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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Starting Over In 1979

It was 1979 and I was living and working in Manhattan.

My childhood idol was Candice Bergen. (The only person that I wanted to look and be like as a kid)

She was filming a movie with Burt Reynolds and Jill Clayburgh. I was working in the same building that they were filming the movie, and it was a thrill for me to see C.B. over and over for weeks.
BTW, this is a hilarious film, and I believe it is her first comedic role in a movie.
She was brilliant. I am sure that her performance in this movie was a turning point in her career, and why today she is mainly remains a comedic actress.
The building (the movie 'location') was right next to where Ms. Bergen lived as well - on 72ND and Central Park West.
These are some shots of Candice Bergen's home in the city on CPW, as featured in Architectural Digest c.1979.
This view is always "in", with any decor at all.
Don't you agree ?

The leather Mexican chairs are still being sold if you can believe it.
Does the design style of her home take you back ?????

Do you remember what you were doing in 1979 ?

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  1. A beautiful furniture is good for our sight like this kind of picture which gives us a good enhancement to our life.

  2. Love C.B.! In '79 I was a stay-at-home Mom... I can't remember the title of the movie C.B. was in waaaay back- but she was wearing the most devine camel hair coat- I got one just like it. I thought if I wore that coat with my long blonde hair I would BE her. That Central Park view is to die for, isn't it?

  3. You do resemble her in many ways.
    She is a style icon and more importantly a force of personality.

    I could move into that spot today, and not change a thing. In 1979, I was skateboarding and reading Judy Bloom out loud to my friends, who I still have today. I was also tearing up every home design magazine I could find, and stashing those images away in my mind. It was an turning point time.

  4. What a FABULOUS view of the park from her apartment! In 1979 I was in high school having FUN!!!

  5. Truth to tell, I was probably out dancing under a disco ball in 1979, but I certainly recall Miss Bergen's chic apartment and the impression it made.

  6. I cannot get enough of celebrity homes. I own books and books about them. Love CB as well. Such a talented actress. What a fun experience.

  7. The style of the house still works today. It is very well designed, and stocked with enough flair to set it apart.


  8. Anonymous15:49

    I loved that movie Renee. There was a scene where she was switching apartments that was just hilarious. She was always the epitome of style and grace to me. She had a puppet for a "brother," and I remember her saying that her ventriloquist father was instrumental in forming her humourous outlook on life.

  9. Love, love, love Candice. Only she can play Shirley Schmidt on Boston Legal so very well.

  10. You DO look a lot like her, Renee!

  11. I love C.B. She is so beautiful...There was nothing false about her. A classic beauty.
    I actually don't think that her home in '79 has dated too much, do you ?
    What was I doing in 1979 ? Giving birth to my son !!!!! Not quite as glamorous as your life at that time !!!! XXXX

  12. I clearly remember 1979, i had moved to the States from Bordeaux in France, and fell in love with everything american (including my now husband..) and admired Candice Bergen style, her looks, her clothes, her voice. She lived in an amazing space! i have done a few apartments with direct views of the park, and you really feel as if you are floating above the trees. Instead, I live in a converted stable surrounded by trees, not as glam. but very soothing

  13. Anonymous08:43

    Wow, she was definitely the most beautiful and modern woman of her time ( beside Ali McCraw, who was another type of woman ). How wonderful that you lived so closed to "the scene". Helas , in 1979 I was a newly wed very young woman and I had to burry my Dad..I was a dancer and a tacher then...seems another life !
    What is so absolutely great about growing older is that indeed one is able to oversee, to look back and see the perspective ! That.. I think... makes me gratefull..
    Be well, Renee
    Godeliva van Ariadone

  14. This home picture would surely teach us to learn how to make this thing easier happened. You cannot make this kind of home otherwise you have to make strong through your works and efforts. Way back in 1979 still they are promoting each theirselves.

  15. I HAVE to see this movie, it's a combo of things I love: CB, interiors, fashion and 1979!
    How are you Renee? I'm in town if you want to get together. Miss you!

  16. So neat. And what a view!! I don't remember seeing any movie with Candice Bergen in it, other than the series Boston Legal.

  17. Renee how fortunate you were to actually see her beautiful face. I would of fallen @ her feet as shameful as it would of been. The view from her apt. is jaw dropping. For someone (I can't believe I'm divulging this) who has never been to N.Y., I am in awe. An incredibly classy, gorgeous woman.

    In 79' wasting my life with my first dirtbag husband...when I should of been studying architecture at University as I had planned. D :

    Fabulous post Renee ~ xx

  18. Love CB and I always thought she had the most interestingly "perfect" features! Great view from her apartment. I was graduating from high school that year. Remember Murphy Brown?

  19. Wasn't she just exquisite? No one else looked like her. I was once at a summer festival standing in line to get ice cream and turned around to see her in line right behind me.



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