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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cold As Ice ' POISON '

Please some one wake up the generals from the dream world they are living in.
wake them up and tell them to cooperate with our President.

In fact...tell somebody to cooperate with our President.
This is so sad.
We are floating in the neverlands
And actually floating away sounds better that staying here and dealing with the T-Party loons.
People are  dying here and abroad because a certain 
few people think we do not need health insurance.
they honestly feel that
"We can just give the doctor a chicken, or baked goods to pay our medical bills"
"Your communities will pull together and take care of your medical bills"
  sure they will
 maybe if we were pioneers and the year was 1870.
And to die ,and have to depend on charity, or the kindness of strangers,
or your neighbors....
That doesn't ring of dignity to me.
Maybe you- Not Me.
But there is no doubt ....
there will be TEA PARTY some where tonight 
or tomorrow
with all the regulars.


have a ball all you 'haters!'

Too bad they can't buy a compassionate heart or mind..
They need both.

Some things you are born with
born into.
I was born into a compassionate heart and mind.
Lucky , i guess.

But it makes it painful to watch what is happening.

This leaves me feeling powerless over my own destiny.
...and that was never supposed to happen.

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  1. Well first it was grass roots, now the Tea party, I think they are splintng the country. I have friends that I have seen become
    involved in it. They have changed, almost to a frenzy. This is scary.
    I love these people but if I disagree they go Nuts. I have always thought of them as good friends. Now -I don't know. It's
    an other side I haven't seen.
    Mama XXXXX

  2. I don't know where to begin,....these ppl are NUTS and heartless. that's it in a nutshell.
    Thanks for posting this Renee. I knew I loved you!

  3. Great post Renee! We bloggers should start our own "party"!!!

    Have a Good Weekend!

    p.s... come over to my blog, and sit a top a mountain...and re-group! you'll feel better, I know I did! :)

  4. I don't think I will take the advice for improving the country from someone whose deepest thought is "what color lamp is best". Fortunately this country welcomes everyone into the process including the so-called hillbillies you hate so much. Maybe hateful pretentous people should look in the mirror before posting ugly pictures of others.

  5. You know I love you Girl! Certainly not a hater!

    I have to say coming from a rich heritage of military in service to our country, our president needs to listen to the Generals. They are professionals in what they do. As for the rest, too early to tell what is in store.


  6. Informed dissent is one thing, craziness is quite another. Thank you for this post!

  7. oh my......One of the rubes

    i was born in houston texas,
    my mom is a 'hillbilly' living in maine.
    i love her and i love my heritage.
    she is not a member of the T PARTY.

    ps nowhere in my post do i call someone a 'hillbilly'

    it's not about where you are from
    it's what is in your heart.

    i believe in helping those who have less.
    i find it unbearable to see someone begging......
    and some drive by without noticing them or feeling a thing.

    it is a SCIENTIC FACT {keeping in mind how T Party members feel about science}
    that there is a part of the human brain
    that is where each of us exhibit empathy.
    the first region of this part of the brain is called
    the 'medial prefrontal cortex' {MPFC}

    some of us obviously exhibit less empathy than others,
    and for many reasons.....
    sometimes it is nature-
    you are born that way {natural born killers}
    or can be raised in a less than empathetic home.

    another cause for lack of empathy
    can be due to a brain injury.


    and what were you saying about depth and being shallow???
    i can have compassion and be a superior designer as well.
    this is MY BLOG, and you don't have to read about my feelings....
    you can go away and never come back.
    but from your might help getting out more.

  8. renae

    by no means are you a hater.
    you are a lover.

    and i love youXX

  9. Actually, my delay in my response is because I do get out and have been doing other things today.
    As far as your medical lecture and remark about TP's not believing in science - I am a masters prepared nurse working in oncology. The hospital where I practice serves a community with many needs. We treat people each and every day that do not pay a dime for their treatments. No one in the clinic cares which patients have insurance and which do not. They get treated the same. So when you walk past the homeless and feel pity, I am planning their treatments and serving their needs.
    The one thing you are correct about - I will not come back to be lectured by you. I used to browse blogs like these to see nice pictures and read lovely thoughts but when they are littered with hate, I move on. That is why I avoid the political blogs with crazy rants because life is too short to be weighed down with people whose opinions don't matter. But as you said, it is your blog and people like me believe in free speech so you can write anything you want.
    So you can go back to Webmd and copy and paste more of your "medical lessons" for the others that think you are a genius. I know better.

  10. One of the rubes
    ( from the magic hospitol}

    your delay was YOUR search on WEBDOC.

    everything you say here sounds lovely and sweet.

    but the truth of this matter is
    that AFTER
    YOU have so kindly
    taken really good care of a sick person,

    then they leave without paying their bill,{that is what you said}

    the hospitals then set there collection hounds on you.

    it is endless and humiliating.

    *people have to file bankruptcy over these bills.
    lives are destroyed and family homes are lost paying these bills.

    unless of course you are homeless.

    then you go under ' indigent' and owe nothing .....

    unless you hit the lottery.

    then the hounds will find you once you can be picked up by the IRS' radar.

    let's not forget that
    i won't be seeing you again....

    but please do
    keep saving lives for free.


    may i please i take a number???

  11. All I am going to say is that here in Canada, we LOVE our free healthcare system. LOVE. It allows people to keep their sense of dignity. My daughter has to go for an MRI tomorrow and we will not have to pay a red cent.

  12. De tout, de rien

    thank you for the words of 'reason.'

    americasn - a few - don't get it!!
    they just don't get it.
    they are so frightened of change.


  13. nicole,

    it is good to know
    that someone else sees the sad situation as it is.
    you said everything i was feeling.

    xx thank you

  14. Wow this all started something!!

    I just want the average middle class who pays their taxes, for that person and their families to have access to healthcare and medication without spending all of ones grocery money.

    It is really a terrible situation!


    Art by Karena

  15. karena

    that is all i want as well.

    why is it such a big deal?

    love you xx

  16. I love your blog! We will have to agree to disagree on politics. I am one of THOSE, lol.
    Have a great Sunday, Renee.

  17. * Dear Renee~ A few "thoughts"...

    To say we are living in the most tenuous of times is clearly an understatement, don't you think???

    As the wife of a 3-Star Army General (now newly retired), I can tell you one thing for sure~~ their knowledge & expertise is TRUSTED & SOUGHT AFTER in so many ways, on many topics, by so many people/groups... It is SHARED to benefit the way it should, and they do NOT "MAKE" the decisions...

    You've probably heard this from soldiers in movies before: "Ours is not to question WHY, ours is but to do or die"...It once was said , IF I remember correctly, in a war movie, by a disgruntled soldier in WW 11...

    Because I personally feel rather helpless, and guilty because I SHOULD be doing "SOMETHING MORE than what I AM", I pray alot for our country... We want, and NEED, her strong and healthy, and sadly enough, sometimes that costs~ greatly...

    Take care,
    Linda in AZ *

  18. linda az.

    it has cost more than it had to have cost.
    don't you think??

    ps i am praying too

  19. *** Oh yes, I certainly DO agree with you... how could I NOT, my friend?

    "Before" it was always about "praying for my husband", his men and our military friends~ the husbands sof MY friends, of course... and that was difficult enough. But NOWADAYS, it is the very CHILDREN, now adults, of those men for whom our prayers are mostly said. I can't put into words what that is like to have, sort of, "come full circle"...

    Plz, let's keep up the praying!


  20. as a 63 yr old woman I am feeling frightened. After my husband died (and left nothing)I wonder what will happen to me? I have three years until I can't afford to live in the house I have been paying on for almost seven years. we used to be a proud country, thrilled that we were a "super power". We were smart, we helped other countries, and on and on. Then we started making home loans that made no sense, nothing down, escalating interest rates, and sad to say many of the people were "of color". We sold them homes that were over 5 or 6 hundred thousand with nothing down???? Were they (fannie mae, freddie mac, frigging crazy? No, they were greedy.
    When the bailout money came all that got it should have been held accountable on how they distributed it.
    I could go on and on, but for what reason. I started this comment telling you that I am afraid of the coming years. I want our country back, strong, and pride-full. God bless America, God bless the world.

  21. cj
    my heart breaks for you.
    it is happening to most of us.
    let's just pray pray pray!!!


  22. I think those Tea Party folk need to do what we do Down Under when we lose the plot. Have a cup of tea, a Bex (Tylenol) & a good lie down. I love your political rants mate, it's your blog & you do whatever you want. As a Commonwealth country, like the Kanucks we have universal health here, I suppose there's something to be said for still being tied to the Old Country.
    Millie xx

  23. millie,

    there certainly is!!!
    my grandmother was a canadian...i would love to have citizenship.
    things over here are becoming quite desperate.
    we should be modeling ourselves after canada.....they banks are steady
    and they have health care.

    hope moth gets better.
    and i am praying that you are happy in your new position!! XXX



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