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Thursday, October 29, 2009



The reason for the title is to help you memory challenged gals out there remember the pattern name.
I am challenged daily with remembering names.
For instance, there is a woman that I regularly see, she doesn't look like her name.
Do you know what I mean ? 
Every time I would run into her I would call her by the wrong name. The same wrong name every time.
Her name is 'Diane.' But she looked like a 'Deb.'
As you might imagine this was a tad embarrassing for me.
Finally I decided to use something that my first boss taught me.
' Name association.'

Anyway, back to Debbie... Oh, I meant to say DIANE.
Desperate and embarrassed at this point I was forced to use 'name association.'
Here is how I did it.
Diane is 'loaded' , not on booze, with money. Her husbands.
She dresses over the top. Everything is the most expensive that you can find.
She drives a JAG, her hair is always coiffed perfectly, and she is thin and tanned (or sprayed tan).
She sports a golf ball sized diamond on the hand she wears her Presidential  Rolex. On the other hand, ears fingers etc she wears the latest trend in fine jewelry.
Did I mention she is (on the surface anyway) very very nice?
No really, she is nice.
I have never seen her face move out of a slight smile when she is talking with other people.
She has had 'work' done. I know that.
Diane, like me, is 'Jewish Lite.'
Hence the name I finally gave her to remember her real name.
Ta dah!!!!!
F@$^ ing Brilliant!
Easy as pie.
I have never forgotten her name since.
ps guys...I maybe Jewish, but I am no Princess.
(only in my dreams)

how to do name association - click here

The pattern on these pieces is called a Suzani Pattern.
I am digging it. They are so very sixties.
So 'Serendipity' , NYC (a restaurant)
Someone please pass me their frozen hot chocolate please.
I just need a sip!!!!!

Oh yeah, about Suzani Patterns;
(oh susannah...don't you cry for me)
The word 'Suzani' is the Persian or Farsi word for needle and refers to textile panels embroidered with silk thread. The suzani was an integral part of a woman's artistic expression in Central Asia for hundreds of years. Traditionally, as soon as a girl was born her mother would start embroidering the suzani for her. As the daughter grew older, she would join in the process. The suzani would eventually become a part of her dowry and be used to decorate her home.

They are HOT HOT HOT right now.
I dig them.
Do you like the pattern?
How do you remember names?
I just used this pattern in a different color-way on some pillows on the job I installed yesterday.
I will take pictures and SHOW &TELL you later.

xxx's to my friends out there.

 I am off today, and my feet will be up. :)

* credits:
the boots are from :

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....
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  1. are you ok?? this post was a little wierd??lolol.. girl,i can even remember my own name sometimes!!!lol..and yes i think i like the chairs, i'm digging them!!lol..have a wonderful day off and if i were you i'll to the beach for a nice long walk,ohhhhhhhhh the beach i wish;o)).

  2. oh and i love those boots, i could use a pair right now. have a great day..xxxx

  3. Are you wired?
    Are you weird?
    Are you sure?... ;P

    Love all the patterns, they speak to me and sing to me rich and throaty and strong.

    "That Guy" is the worst at tripping me up in the name game. He is always off, and jumps in fast with a hopeful suggestion, which then shuts my functioning brain Off!

    He also leaves off the "a" at the end of every woman's name.
    Christina = Christine
    Joanna = Joanne

    It has been 20yrs and it is still not fine.

    Write it down. Spell it. See it.
    ..and say it out loud; and again.

    I usually struggle with the guys.
    We can all choose to do better.

  4. How fun....the boots are my favorite but I also like the chairs! On the name association...I usually pick out the most distinguishing feature on a person's face (I'm in trouble if they don't have one) and put a rhyme or phrase with that (same as with Princess Diana) and include their name in it. I usually can remember if I see that feature (visual) and then recall the rhyming word or phrase easier than having to recall just the name. I'm a very observant person so I can usually find a way to associate something with them. Example: Bill, with eyes that kill! My only fear is that sometime I will actually greet them with my funny little phrase! LOL!

  5. silvia!

    are you talking to me?????
    weird ???>??

    i am weird. my mind works in wacky little ways.

    xx love you
    if you think this is weird just wait!

  6. nahhhhh, i'll take that back, you r not weird, you are smart, beautiful and lovely, there!!!!..did you get my message??

  7. They are very colourful and I love the story behind them, Renee.
    The way I was told to remember names is, when you first meet someone you say their name three times, it works for me !!!! That's Jackie, Jackie, Jackie !!!! XXXX

  8. My Mum instilled in me the same word association thing too Renee & yes, it really, really works! However I wish I could say the same about MOTH - he's hopeless. Often calls me by the first Mrs. MOTH's name. The fact that she's very tall, with dark brown hair, olive complexion & looks the total opposite to short, blonde, fair me you think would be a help to him - but it's regular occurrence of which I sin bin him for EVERY time.
    Millie ^_^

  9. Learned about this pattern when featured as a designer's favorite pillow recently (House Beautiful maybe?). LOVE it.

    And the name association- great. I too know a Diane (quite different from your Diane) but I want to call her Debbie too, so it was too funny that was the example you used!

  10. That's how I think, too, Renee! great solution. I love your openness and honesty and great Jewish personality. And you ARE a the best possible sense.xo



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