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Monday, October 12, 2009

Laurel Hill

Cindy Rinfret's  Laurel Hill

Cindy Rinfret, proprietor of Rinfret, Ltd., has been creating iconic interior design and defining true ‘Greenwich Style’ for nearly 17 years. With an array of high-profile clients, her portfolio includes eleven homes for Tommy Hilfiger, and several stately Georgian Mansions.

About her home 'Laurel Hill' ,she says:
“This is a wonderful process for every designer to experience. We often stand beside our clients while they endure this stressful process, but when it is happening to you, there is much to learn from the experience.”

There is that 'Zebra' so many of us love.

C.R. says:
 “the journey of a house should enable you to embrace the things you love. Our house is a composite of the time my family has had together. We have art that is from my husband’s apartment in New York City, and our dining room table is a French cheese table made of reclaimed wood. These are not just pieces of furniture to us. They hold meaning and are representative of who we are and where we’ve been.”

How about a bubble bath in here ???

Is this not a fabulous wall treatment ??

The Holidays are coming sooner than we can imagine. Isn't this cozy and inviting?
Are you ready emotionally for the holidays?
This can be a difficult time of year for many. I am never ready for them.

Me ? I love Halloween. It is my favorite Holiday. and that is about it.
I think it is the changing leaves and the change in temperature that hooked me so many years ago while living in NYC.
Here in Florida....we have none of that.

I will be heading up to Maine this Tuesday morning to visit with my Mom. I will be dining on lobster, and just hanging out. I hope to be be posting some pics of the leaves.
My feet need a vacation and much as my 'head' does.

love to you,
 xxx RF

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Cindy Rinfret, Rinfret, Ltd.
354 Greenwich Ave.
Greenwich, CT 06830

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  1. gorgeous post! what an amazing home :)

  2. Love this! Have a wonderful restful visit with your mom Renee!

  3. Great home
    Renee I hope you have a fantastic time. Lobster sounds just right.
    Have fun.

  4. Hi Renee,

    Beautiful lady with an equally beautiful blog! Thanks for stopping by and visiting mine! We have lots of leaves changing here in Canada! Enjoy mom in Maine and some succulent lobster! I'll check back to see how the trip was!

  5. love to you right back at ya renee...
    what an amazing home
    thanks for sharing this with us

  6. Oh, how the other half live, Renee !!!!
    Beautiful rooms, decorated with the softest of colours.... my favourite image is the consel table with the distressed mirror and the hydrangeas. Gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful vacation (you deserve one and a while away from Lunatic and Medusa !!!!) and have some delicious Maine lobster for me.!!!! XXXX

  7. Love this post - what a beautiful, beautiful home. The green painted butler's pantry with the 'x' motif is my favorite.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hey Girl....I hope you are enjoying a few days off and enjoying the fall colour! This decor is beautiful....I love the headboard in the bdrm!

  10. so beautiful.... and i am so jealous... MAINE LOBSTER is the best... we used to eat at hurricane in oguinquit...sorry spelling...and no harps on those little guys... they are little hats... they sell like crazy... usually i am anal about that but on these they just work... quirky and fun... xx pam



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