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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Rosh Hashanah

Happy (Jewish) New Year !!
According to the Jewish calendar, the year is 5769.

According to the Chinese calendar, the year is 4706.

This means that the Jews
went without Chinese food for 1,063 years!!!

This period was known as the Dark Ages. HA Ha HA!!!
It is tradition to eat sweets on Rosh Hashanah so that the coming year may be sweet as well.

I am Jewish, but I am 'Jewish Lite.'

So it is difficult for me to truly stick to tradition, rules, and or any regulations.
(that weeds me right out of the ' keeping Kosher' crowd)

I will be eating the sorts of sweets I really love. I will do this to ensure very,very good luck in my new year, along with chubbier thighs.
I have rated my sweets in this post.

#1 is the warm chocolate cookie and milk above.
#2 is warm Peach Cobbler
#3 is Fudge Cake, ice cream and warm chocolate fudge.
#4 is Bananas Foster . Flaming, and the most delicious of all the 'flamers. '
#5 is Banana Split
#6 is Crepe Suzette. Anything that comes to the table in a ball of for me.
# 7 is Cherries Jubilee. Another flaming desert.

Culturally speaking, my crowd is all about food.

Which is your favorite ?

Happy New Year !!
Rosh Hashanah
(it begins at sundown today)

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  1. Nice tradition you have there! I'd eat #2 through #5 (any time of the year).

    Have a great celebration!

  2. Hi Renee,
    Happy Rosh Hashanah! I know all about this holiday! My favorite is #1 warm, chocolate cookie....but I do prefer the cherries jubilee at "Berne's Restaurant in Tampa, FL" instead of bananas foster!! LOL!
    To answer your question...I really only have three of the blown glass pieces .....does that qualify as a collection? Have a great rest of the weekend and to Yom Kippur! Luanne

  3. Lulo,

    it may not be a big collection, but it is a start to one.


  4. Happy New Year Renee
    That kitty has very blue eyes!!
    So my pic would have to be #1 but no need for the milk.. just give me the packet. I might start my own tradition.. cookies everyday to bring some sweetness into my life. [by the way we call them biscuits here which is very confusing for all. the first time I saw 'biscuits and gravy' on a menu i was dumbfounded.. haha]
    Have a great weekend . Julie

  5. Ach! How dare you do this to me right before bedtime!! I know I'll wake up hungry for sweets now! Oh.... coconut pie, cinnamon ice cream, shortbread, pound cake, apple pie, vanilla custard......the list goes on and on!!!

  6. Renee~ I do think I just put on a pound or two just looking at this. May I please join you? Happy New Year~

  7. Im craving biscuits at the mom, but I have to say that I love all the sweets you've listed, specially first 3!

  8. My favourite would have to be the warm cookie and, like Julie, no need for the milk.
    Take care not to eat too many of those desserts over your New Year celebrations Renee!!!! XXXX

  9. Please add Creme Brulee to this fabulous list Renee & I will be in heaven.
    Millie ^_^

  10. Shana Tovah to you too!!! Jewish Lite. hehe

  11. Oh my....I love love love sweets...try not to eat them. BUT I would eat some with you!
    I love that Kitty!

  12. I just looked at these treats AGAIN....that peach cobbler is calling me today!



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