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Friday, October 23, 2009

A Barge And A Bash At Vizcaya In Miami

A (formal) Halloween Bash at sundown on October 24th 2009.
I have mentioned a few times that Halloween is my favorite holiday.
This weekend I wish I could go back to Vizcaya again.
I went as a small girl a few times and I wanted to share it with you.
I want to see the home and the grounds again, but what I really want is to go to the BASH!!!!
The barge and most big structures are made of coral.
Which means is all TEXTURE.

I remember this the clearest.
How cool it is to swim in and out of  one's home!
John Deering. It is his house.
The process.
You have to understand....Florida was a remote and difficult jungle to deal with.
You had to be  pretty ambitious to get this task completed.

The tour guides.....
Now you know if these woman were around today, THEY WOULD BE BLOGGING!!!
( and on my blogroll for sure)

Now...this is a formal garden.
Do you think so? Would you visit Vizcaya if you were in Miami?

Let's go inside and look around.

Check out the ship chandelier.

Would you want to go to a Halloween Bash at VIZCAYA with me if you could ????

I wish we could!!!!
And all dressed up too.
It is the closest thing to a masquerade ball that I will get to this year.

xx's RF

I am trying to get my 21 yr old daughter to go.
She is in her last year at  the Univ. of Miami.
If I were her...........nothing would keep me away. :) :) :) :)

to see the site click here
It is worth the click!!!!

New WPBT2 Documentary to Detail Unique History of Miami’s National Historic Landmark

Narrated by Actor Andy Garcia 
*I went to Miami Beach High With Him.

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  1. wow,wow,wow!!!!beautiful pics, and yes i would definately go with you, anything in Miami i'm


  2. An Amazing space!
    ...the whole coral carved barge, and the swim-in/swim out house!

    Thanks for this share.
    ..any Yes!..I would love to be there.

  3. The place is breathtaking! I live near Newport RI, which is famous for all its mega mansions from the gilded age, so I get to go to places like the Vizcaya! They don't have swim houses like that though.

  4. I certainly would visit, if I was in Miami....have been to Florida many times, but didn't know about this place...perhaps next time Renee...but you MUST go, with camera, as we would all want to see how it went. XXXX

  5. Renee!

    This is so amazing..just incredible. Every one of these images makes me want to get on a plane and go to that ball with you!! It is like stepping back into history. A decadent history at that.

    I say go.. bribe your daughter if you must! haha

    Thanks for showing us these stunning images. x Julie

  6. Well of course I would go. A magnificent place!

  7. One word....AMAZING! Have fun Renee!

  8. wow, love it, the pictures are very nice.

    I would also go :-)


  9. Soo very opulent and very Miami! I am not a Halloween girl, but I would go with you, especially if I could be something fabulous and NOT scary!

  10. Visiting Vizcaya in January or February, yeah. We spent a great February vacation sailing off The Rickenbacker Causeway. We saw Viscaya from the water while the wives toured the inside. They got a better tour and didn't get wet.

    Is Monty Trainers still in Coral Gables?

  11. Ohhh...the life the upper class led in those days...the indoor outdoor pool house is such a dream...
    you should have a fabulous halloween..

  12. Gorgeous images Renee! Wish I could transport myself over there.

  13. Amazing place - and photos - that first one is a stunner! Halloween is a favorite of mine as well, and I'd so go!

    Love your blog, I'm glad I found it :)
    xo Isa

  14. A gem in Miami. The yearbook photos for my high school art club were taken there in the gardens. So cool.

  15. ARE YOU KIDDING? WOuld I go to the bash with YOU? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.... Does that answer your question? FAB place... I would go with you but I may never leave the place... looks big enough to hide in!



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