

This is way too sweet for me 
but it solves some problems.
The dresser is under the bed, and if you are tight on space 
or would like to leave room for the kiddos to move around a bit.....
this is a great option

When I finally have a second home in a fabulous place....
I am going to make one of the guest rooms 
with stacked built in beds on both sides.

I knew a woman in NYC who was a single mom.
She had a studio with an alcove {apartment}, 
and she did this in the alcove space for her son.
She slept in the living room.
This woman was very chic....
and managed to pull off her difficult situation beautifully.

This idea is fabulous.
You can make a room where there wasn't one.
If you had a great could this be???

Do you like BUILT-IN BEDS?

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  1. I ADORE built-ins. I've always liked seeing how people do this, especially at vacation or retreat homes where lots of kids or grandkids come to visit. My daughter would love that princess-like built-in. And her mom would love the built-in drawers. :)

  2. Yes! Ever since I was a child....after visiting Monticello and seeing Thomas Jeffersons'..
    Great post R...I love ALL the pics.....k

  3. I love built in beds..they are so cozy, and inviting, just beautiful images many great looking ones. I do think they are more for kids/young adults (or adults who are kids at heart) but you can do so many pretty things with them, in terms of bedding. My favorites are the one with the striped chair in the middle..the "loft one", the one with the orange pillows and the one with the painted green millwork. All fabulous! Great ideas here....

  4. well.....
    now that you mention it,
    i am a kid at heart.
    that is definitely why i go for them.


  5. i think i am a murphy bed kinda the first built in bed you posted ... la la LOVEly!

  6. These are great...particularly love the first and the second last. Fantastic idea for kiddies.

  7. Love them! I'm very much the cozy type, haha.

  8. These are gorgeous! Especially those adorable bunk beds. Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  9. Love's time to make them!!!!!!

  10. I so love them. I think they remind me of train cars of the past, the little curtains and in an alcove, they are perfect!
    I have contemplated doing them above our attic........
    perhaps one day!

  11. There is something so cozy and secure about built in beds. I think they are especially great for kids. Hope you're having a better week, Beautiful! xx

  12. Oh Renee,
    This is a wonderful and inspirational post to me! I am in the middle of preparing a client's project in Switzerland and I am working on the design of her daughter's bunkbedroom!!
    I love built-in beds, especially a good idea for a children's room!
    Renée, thank you so much for your comment of today!!

  13. The first one is the most inviting. I do like built-ins but some of them can be hard to make/change! See how practical I am? I surprise myself!

  14. Well I have to say that you have a gorgeous collection of cozy places to sleep, read, cuddle and play!
    I want to do a barn so bad lined with big bunks for guests.
    Thanks Renee for a great post.
    Take care,
    xo Lisa

  15. I like very much the idea of creating a room within the room, if this is possible - it gives children some privacy and also coziness.

  16. trend office

    thank you.
    i think they are and always will be fun and cozy



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