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Sunday, September 27, 2009


The best way to poison (your enemy) of all is living well. Doing better than you did yesterday. Killing with kindness. But, genuine kindness.

Yesterday I wrote the biggest sale of the day, $19,000,00 in window treatments and bedding.
This is a tiny amount compared to what I used to sell in my own design practice.
This Is My Specialty.
Selling DESIGN - something that exist only in my head, And will never exist until an order is placed and a deposit paid.

Today I manager was short, curt, and it seemed like plain old angry with me. I try so very hard to I have discussed in previous posts.

I finally said to her ., "Sandra, I am sending you all good thoughts, pink puffs of love all day, and every day. And yet you are angry and short with me.
 Of course, she looked at me like I was weird, and cocked her head. She was puzzled.
But you see, I am quirky.This is a big part of  'my charm'. Or so I have been told by those who love and LIKE me.
And yes, me who is ridiculously sensitive was crying a bit. But when I cry (even a little) my eyes and the surrounding skin turn really red and super blotchy. [No hiding that from the coworkers]
Later I was in her office .....Sandra said to me, " Why are you so overwhelmed ?"
"Maybe you should go home. You can't sell.."
I told her,"I am not overwhelmed, my feelings are hurt." And "I will be fine after a cigarette and a coffee."
I also said; "And just to spite you, I am going to make a big sale and get another house-call lined up !!"
She finally smiled

*photos from playbill

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  1. You go girl! Splotchy eyes and all. Sell your skinny Arse off!

  2. 19.000 dollars?????????? girl you can sell!!!
    now you gotta kick some butt and show them you are the best...
    big hug your way...

  3. Hey you go girl! A big high five all the way from Down Under for such a great sale. And yep, keep doing what you're doing - be so super nice to them, that they'll be so fazed they won't have time to be so witchey-bitchey. Oh & ask you Manager how you'd go about getting her job!
    Millie ^_^

  4. There you go, Scarlett...("As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again..."). Congratulations! Trish

  5. Way to go, sales woman of the year, you !!Just keep on doing what you're doing. You're obviously brilliant at what you do.I'd loved to haveseen Lunatic and Medusa's faces !! Hehe.
    By the way, the cartoon at the top of your post...did n't those cartoons appear in 'The Saturday Evening Post'. When I was really small, our neighbours used to get 'The Saturday Evening Post' from relatives in America,and when they had finished with it they would give it to us, and that cartoon has brought back many memories. I used to read it from cover to cover. XXXX

  6. I think your boss needs to be a little sweeter...that is one spectacular sale you clever girl. Millie is right...boss lady better be careful ;) xv

  7. Yay! I knew that you would "get back" :)

    Congrats on the HUGE sale!!

  8. why dont you come work with me in seattle... we would have fun all the time.... (ok, 99% of the time... there is always that 1%)
    great work!!!!!!!
    x pam

  9. Thanks Renee for your comment.It is so easy to take beautiful photographs there as the light in Tibet, at such altitude, is absolutely pure with no humidity and no pollution....unlike New York. the Showroom Interieurs is in Tribeca at 151 franklin Street. Would love to have you visit

  10. You are oooooozing with charm my dear. Once again, you handled a bad..bad situation with grace & humanity. I would of cried too but it's the fact that you showed yes your human side but also kicked back & said, "Yah, I'm hurt, but in your face, as I am going to persevere". That sale was huge - we are all proud of you! I agree with Red Ticking - Seattle folk would be much nicer than those two "wankers". Xx



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