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Friday, October 2, 2009

I Am Just Not Feeling It


Sure, he had a beautiful wife, and a baby on the way. It was a brutal murder, by someone who
"I won't even mention the idiots name."

It was clearly a horrible tragedy.

This is the home that Sharon and Roman were living in when the murders took place.
No one has ever moved in it since.
* Candice Bergen lived there before they did.

The day after the murders.

And here he is after his arrest when the child molestation charges was pursued.

It is odd, the La Bianca's were also brutally murdered (by the same group of idiots) the next night, after the Tate Murders.
I do not recall any survivors of  the La Bianca brutal murders giving drugs to a 13 yr old girl and then raping and sodomizing her. HMMMMM ? Do you ?
Did I miss something here ?

Our government's 1st mistake was giving in to all the initial pressure from Hollywood in the first place.
The era in which this all took place was a wild one in so many ways. But that does not excuse this. Does it?
And what of the 'tragedy' for the 13 year old girl ?
I know she is over it, and doesn't want to revisit it.
' The crime' is what this is all about. For a moment, remove the players and just look at the crime. It is a revolting, brutal thing to do to anyone. Ever.
Much less a little girl (or a young boy). How vile can one be to violate an innocent.

I really don't know what can be done now. 
Do You ?
It all seems ridiculous to me.
Roman P. is 75 yrs old now.
Was it because he was rich that he was not left in the slammer ? If is sad.

The whole long story is sad.



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  1. He should have been under a doctor's watch. He was reckless and semi-suicidal, so who left him alone drugged up in a hot tub.
    And who invited and an under aged girls to party with this group tragic mis-fits.

    Every time I hear this story, I assume the girl was 15 (like it makes any difference), and then re-think that she was just 13. She was pretending to be older and more mature than her reality. She was there with her Mother..? if I remember correctly. She consumed and conspired, and participated, and realized she was set up for a tragic and inescapable scenario.
    He is a small man; did she think she would be safer with him than with someone else there that night? No, she did not deserve her story. No, this is no excuse for his version of the same story.
    I do know this seems to me like a tragic collision of events, by two persons who needed attention so desperately, and both searched it out in destructive ways.
    Every victim accepts 50% of the crime. We all participate in victim hoods but, our stories my not turn out so strong. She has survived her Self, and her circumstance and so has he. Should he be paying any more?..I don't know, I don't care. That is up to these two persons, and from what I understand, they have resolved themselves to a truce long ago.

    However, You are absolutely right.
    The California governments are the ones who dropped the ball long ago, and who are now taking late vigilante actions to save face.

    I always love to hear you speak.
    Be well. Do good. All ways.
    All days. Stay you.

  2. And now my hometown Zurich, Switzerland is in the news! I guess we can only watch and see...

  3. It's a tragic sordid mess.

  4. Miss R...good expose....and very very sad.

  5. amen. this is so ridiculous. have a wonderful weekend... x pam

  6. Well said. A crime is a crime no matter how long ago it happened.

  7. It is amazing how seemingly rational people in Hollywood can be defending him. As someone said somewhere, if he were a Catholic priest having done that 40 years ago in Boston, he'd be pursued with pitchforks and torches. There would be all sorts of righteous indignation, but because he's "one of their own" and a talent, they seek excuses. Hmm..

  8. The whole story about Polanski is horrid and how can anyone condone this inexcusable crime of rape simply because he is an artist??? Unfortunately, his habits of trying to seduce young girls did not stop in West hollywood. He is well known in the South of France, Ibiza and Gstaad for pursuing very young women, if you can call them that.
    No excuses should ever be made, no matter how along it happened.

  9. Very Very sad. Ax

  10. So tragic.

    Good reporting on it Renee...

    And interesting comments!

  11. Your post was ever so right.

    He should have been jailed years ago. Money, job, social standing, life events, or other issues do not excuse the behavior.



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