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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do You Love The Look Of Fine Vintage Rattan??

You will have to hunt no longer. It is here again. Finally.
I think this chair is stunning.
Do You ?????

How about these ?
They swivel !!! (counter & bar ht)
I just placed these in a waterfront home in Boca Raton, Florida.
The thing that I like about these chairs is that their backs are low. Very Classy.

And the finishes on everything in this collection are just right. A warm honey, with just the natural darkness in the crevasses where it would have happened naturally with age.
And these are on casters. Chairs on casters are very big with the ' Grandma' or 'Bubby' Set in Florida.
This would make a lovely desk chair. But the arm height needs to be checked of you wish it to tuck under the desk. Although in this pic they look as though the arms are the perfect height.

This bed is very beautiful. *double click on pic to enlarge
I once imported an antique bed, floor mirror, and an armoir from Paris that was very costly. The mirror alone was 4,000.00 EUROS.
I do not have a super picture of this bed....but trust me. It Is Just Divine.
The night table in this shot is perfect. And what I mean by perfect is this.....
( you can't tell it is from Lexington, or is part of Tommy Bahama)
All the pieces I am showing in this post are actually made by Lexington, and part of a new Tommy Bahama Collection called Island Estate.
I can't help it, as a designer I do not like the palm tree logos, or any other tell tale sign that the furniture in a room was purchased as a package deal.
You know... like living in a hotel. YUCK.
Buying and filling a room full of one collection is called LAZY DESIGN.
It requires zero talent, and clients who insist on doing a room or house in this way really should use a personal shopper, not a designer. The client ends up paying us good money for very little work. No?
Look at the top part of this piece of furniture, the hutch it is sold separately.
Think of a problem you might solve with this, or any other great hutch that is sold separately.

See the pic below ? This is one of the signatures of T.B. collections. It is on everything except for the pieces I have shown you, above and before this example of the criss cross leather.The pieces below this close-up do have this criss cross leather on the tops of posts and on legs.
I think these media consoles are a fresh break from all the glass doors they slap on cabinets.
I really like them and plan on using them in my work.
Great bench.
Now this sofa & chair do not have the leather criss cross.
The tables are available, and are old time classics.

Let me know what you think??

xx RF

To view the complete catalog, click here.

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  1. stunning pieces indeed! as soon as i can afford my own place, i'd fill it up with antiques and vintage furnishing.

  2. Ratan definitely says tropical to me..., I like it, although I think I prefer furniture pieces that are lighter in color.

  3. Love. It. Always been one of my faves!

  4. Always had a love/hate relationship with the stuff. But I find that I am attracted to the smaller bamboo pieces nowadays. But a whole suite would be too much for me (indoors at any rate.)

  5. I just love the look of vintage ratan Renee. I have just two pieces in my home (although they are not vintage I'm afraid)I have a wing chair that has arms where they have knotted the ratan, Hard to explain but looks great!!
    I don't think that there is anything that I don't like about this post. Very Raffles Hotel. XXXX

  6. Renee,
    i like this, especially the outdoor table and chairs I like the TB designs and adore the criss cross.
    I agree too...cannot stand matchy matchy sets...BORING and UGLY!

  7. Rattan is starting to have a reinvention here in Aus as well. Love , love it.
    Great post , Renee.

  8. I think I love ~ to the media consoles, coffee table, to the bedroom furniture; all lovely. I am one that does not want logos of any kind on my furniture. Great post Renee and hope the week is being kind to you?

  9. These pieces are amazing! Thanks for sharing! So glad to have stumbled across your blog. Tracey xx

  10. Nothing for it girl, you need to start a whole line in rattan yourself! Your thoughts & ideas on it are amazing, you are the Rattan Queen. Your post reminds me of sitting in a rattan chair on the verandah of Raffles Hotel in Singapore, drinking something long & cold. The best use of rattan I've ever seen.
    Millie ^_^

  11. My sister has that four poster bed and loves it, Renee. Have a wonderful weekend. XO



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