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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Table For Two...

And A Bowl Of Milk Please
Well, well, that all that political stuff is settled, (opinions given on both sides) I hope our anonymous commenter is feeling better.
I know I do. My feelings about the 'far right wing nuts' are confirmed.

I was once told by a very successful publicist ;
"It doesn't matter what people say about you, just as long as they are talking about you!"

Controversy sells.
I have never received so many comments.

Maybe the next time I am showing the latest sofa design, I can find a naked celebrity... and have them sparawl out on it for you.
Or, I can photo shop it.

I love my viewers, and they are always such support to me. Always.
*And you know who you are. XXXX

Everyone, Have a beautiful Sunday.

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  1. I admire you tremendously Ms. Finberg!
    Xx deb

  2. Anonymous11:10

    Renee the cats are beautiful.
    very Cute! I have spoken to some of my Rep. friends. They are wonderful friends, but when it comes to Healthcare they really believe Obama is trying to hurt us. I ask questions and they double talk me.
    It is so truly sad this country is so split up by Garbage talk on Fox
    and That NOMIND Glenn Beck. He is
    nasty. I pray the Govt. gets a good plan. It's awful to live with the fear of no help at a hosp when you are Broke. Stay well till you get medicare if you can last.

  3. Well, now, that was interesting. I read somewhere (Salon maybe) "that republicans have no empathy. They see the government for being there when only they have problems. So let's take away their health insurance." The anger stems from politicians being bought and bankrolled by big money health corporations all the while the politicians have one of the best health care plans (paid by us) available in the US. Using fear to whip up the nominds, the lowminds and the neverminds for the profit of the few while the very fearful idiots are actually working against their own best interests and the interests of their families is disgusting.

    The cats are beautiful. They look like they have had great healthcare.

  4. Well, well, well Renee. You certainly put the cat among the pidgeons. Good for you. You certainly provoked much discussion on your country's politics. and got up a few noses !! All I can say is...way to go, Toby !!!!

  5. anon.9-13 11:10am
    home before dark,

    thanks, i could not have said it better xx

  6. KUDOS to you Renee! Fab, fab, fabulous! refreshing- I would love to forward this to some people!

  7. Sorry I missed this Renee...xv

  8. Anonymous18:07

    Can you explain what you mean by your feelings about the far right wing nuts being confirmed? What a strange statement to make.

    You failed to answer any of my points but laughingly have taken that as a victory to you.

    I stated right from the start that I am a centrist who just took exception to your hate speech.

    I think you are far left and from the comments of you and your followers it appears the far left are the haters. What a nasty group of people. I actually feel sorry for you.

    Renee Finbergs definition of FAR RIGHT WING - anyone who disagrees with her!

  9. anon, sept 14th 6:07 pm

    i am sorry you are not satisfied with any, and all of the ways i have tried to express myself on my blog, and in my comments.

    i have tried the best way i know how to help you to see my point of view.
    right or wrong, it is the way i see things.i have a right to my feelings, just as you are.

    why can't you agree to dis-agree with me, or just go away?
    no one is forcing you to view my blog or leave comments.
    it is obviously upsetting you.

    do yourself a favor and go read something else.
    or better yet, if you hurry maybe you can still catch the glenn beck, or sean hannity show.

    go in peace,
    i will pray for you

  10. Anonymous07:20

    Well, Pookie, my healthcare e-mail started some commments. I see that
    Anonymous Republican is still hiding
    under the sheets . I was the first Anonymous (healthcare) Your Mamma. I am going to try and send this
    again. Can I put my nane in Google acct ? I tried the Yahoo didn't work. Used my Blogspot that didn't work. When you come to Maine- TEACH ME.- love you mamma xxxx

  11. Anonymous07:35

    Nay! Just read Pamela's Blog
    It was beautiful. Edward is loved
    as much as my dog. Sad about Swayze
    I think he was from TEXAS too.
    Excited about coming to Maine??
    Mamma xx

  12. Oy vey, will that boring Anonymous just go away please? Or at least stop hounding you with those accusations of "hate speech". It's almost amusing and predictable at this point, and highly unimaginative of your anonymous commenter I might add, to take your own opinion (liberal, enlightened,humane) and construe it as full of hate. Pot calling kettle black, obviously.

  13. toby,

    i agree completely.
    ...but i am so glad you read what i wrote in the way it was meant.
    i did not think it was a hateful rant either.
    it was stating what i think is really going on beneath congressman wilson 'shout out' to president obama.

    love to you toby xx



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