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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Garbo's Closet

"Mauritz Stiller who brought then-19-year-old Greta Gustafson to the United States in 1925. A three-time Oscar nominee, Garbo was given a special 1954 Academy Award for her “unforgettable screen performances.”

*Of her legendary desire for privacy, she remarked in a 1928 interview—one of the few she ever granted—“I wanted to be alone, even as a child. I used to go to a corner and think... Thinking means so much, even to small children.”

I have never seen this picture (above) of Miss Garbo. I was thinking that this could be a model or movie star from a recent film or a fashion mag.

Sometimes my mother will tell me about how she loves this 'movie star' or that 'starlet', I take one look at them and say to myself; "when was ugly pretty?"
In the 1950's, the 40's, 30's ....what was up with physical beauty's standards back then??
Physical beauty does go 'in and out' of fashion .

Greta Garbo is the exception to all the rules.
Classic Beauty.
Then and Now.

I lived in Manhattan from 1974 - 1984 on East 58th. Street.
I walked to and from work on East 58th Street every day. I also walked my Shit-Zu up and down E. 57th, and then down on 1st Ave.
Guess who I saw all the time?
Guess who stopped and talked to me and my little dog when ever she saw me?

That is right! Greta Garbo.

And this is Miss Garbo's Closet

The “closet room.”
*The “closet room,” which Garbo created from a small library, is highlighted by one of the carpets she designed for her 1962 series, Birds in Flight. Over the closet is part of her collection of hats; others are stacked on a carved and painted Russian provincial tea table from circa 1880. Garbo chose the upholstery and drapery fabric, which features African tribal motifs.

Isn't this magnificent ?

*A living room wall adorned with artwork.
For Garbo, color was essential in art and décor, and she surrounded herself with vibrant hues. “I love color,” she once said. “With me it’s inborn. I just know. I didn’t have to learn it.” 

I really can't believe how much I love this place.
I love her artwork, her interior color scheme, and the placement of her art and objects.
To me, it is perfection.

What do you think of Garbo' place ?
Do you likie??

*From Architectural Digest

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  1. I'm sitting here with my mouth open, thinking. "You've got to be kidding me!!!"

    This experience is a rare treasure that is incredibly lust worthy.

    (I had one of those Russian type, Zhivago inspired, poodle trimmed coats and hat in the late 60s.)

  2. I likey a lot! AND another interesting facet to your life. WOW, what a fabulous memory.

  3. love love love it -and her! Ninotchka is one of my favorite movies of all time.

  4. Her look and fashion style is so current, Renee and what a beautiful lucky were you to have chatted to her when walking your dog....I had a similar experience although, not quite as exceptional as yours but , I used to work in Mayfair in London and every morning I would see the actor David Niven having his morning constitutional and he would always doff his hat and say 'Good Morning' to me. ... and he wasn't the only famous person that I would see and pass the time of day with(if you can name drop, so can I !!!!)
    Anyway, back to the plot, GG's apartment is beautiful and how I would imagine her living space to be...opulent and quite indulgent as it should be for a legend. XXXX

  5. Love the apartment‚—the colors, elegance and the art.
    Confidence glows here. Is it just me or don't you and Ms. Garbo rather look alike?

  6. Home After Dark,

    OMG....what a humongous compliment !
    i can tell you one thing,
    i would love to have lived in her building and in her apartment.
    the building was awesome.


  7. Who wouldn't want to be alone in such surroundings?

    That first picture of her is stunning. It reminds you what all the fuss was about.

  8. I agree, this is stunning! You do seem to have that "star" quality Renee! What a fun memory too of GG. I think her color palette is impeccable.... so warm. Thanks for sharing this! Luanne

  9. hi Renee.. well i just spent 20 minutes reading and looking at every single picture and every detail,that console its to die for,love it all..awesome post once again Renee..
    have a great evening.

    xx Silvia.

  10. WEll I was just about to say .. you have those eyes!! seems someone beat me to it. That first pic is fabulous, but the apartment is divine. Such a haven, and perfect for a hermit.. like me!haha
    Have a great weekend. Julie

    1. Thank GAWD Garbo missed the lip-plumping era!

  11. GG was a great friend of my boss at MOMA in the Film Dept. They both were Swedish. GG would come to the private screening room located across the hall from my office. I used sneak a peek. One day my boss introduced me. My boss loved my (then) long shiny brown hair (she was in her 60's I was in my early 20's), and wanted to show it to GG.
    You rattled my memory cage today Renee.
    xo xo

  12. Anonymous07:35

    I was just thinking the same thing he is a creep. Glad he is getting
    back here to pay for his crime.
    A pretty house, but I wouldn't buy it either.
    you will be in Maine in one week
    see you then xxxxxx

  13. Not only did you get to talk to one of the most beautiful women in the world you were kind enough to share her home. She really did have an "eye" didn't she? Thanks a lot!

  14. Wonderful -- and unexpected, this glimpse into the personal space of one of the most private personalities known. And yes, I was thinking there was a resemblance, too!

  15. WARM - what a nice departure from griege/grey. What's more she's SWEDISH and she didn't fall into the tone on tone disaster that's everywhere in decorating. Color, please!



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