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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tommy's Old Place

"Stone Hill is the eleventh residence that upscale interior designer Cindy Rinfret has decorated for
Tommy Hilfiger. The world renowned fashion designer’s home on Round Hill Road in Greenwich stands as an example of true Fairfield County grandeur."

I came across this and fell completely for it. As it happens, this is the home of Tommy Hilfiger.
And from what I can gather he did not do his own home.

There is quite a bit of black. (which is my fave)
I just think black just balances things out least in 'my world' it does.

This room is okay. It is a bit boring to me.
As Stone Hill is now on the market for sale, Rinfret will soon be helping Hilfiger decorate a new duplex penthouse in the Plaza Hotel of Manhattan. This home is offered by Sotheby’s International Realty Janet K. Milligan 203-869-4343

But this bathroom looks just right for me to get ready for Saturday.
Retail Hell Day.

I have a decent  presentation on Monday.So I will be working on it this weekend, along with meeting new clients as well. 
Did you know I often fantasize that I am  singing and dancing my way around the showroom with a new prospect. 
I am kidding.
Well, maybe if I had Madonna's body.....

PS Do you like zebra accents in a room?

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  1. gee I really like the colours in that bathroom!

  2. Of all the things that the taste makers do, the zebra accent is the one that I could always do without.

    Makes no sense to me.

  3. I love Tommy's mix of modern with traditional pieces and the mix of textures. All is balanced and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  4. Love the black. Prefer leopard to zebra. I think your singing/dancing through hell week would make anything better.

  5. LOL... you may sell a lot if you dance and sing and have Madonna's body... I'm sure it would be furnishings though... LOL!!!
    ENJOY your weekend... Good luck with your presentation!

  6. Hi! As a professional home stager I really appreciated your post! Yes, I personally love zebra pattern, but would be careful with using it as it doesn't always look good (which is not the case of Tommy Hilfiger), it depends on the character of the particular room. Anyway, I agree that the bathroom is just amazing!
    Take care,

  7. You are SO funny! Here's Madonna's tone and fit body --while I am reading blogs and stuffing my cheeks with caramel covered popcorn. At least the popcorn's healthy...ha! I say sing and dance all through your retail madness! Live it up!

  8. Go for it Madonna!

    I like a bit of not like a real zebra with mane and tail on the floor. I can handle cow, though. Peculiar??

  9. Isn't it funny that what appeals to one doesn't appeal to another ... and a good job too, as it wouldn't be good if we all liked the same thing. I love the bathroom but I have never liked always makes me think of 'footballers wives'which is a definite 'no no' here in the U.K. !!!! XXXX

  10. I loved your comment, Renee! LOL. I should make you a tshirt with that slogan for your retail hell saturdays. XO

  11. i am sooooo over zebra.... lovely post... send me a lobster roll!!! xx pam

  12. I don't mind some zebra accents but I really don't like the zebra skin rugs..not sure why they don't jive with me. But upholstery on a chair -that can be really fresh!



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