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Saturday, October 17, 2009

OMG, I am heading home!

This may look primitive........but what do you think of this for a holiday away from work?????
My poor mother has radiant heat in her floors, and it is getting COLD.
So.......guess what??
(my fave pic from the owls head transportation museum)
My mother's hot water and heat has been on the blink for 2 of my 3 day visit.
The fireplace works so it is warm in the house.
But.....COLD SHOWERS?????
I may as well be camping out. UGH!

It is like a freak show ....
she calls the repair service, they come and work on the system for 45 minutes, and VIOLA, it is working!!!
We rave and say: " You are brilliant, Thank You, Thank You."
Then my mom says her normal 15 min. schtick: "My daughter hasn't been here for a year and this happens...."
 .....And now we can finally go out to do something,
when we get back there is NO HOT WATER.
But WAIT! There is more.
The next day, yesterday, the whole thing starts all over again.
We call the heating service, they come, they fix, we thank and...
As we are getting ready to leave the house it starts to stink like rotten eggs.
OH NO!!!!!
There is water pooling around my mom's feet at the computer in the kitchen.
We think the dog made a pee pee, but upon further investigation I see
is starting to pool all over.
I say to my mom, "I think this might be a septic tank back up!"
I knew someone who once who told me a story about a septic tank issue just like this.
Trust me, I am a city girl (though I long for a horse farm) I know nothing about having a septic tank.
And apparently niether does my mom.
LOL :)
Well, if you could have seen her face.....
her eyes popped out of her head like they were on springs.
She screams and starts to mop.

After the emergency DOODY BALL TANK TRUCK (septic service) arrived it all ended up ok.
Thank G-D for the tuberose candels I had given mom.

I am exausted reliving this .
We are on our way to Portland Maine, for my flight home.
Trust me on mother is and always has been LUCILLE BALL.
Something will happen on our way there.
xx's RF

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  1. Oh poor you...and your Mum.
    Glad you got it all sorted out, eventually. Hope everything goes smoothly from now on, Renee. XXXX

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  3. Guess it really matters how we respond to our situations!! Funny you have a mom who is Lucille Ball too...seems we always have those issues taking place when I visit. Fun memories made....and lots of belly laughs....good for the soul. Hope your week goes well!

  4. Oh No! Smelly Hells Bells...Poor Mom...Poor you!

  5. you poor woman...cold showers...

  6. You are hilarious!! I am so sorry - never had a septic tank leak, but my refrigerator icemaker once got stuck and I woke up to inches of ice water on the floor. At least it was sanitary, though. Nothing compared to what you guys went through! Thanks for the sweet comment, as always! XO

  7. I have to say I enjoyed your Blog!! You are extremely talented!! I love so much of the same things. Horses are my world! But with a touch of class and much fashion. I love beautiful interiors and have been blessed to be able to enjoy them!! I hope your week is well and hope to enjoy many more of your post!! Your have a great sense of style!

  8. Sounds like an episode from our dear old manor. We've got a septic tank, but thank God, it has never backed up...knock on wood!

  9. Oh is comical. So sorry. Love your airplanes wrapped around your story!
    I hope you two had a good visit anyway!

  10. This is the kind of thing that happens to me just before I have friends arriving to stay. Glad you are now back in warm scented heaven, xv.



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