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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Mirror Mirror On The Wall"

I don't care what anyone says.
Mirrored walls are not dead.
This is a feature at this month's 
Architectural Digest (sponsored)
Home Design Show

I especially like to hang mirrors on mirrored walls.
A great example (and it's just one example)of what I am talking about is... 
mirroring  the wall that the sink is on in a bathroom,
then you hang an outrageous mirror right over it.
Hint:  When you have the wall mirrored 
leave cut outs in the mirror for lighting, 
and a place to access the wall to hang your fabulous mirror.
Trust me on this...
you get a  lot of bang for your buck!!

Would you hang a mirror 
on a mirrored wall if you could?


Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....



  1. I absolutely would....might need to think about that in my master bath! It is a fun look and I do like the mirrored wall too!

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! I love the look.

  3. Oh now, Renee, you know I would hang a mirror on a mirror, especially if it was a huge big opulent Venetian one. xx's Marsha

  4. Yes I think I definitely would..
    especially something ornate over a simple wall of mirrors.. the only mirrored thing i hate is mirrored prefab wardrobes.. argghh... have a good one xx Julie

  5. big mirrors on wall mirrors, a collection of small mirrors and framed art...........yes, yes, yes!

  6. Mirrors arent 'out'! Its the flamingos silly!

  7. 30 years ago I would have done so now...Mirrors are BANNED!!!!I feel the same way I always have until I look in a mirror and see my Mother looking back!!!!I am not that all mirrors gone! BTW love the look

  8. I would if it looked like that!

  9. Yes Renee, I certainly would do that! I also love mirrored walls!They bring such a depth in a room!

  10. Renee, Yes I would and do that.
    Is't it glamorous.?!

  11. Yes,

    Anywhere but the Dining room.
    I like that idea wish I had a beautiful white carved Chinese
    mirror,on top of it. I'll even go along with SPLENDEROSA I live
    Venetian too

  12. Sorry about that I wanted to say
    I love the Venetian Mirror too...

    I have to wake up, get that
    second cup of Mamma

  13. hi renee,

    good seeing you this am

    i loved the concept of the mirrored mirror

  14. Yes I would. My favourite is distressed mirror on the wall with an antique mirror hung on top. xv

  15. You bet, and I am in my downstairs powder room. I intend to mirror every surface it in shameless adoration of Miles Redd's to die for bathroom.

  16. That was starting to feel like a Dr. Suess rhyme at the end there! Yes! I would hang a mirror over a mirror in a heart beat! ;)

  17. Renee,

    This is a random question, not related to mirrors....I know that you are big equestrian. I am wanting to start riding. Can a woman at 46 start riding with no experience? I have ridden western but not English. I live in Connecticut with our Hunt Club down the block. Wondered if it is too late to start? Love your opinion!

  18. Dear Renee,
    I am rather frightened about mirrored walls because I remember the first time round when they looked soooo awful, but I love that bathroom and would do the same in my house in a heartbeat. I can see how wonderful it can all look now. Fabulous. XXXX

  19. Love it!! Definitely for the Beautiful Living lifestyle ;)

  20. I LOVE that look... Love a mirror wall with a BIG painting in the middle of it too!!!
    Bon week-end mon amie!

  21. I love the look. I didn't realize anyone thought it was out of date!

    I've been to the House of Seven Gables twice. The gardens are wonderful too. The one room I really wanted to see more of is the apothacary room downstairs. You can see inside a little but they don't let you in.


  22. Count me in, I think that would be lovely Renee.
    I really love mirrored walls & it irks me when many HGTV shows say they have to go. I realize that they left favor a few years back but you see them eeking back in again. I don't like looking in a mirror, but I love how it bounces light and expands the space.

    You've given me much to think out in my bathroom remodel! Luv your mind xx



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