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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I May Have The Key, But The Door Is Still Too Small To Fit Through!!

This is a design issue that I dealt with the other day at work .....
The client had a small unused room in their home that they wanted to utilize as a
a very cozy TV / media room.
They had purchased a leather Natuzzi sectional. After waiting 6 months for the custom piece...
it would not fit in the room. No way, no how! They tried everything.
They explained that the door to the room was too small, and later.... after much probing,
they explained the hallway to the room had angles as well.

They were stuck with this custom sofa and were now forced to use it in the living room.
Which they did not want to do....but they didn't know what else to do with it. And now, they were forced to redecorate the living room too. ( boo hoo)

This was an expensive mistake for them!
As a designer I love stories like these.
Not that I wish people to make costly mistakes,
but it just makes sense to get professional help when making big design decisions and spending big bucks.

So, if you have a small doorway to the entrance to a room, and the hallway to the room has angles.........

I have a solution which that they were very happy with, and you might be too.....

(love this sofa)

If you wish to, you can fill a room with seating....wall to wall with a modular sofa.

Alternatives to modulars sofas (which technically are individual seats added to one another to make a sectional)
are love seat sized ARMLESS sofas. You can add more pieces just be aware of the size. Don't go over 72" on the armless sofa.
If you absolutely need to have arms, you can add the corner pieces of the sectional..
*armless is easier to get into tight halls and small doorways. To get more ideas go here-

Have a great day! :)
xx rf

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  1. We opted for comfort over design and bought a leather sectional for our tiny sitting room off the kitchen where we watch TV. It BARELY fit, a tight squeeze, and is actually too large for the room. But we LOVE it! I call it my nest.

  2. I have heard of brave souls who bring things in through the window!

    Measure, measure, measure!!

  3. OR...which I have sadly been known to do...A sledgehammer.

    Doors are meant to be changed.

    Also have used the bring it in through the window method.

    Yep. Hanging head. Your idea is way better!

  4. Well done for solving the problem, Renee....we used to live in a 17th Century cottage and had to take the windows out to get the furniture in !!!! XXXX

  5. I made that mistake once..., fortunately not with a custom sofa, so when it didn't make it around the corner in the hallway, the delivery crew simply took it back to the store and we picked another one.

  6. Wowsers are so schmart! your story!

  7. This is sooooo basic (measuring tape!). Can I tell you how many times I've seen this happen on design shows on TV? It's just so weird... why don't people measure? It's a mystery.

  8. I'm afraid I would never tell - I'd be so embarrassed that I didn't measure first & perhaps twice!! Love the examples you gave. For someone that moves a lot like us, I think modular is the way to go since you never know the size of your rooms.

    Happy Labor Day weekend to you dear Renee ~ Deb

  9. Great solution, Renee! I hope you have a great holiday weekend with little or no retail hell.

  10. Hi Renee
    Reminds me of the too many times I have moved house. That is what windows were meant for .. yes? Love these lounges. Julie



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