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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Renee's Noodle Pudding

I was working at Bloomies at the time....
and we were having one of our co-worker {at work} parties
and this woman { Claire} came in with this noodle pudding.
I had had noodle puddings before....

I know I should call it Claire's Noodle Pudding but.....
Claire Shmare - It's Mine Now

In my life I have had noodle puddings....
never like this one.
Usually they are dry and rubbery - yuck.
I begged and pleaded for the recipe and finally got it.
I am going to share it with you before the winter is over.
I do really see this as a warm and cozy comfort food.
I urge you to try it.
It is really easy.
Your family members and friends will love you for making it,
and be prepared to pass out the recipe.
You have my permission to rename it.

The thing i like about this recipe is that it is 

Here Goes:

Get a 9 x 13" pan or something gorgeous would work better.

8 - 12 oz of egg noodles {wide}
cook & drain
in a separate mixing bowl;
1/2 lb of butter or margarine
2/3 cup sugar
8 oz sour cream
4 eggs
use the whole eggs, but
**beat the egg whites separately 
2/3 cup of milk 
1/4 lb of cream cheese
1/2 lb of cottage cheese or RICOTTA cheese
1 teas vanilla
Mix noodles and ingredients together

Bake 30 minutes @ 350 degrees

Take out and apply TOPPING
1-2 cups of frosted flakes
and 3/4 cup of brown sugar mixture
Spread evenly across the top of noodles.
Bake again to brown the top @ 350 degrees
no more than 30 minutes

The next day it is just as delicious!!!

Now you can fool around and make a much more tidy topping
as shown above by substituting the frosted flakes with
Almonds & Powdered Sugar!!
How Pretty.

And when you get real good at this you can make in a mold.

You can also make it as a dinner using salmon or tuna
with peas and pearl onions.

Just reduce the sugar a little.
and use an appropriate topping.

Just serve with a great salad - what could be better?

Experimentation is what makes a great cook right?

Let me know if you come up with a great main dish recipe.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Fest In Camden Maine 2013

Camden Light House

On our way to 
Winter Fest In Camden Maine 2013.
It is so darn cold and I have been dying to get out of the house....
but my fingers and the tip of my nose get so cold they feel like they will
break off.

Camden Maine Harbor as seen from in front of the lovely Library.

The first ice front of the harbor entrance.

You can do ice carving yourself.
You just need to ask for a block to carve.
The teens are having so much fun.

On the right you can see the harbor and the tiny rink that the city puts up for the Village to enjoy through the coldest months.
Pretty sweet and small townie.
I love this.

My Mom and I arrived get a primo parking space.
Not too many people around yet.

We had the best fish and chips while looking out of this window.
**Haddock - My Fave
This is exactly where a river meets the ocean.
The river is dropping over the still water and running into the sea on the right side of this image.

Then we crossed the street to my favorite coffee chop/bakery/lunch spot.

This is so hip & Mainie

Look carefully....
you can see my rare illusive bird: 
Yvonne Rosenfield from
my MOM.

I swear....I didn't tell her to lick the ice.
I thought about it....
but she just did it on her on.
I thought her tongue would stick.
Not So!

This is the rink and the ice carving event.
Much more people.
It was great.
So Cute & Sweet.

In addition there was a jazz performance inside the Camden Library.
These guys were great!
I mean it.
There is so much hidden talent in these snowy hills on the ocean.
Who KNEW???

it was the best day I have had in quite a while.


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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dead Of Winter

It was beautiful the other day here in Maine


We have incredibly sunny days...and it is freezing.
I have to dress the way I did when I briefly lived in Montreal.
Which remind me of my life.
Layers and layers.

Beyond this group of trees is a big river.
The St. George river.
The fog {which I love but hate to drive in}
is beautiful and eerie.

I walk past this cove when ever it is warm enough to venture out.
I keep asking people .....
March is 'SPRING' right?
My mom says 'no'.
She tells me April and that seems a long way away.

I came here to start over and it is not easy.
No one hires until closer to MAY.
What ever will I do?

Mr.Campbell..............I am waiting and watching.

As of late...I have had nothing in my head I would like to POST on.
I have got to get my MOJO back.

I promise to start visiting.

Maybe then I will not feel so islolated and stale.
I know once I am employed everything will change.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weatherend Estate Furniture in Rockland Maine

I am proud to say!!!

I have shared many times when I have fallen in love with a chair.
Check this outstanding beauty out!!

The finishes are amazing.
There are so many including woods of Teak & Mahogany,
done in the rich natural tones that these to wood varieties provide,
also in that warmed weathered finish.
You can get your Weatherend Estate Furniture
already divinely weathered.

The weathered example done by Weatherend Estate Furniture on the premises
in Rockland Maine - U.S.A.

Below I have given you a sneak peak at some of the benches and settees that are made by 
Weathend Estate Furniture.
Everything can be made CUSTOM.
 boys and girls....
Don't we??

I just love this Weatherend Estate Furniture stacking table.

Check out the custom option below.

You have probably already sat on something 
made by Weatherend Estate Furniture.
Their products are at these Resorts.

There are hundreds of other installations at Colleges and
Corporations of all sorts.

The Weatherend bench above is custom.
If you go to the site (bottom of the post) and snoop around you will see that 
there is a CONTEST running 
for an additional design to be added to their already witty collection.

They even make these Umbrella Gazebo Rooms.
Don't you just love?
I do.
I need one.

Yachting By Weatherend
Fax: 207.594.4968

**For a bit of history on the company Weatherend Estate Furniture
CLICK HERE and the scroll down to article.

Oprah Winfrey's Home has Weatherend Estate Furniture
CLICK HERE to see it.

I am meeting with the owner on Monday January 14th...
I will take pictures and will have more to say about this fine company and it's products.

Hope you are all well,

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years Day

New years Day is the day my father died in 2001.
I can remember him and be sad or I can think of him in all his 
And he was.
He loved thoroughbred horses.

He bet them and he bred them.
Did you know that January 1st is EVERY thoroughbreds birthday?
Even if they were born on December 31st.
The next day....
they are 1 year old. 

My dad loved golf ....
some of my best times with him were driving the golf cart
around the course alone with him. 

Yes, that's me.
6 months pregnant.

My Dad driving his boat with my little daughter by his side.

My Dad and the back of my head at our favorite restaurant 
in Ogunquit Maine... ARROWS.

He loved deep sea fishing.....I always got sea sick.

This New Year ....
if you have something keeping you from a loved one....
how important is it....really?
Make an amends.
It is so easy to do, and the rewards are great.
We never know when our number is up.
My Dad was only 73 years old.

Be wise like the Buddha...
and then you will be happier.
I know my memories of my Dad are.

Love to my friends,
Renee xox

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And because of those challenges

I have imported fine antique pieces from Paris,

Designed and Manufactured Furniture,

Created Fantastic Window Treatments,

And solved all kinds of spatial & architectural issues

With my unique style.

If I can't find it, I create it.

My rooms would make excellent movie sets.

I am a visual, tactile and audio sensitive individual.

Creating is what I live for, not math, not spelling, not science.

Just Great Design.

Just imagine how it would be if each of us,

If only for a few hours of everyday,We could be in a space that is our very own.A place that is exactly the way we want it to be

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