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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


What a fabulous warehouse!!!
I have been thinking.....
{dangerous stuff }

If I ....
or YOU 
were given this warehouse free and clear,
what would you do with it?

And BTW, it's in France.
Let's say....Paris.

It is in a location that you could walk to anything and every thing.
Which I think would be a great place for a beautiful business.
Dont you?

There is an upstairs for offices or an apartment.
There are 4 floors to this place.

I think a shop filled with some of the outstanding design products that are sold 
by many of our bloggy friends would work. 
And you know who they are out there.
So, lets see... accessories, fine ART, furniture, containers, floral arrangements,  
and a gorgeous design library.
Let's not leave out fabric books and a few key wallpaper books.
Selling all custom fabric items, 
window treats, pillows, upholstered beds, sofas, and bedding.
Anyone drawn to a store like this would be drawn to Interior Design,
everything design, and all things beautiful.
Like us!!

Who wouldn't walk in?

Since I will make the floors a beautiful wood....
there will have to be stunning rugs.
And some of my custom upholstery to sit or lounge on.

Keeping the entire place feeling like a warehouse.
The Palace meets the Industrial Age. 

A paint job, with all the beautiful 'things' 
will make the shop a 'Show Stopper'
In fact that is a great name.


We would pick up clients there.
We could leave design boards out on elegant easels as well.

There would have to be expresso and latte served with croissants and biscotti.
We could even order in darling stylish lunches when needed.

I think we would have fun and make loads of money :)
Do you want to come?
We would enrich peoples lives just by coming in to the shop.
They would live more beautiful lives 
when their interiors improve, and or become more fabulous.
Everyone would like to be more fabulous.

I am soooooo ready.

Have any more ideas and improvements to suggest?
Let's hear them.

What do you think?
What would you do?
Want to come long?

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  1. Plants, palms, and ferns galore.
    I would treat this space like a hot house as soon as you walk in the door.

    With a water fountain front and center, to echo through the space.

    Layers of Persian rugs tossed about, day beds and vintage hanging chairs, many, many chandeliers.

    I'll right there sipping and nibbling with you.

  2. teri

    thanks you added just what i was hoping for.

    i wish we could do it.
    do it all!!


  3. Oh I see shelves, wonderful shelves and lots of them. Couches too and little nooks for people to stay and discuss things and stuff. Oh how can I forget lovely lamps and chandeliers.

  4. First glad I found your blog, have had fun going through it. that space and when I found out it was in Paris, made it twenty times nicer:) If you visit my blog, you will understand my love for all things French:)
    For me..would do the entire thing in a sea of creamy dreamy sleek off white furniture, (thinking along Barbara Barry lines) punctuated with a few zebra rugs, some fun colorful pillows for accents, huge jars on all the tables, a few orchids in oversized antique mirrored planters, cool music to set the mood and voila you have an instantly transformed cool living space but sophisticated too.
    New to blogging but loving it..started my own blog about the building of our new home and my love for fine design/decor...think you would like it, please viist!

  5. Such a perfect space for my dream Interieurs Bis Showroom! i am actually looking for a warehouse/old garage for an industrial furniture concept store. My dream spaces: Merci in Paris and Corso Como in Milan.
    I would have a grand old time with this building, would have a corner for fresh flowers, for coffee and pastries and for reading, a library would have to be a must...

  6. Well I thought my wheels were turning this am but now you have them spinning! So many different directions one could go but I love your ideas. Warm wood floors with beautiful oriental rugs.
    Could imagine a full service design firm. Yes an apartment upstairs for clients who fly in to meet and shop with designers. A beautiful library surrounded by the best of the best retail....a small cafe for a light fare...wouldn't want anyone to leave because they were wanting a bite of lunch!
    Soft music, soft lighting, work lighting, huge fiddle-leafs and get the would make it a destination like no other.
    Classy & memorable, just like you!
    Now back to my morning...uggh
    xo Lisa

  7. Books, books and more books on design and of course my antiques and I'm there with you my sweet.
    Currently praying for bloggy mates who are trying to survive tonight in far north Queensland. xoxo

  8. Renee...I think my heart just stopped! You are one brilliant thinker! My first thought was art but then you mentioned design library and coffee...and we would have to think about music and WOW could you have fun with this space!


  9. oh no jules!!!!
    what is going on over there?
    i will pray too.
    it sounds like our summers when we have active hurricane seasons.

    wouldn't it be fun to have a biz running out of that warehouse?
    - antiques would be a must!!

  10. i love all the ideas.
    let's do all of them
    and have a design co-op.
    how does that sound?????

    big excited scream!!!!

  11. "Bouchon de Voir" ...I'm in! I'll provide the bookplates, etchings, prints and custom framing....k

  12. lisa

    i love this.
    you can be the mood and social director.


  13. Renee,

    Dream BIG, Be BOLD, and Be Selfish is the motto for this year. It all sounds wonderful. With four floors and include the rooftop who could miss any of it.

    As I see it:

    Air transportation from roof
    Living quarters on top floor - fourth flour,
    Fabric workrooms/studios on - third floor,
    Drapery, speciality items, furniture on - second floor
    Garden/fresh flowers, eating, entertaining on ground level. Perfect!


  14. What a lovely warehouse that is! And those huge windows are gorgeous! Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx

  15. I'm in! If I could fine a way to make blogging my full-time job, with pay (I'm trying, really I am!), I'd set up shop there in a heartbeat. :)

  16. bette
    we are on the same wave length.

    we need this!!
    xxx or i need this.

  17. jmw

    i want you to be a part of it all.

  18. Hi Renee,
    What a wonderful space.....I think that I would keep that fantastic warehouse feeling of space and light. Not too minimalist as I think that it's important to have interesting things aeound you. ....but, then again, not too much clutter. .... a happy medium.
    ..... and, many, many thanks for your lovely comment and birthday wishes Renee. It means so much. You were one of the first blogs that I found and you have always been there, commenting and so supportive.Here's to many more years of feeling 30 !!!! Lots of love. XXXX

  19. Renee,
    A perfect space for design business!!! I am dreaming!!... If a few of us, design bloggers could share this place and every one of us had his booth, his little corner there?? Wouldn't that be fun?

    PS Thank you so much for your comments on my blog!

  20. greet

    that would be sooooo much fun!

  21. OH MY GOODNESS! Do I ever want to come along!
    The building is spectacular... but that courtyard was what finished me! Gorgeous!! xo

  22. Oooh, such a great space! You could certainly fit the large pink circus tent that you liked in my post today inside this space somewhere. ;)
    Here's to daydreams.

  23. I'M IN!!!!
    Let's add beautiful shipments of flowers a couple of times a week and of course a little wine/champagne corner in the cafe. Upstairs on the top level not only guest suites, but also suites for the designers.
    I love this...great minds put together...fab!

  24. renae
    wouldn't it be a dream come true???
    xxx let's go

  25. Hello GALS, this is fun ! I agree with all: Francine,I live in Milano and Corso Como is a great example of how luxury shopping. Flowers, flowers, flowers, a caffè and champagne bar? sounds fantastic. Think of a Takashimaya more country less town.
    Where in France?

    PS: I am close friend with the distributor for C.Guy... show them your comment... ;)) Hugs, M. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  26. Yes, yes, and yes. Count me in....Maryanne xo

  27. Ah, Renee, all the chotchkes I've collected over the years would fit quite nicely in this warehouse space. I'd keep some of the warehouse ambience, but I must have a fireplace somewhere. And speaking of somewhere, a HUGE spectacular 19th century crystal chandelier. I'd like a mystery bookstore and cafe bar combo, maybe in a large second floor loft with circular staircase leading up from the main floor to the books. From there you can look down on the gift shop which would have those tiny octagonal subway tile floors.

    Downstairs, there would be a small business selling French and Italian wares - gift items for the house, art pieces, prints, paintings, that sort of thing - the occasional piece of interesting furniture. Plants: Fiddle leaf fig trees.Lots of green. I'd live on the top floor with, I hope, a roof garden, a place to sit at night, drink champagne, and watch the Eiffel Tower and the rooftops of Paris.




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