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Friday, October 30, 2009

Boo!! What Scares Yoo ??

These Are Things That Terrify Me


My mother had a freaky clown painting that she painted and hung in my bedroom.

For my friend Willow at Willow Manor , a scene from the Stephan King movie ' IT 'below. 

I had nightmares for years after this.

Was this not the scariest ???? 
Did you see this movie in 1973 in the theater ?

Growing up in South 'Fla Fla' swimming and water skiing is how I spent most of my days.

I have an insane fear of the water at night. I was afraid to swim in the pool in my back yard at night.
Even with the pool light on. It was just to eerie.
And the woods.
Well, what could be creepier that being alone in the woods at night and hearing things.....

Have you ever imagined that you 
saw something go by and it really wasn't there ? 
Or was it?

You are alone at home....
you open your eyes after rinsing the soap from your hair, 
and you see this man leaning on your
shower glass.
I would just drop dead right there.

I can not watch scary movies.
And if I do, I keep my eyes covered for most of the movie, while squeezing your arm until you tell me that it is numb.
It is ridiculous.

Any form of mutilation...EEEEK!

The Grudge

Goats Eyes!!!!!
People think goats are cute....NOT ME!

Aren't the devil's pupils supposed to be slanted in the same way as a goat's?
( I am creepin' myself out)

Anything related to Satanic ' anything ' makes my skin crawl.

Lastly, an ordinary garbage disposal  freaks me out.
Have you ever dropped something of value down your garbage disposal. Did you reach in and get it?
I am terrified that the disposal will go on while my hand is inside and my fingers will.....
well, you get the idea.
A mini domestic chainsaw massacre right there in my kitchen on a Wednesday morning.
Are you afraid to stick your hand down into your garbage disposal ?
If none of these things scare you, 
What does?
Happy Haunting !!!! : )

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  1. Oh just scared the ******* life out of me.
    I just mentioned Stephen King's 'It' on another blog, as being one of the scarriest films and that first scene in 'Jaws'....freaks me out.
    Well, you have certainly put us all in a scary Halloween mood, Renee....have a good one. XXXX

  2. Oh....and 'The Exorsist' husband and I went to see it when it first came out and I gradually slid down my seat and was nearly on the floor....I kept saying 'don't go upstairs, don't go upstairs anymore !!!!'.

  3. Oh, gee wiz, Renee! Now I'm worried about you! You are so funny and have such a wild imagination! Have a great weekend!

  4. all of the above, but i think the sharks,just the thought of it gives me chills,lol..
    have a great weekend.

  5. Anonymous07:41

    I just had to fish out something
    fron the disposal, same thought.
    I have a grab it clamp 2ft long,
    think I will use it next time.
    Is that a photo of Harrington Cove?

    The Flu vaccine has not come YET
    did FLa. get it this week?
    Cute Blog

  6. What scares me?
    Good girl blogs.
    Love you!
    Have a frightfully fabulous night!
    xo xo

  7. Hey Renee
    This is sure creepy!!

    I still have not seen the Exorsist to this day.. Was too scared when it first came out and somehow have never been able to convince anyone to watch it with me then stay the night for the next 365 nights in case I have nightmares. haha

    My nightmares are quite intense without the need for terror movies..

    Great post though!!

    Have fun x Julie

  8. Renee I cannot watch anything scary at all! God made me WAY TOO SENSITIVE...LOL!! I remember those movies with the addition of Dark Shadows and Twilight Zone series!! Jaws and the Exorcist absolutely created complete terror for me as a youngster. I slept with my lights on and legs folded up for weeks! I do have the same thought about the garbage disposal too when fishing something out of there.....we do know who's behind these kinds of thoughts don't we...."we were not given the spirit of fear but love, power and a sound mind"!! I simply replace the fearful thoughts with this phrase now....thank God! Our daughter hated clowns!!

  9. Great minds think so much alike. :^)

  10. It's so funny to read how scared everyone is of movies,clowns,goats,the woods at night...etc! None of that really scares me. The only thing that makes me ill to even think about is slaughter houses. Any cruelty to animals makes my skin crawl. I started to watch a documentary called Earthlings and as much as a thought I needed to watch the whole thing...I just couldn't.
    sorry you asked!!!lol

  11. wait - did I write this? omg - the garbage disposal!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!! actually my maid once mutilated her hand in the disposal. ugggh.
    the exorcist. scary shit. i hate scary movies - can't watch them anymore. ughh. ughhh.

  12. yes .
    this is scary alright.

  13. I love this one Renee!
    Great, all my favorite scary people!
    My scariest thing? Looking at my tummy after Sunday! Ha..... must hit the gym on Monday. More scaryness with the holidays up and coming!




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