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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Do You Say?

Do you think this was a good a good choice for a lamp on this table? 
Do you like the black table in this room?
*meow meow, where's my bowl of milk?

Sorry so short tonight , gotta go to work very early for a whole house installation tomorrow.
This house and these people are why I went into the business.
I love doing homes, particularly when most of it arrives all at one time.
It is so exciting!!!
Everyone is excited.
Just like it says on my sidebar,
I am a designer because I want to make a persons home their favorite place to be in the world.
Even after going on vacation, I want them to feel that their house looks and feels better than anywhere else.
I love what I do.
Especially when the clients are nice, pretty to look at, and COOL people.
Tomorrow I will be in my bliss. 

xx's RF

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  1. Both are a trick in delight.

    ...and so are you.
    Be well. Live swell.
    I know you do; no surprise.

  2. I think that the lamp looks rather precarious and could end up on the floor...broken !!!! The black table is good ....adds a bit of depth.
    Have a lovely day, Renee, making people happy. Lots of love. XXXX

  3. Anonymous06:58

    I like the table, hate the lamp.

  4. that you have pointed it out, it looks a tad large for the table...but the mirrorness of it minimizes it. The black? I like. Grounding.

  5. to me,
    the lamp is top heavy, and so very silver and across from a gold mirror.
    i don't mind mixing metallics in design.
    but if you only have 2 metal objects in a room they should match.
    i mean how hard is that?

    as for the the table (which i like),it is black, and i seen no other place where the back is anchored.

    this all looks to me like they had a shoot scheduled and the room wasn't finished.
    the table and lamp were just thrown in

  6. Well that lamp could weigh 2lbs and it still it looks like it is about to blow out the legs on that delicately proprtioned table. Black good.
    Chunky & shiny-not bad.
    Scale and proportion-not so much.

  7. Anonymous09:20

    The room is lovely and restful. Black is always great in a room and the silver a bit of the unexpected - also a good thing. Go with your gut instinct because no two people will see the same thing. Also, could you tell us who made your matching sofas. They are beautiful.

  8. magnaverde10:25

    I don't know, Renee, I guess it depends on what the definition of 'match' is. No, a silvered lamp doesn't match a gold-leaf mirror frame, but it does match the mirror itself, in material, size & scale--well, once you subtract the frame & the shade--and it's centered on the fireplace, so it's a clear relationship to me.

    And I think the black of the table works because that color doesn't show up anywhere else, unless you count the void of the fireplace. That green is all over the place, so rather than recreating the same shotgun distribution with the black, restricting it to this single accent works for me. And, yes, the table's legs are spindly, but the last thing this room needs is another plump, rounded anything, so the contrast of the black does double duty to add some visual weight. As far as scale goes, the lamp is exactly the opposite, as somebody pointed out above, with its reflective finish reducing its apparent bulk. It's a nice pairing. Besides, imagine a tall skinny lamp on that table. Now that would really be begging to take a header off the table.

    So I'm OK with the aesthetics, but I'm totally with you on the weird, in-a-hurry vibe of the shot, like they just unloaded that rug off a truck & couldn't spare another two minutes to smooth out those wrinkles. They must have rented the truck by the hour.

  9. Okay, is this a trick question..because the lamp looks like an elephant in a tea house. The black table, I can embrace.

    I want to know though are you in your bliss today? I am terribly impressed with why you love design..well terribly impressed with you over all. You are such an incredible gal dear Renee.

    Thanks for all your support. xxx

  10. Anonymous11:38

    I love the room (colors and etc.). The rug was wrinkled and needed to be straightened out. The black table was just the thing needed to ground the room and it appears to link in with the fireplace surround from the pic. Can't tell if it is brownish/black or soft black (the fireplace surround). The lamp brings an element of surprise to the room. Don't know if I would have chosen it because of the gold mirror over the fireplace. A gold lamp might have gone better; however, the mirrored base of the lamp could coordinate with the mirror itself.

  11. I do like it. The table compliments the fireplace, and even though the lamp seems to be a bit large it's a nice touch.

  12. Well, let's just say I don't like the room, much less the lamp.

  13. The lamp base color doesn't go with the sunburst mantle mirror, or am I to matchy/matchy for not liking the silver base? I prefer the metals to match in a room, to me it is soothing. Having said that the base is not horrid, I mean come on it's a lamp and it sort of vanishes with the mirror ball/base thing it has going on.

    My question is, what's up with the rug?

    My I have crossed over to the snarky side today. This is not solving world hunger (which is not as hard as one thinks); Simply decide there is enough to go around & know that will always be the case.

    Not my favorite room, but I like your blog immensely.

    Sorry to have stepped up on the soap box. I clearly need to step away from the computer & talk to a human.

  14. well Renee, to me everything looks good but then again i have NO TASTE!!!lol..

    have a great evening my friend.

  15. ...and btw, i found some of those green balls for 2.95, maybe i should get some eh?,lol,but where to put them???..xxxxx

  16. Miss R,

    Well I agree with Willow...don't like the room to begin with... tooo matchy matchy, too symmetrical for my taste. I dont mind the black and actually like the lamp.....BUT NOT on that table! heehee


  17. Anonymous08:22

    Well, we agree on a lot of things,
    the lamp is too big/heavy for table. The table is too frail
    for clutzy sofa. I would have used
    a heavy table, The white dinning room chairs look awful with that danish/what ever table. I would redo that room. So would D.Draper and Mitzi. Mamma

  18. Anonymous08:38

    Taking a second look the room is
    O.K. for a 3 day visit. Why that fabric on the windows? Where are the Elephants? Do not like the
    Green Balls on Mantel or that
    50's mirror. Nay, Lets go back to Viscaya someday.



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