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Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Fully Restored 'Gypsy's Wagon'

This is the real thing !!!
It was brought over from Europe and is on loan to the Owls Head Transportation Museum, in Owls Head Maine.
It is just down the street from where my Mom lives. She has tried to get me to go there for years, and finally yesterday I agreed. What a great place!
 I love mechanical things.
What I mean is 'gears and wheels.'
I will post the rest of the museum. It is filled with planes, cars, and all sorts of other things related to transportaion.

Below are some close up shots of the Gypsy Wagon.

Would you be a GYPSY for a weekend and live in this wagon while camping?

Above on the left is the kitchen.

And yes,

Mom made lobsters. Yummo!
Wish you were here....we bloggers would have a fun time. The weather is beautiful and the leaves are divine.

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  1. You are here in Maine right NOW? How wonderful-cold, isn't it? I would by all means live in this stylish wagon- or perhaps a one-of-a-kind studio. I've not been to the museum-I need to add this to my list. Have a fab time with your Mom.

  2. OMG! I had a dream about a gypsy wagon a few weeks ago and it was green, too!

  3. oh that looks dreamy -what a fun weekend trip that would make! I just was at a carriage museum myself while in Pittsburgh: I just love antique cars and carriages -I'm not sure cars bore me to tears! I think it's the design aspects and attention to details in the older vehicles.

  4. Renee that blog is really fun.
    We had fun doing it ..Love Mamma

  5. Wow. I didn't know that gypsy wagons could be so ornate and luxurious!
    So you're up North..., getting to enjoy our New England Fall -and rain.

  6. So happy you posted these photos. I have always had a fascination with gypsy wagons ever since first spotting them in Ireland. What a mysterious, adventurous lifestyle. Shocked how intricately the wagons are painted. So incredibly lovely.
    Boy would I have been belling up to the table with you & your 'mum' donning my lobster bib. What a fun time & an incredible mother. I am sure you cherish each & every moment spent with her.
    All the best to you Renee Xxx

  7. Hitch up that Wagon girl - & let's head off on a Wanderer's Vacation! Those lobsters look the best!
    Millie ^_^

  8. Hi Renee! Fabulous gypsy carriage...does make you wonder what life was like on the road in this mode of transportation...bumpy I'd imagine....however, I would rather dream about the horses that pulled such a item.....not to mention the colorful people who lived in it! LOL! Lobster looks delicious! Have fun with your mama!

  9. Hi Renee
    The Gypsy Wagon is fabulous. As all the other gals have said.. so incredibly detailed and ornate. What a way to travel [albeit squishy!!] It can be surprising just which museums manage to capture our attention. For me it was always the applied arts & sciences.. incredible installations on Astronomy... and Clocks!! what diversity!

    Have a great time with your Mum... and save me some lobster!
    Ciao Ciao ..Julie

  10. Oh Renee, aren't Gipsy caravans beautiful? The work that goes into them is amazing and they are works of art.
    I'm afraid, though, that it is the Maine lobster that is the star of the show, for me !!!! I just love food....seafood in particular. Have one for me, Renee. XXXX



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