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Friday, September 25, 2009


The Lunatic is.

When I got to work the other day the Lunatic was all weird and nasty towards me. If I came in the room, you would think I had 'COODYS' , he would leave it. Then he proceeded to huff & puff, pout, stomping around the showroom, and giving me dirty looks.

Tomorrow is Saturday. Retail 'Hell Day' for most of us in the business. I still have not seen Medusa since the situation. (stated in my previous post) My days off are Thursday & Friday.
So.....tomorrow has yet to unfold.
Why, why, why does this crap go on on sales floors.

I just must repeat over and over to myself;
"I will not be intimidated" "I will not be intimidated" "I will not be intimidated"

I am too sensitive for this stuff. 
If only the economy would kick back into gear, I could finally work for myself once again.

Big Group Hug Please!!! 
I need one. I am feeling some anxiety about tomorrow. Maybe I can be a 'Scaredy Cat' for Halloween.

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  1. Walk in tall and head strong with a smile on your face. You deserved that sale, you deserved 100% of that sale. Repeat that before you go tomorrow and keep saying to yourself for as long as those brats continue being cruel. When you collect your commission that includes that sale buy a bottle of champagne and say it again!
    Screw them

  2. omg, i can only imagine how you must feeling right now.

    why dont you a have a little talk with that jerk and say what f*(&&y%^ is your problem?and let it out, dont you dare to be afraid and be strong like the woman you are, he is a nobody. i know you can do it!!be strong and walk in there tomorrow like nothing is happening...i really sucks to work for somebody else and when u have people like that around makes it even worst....get your claws out my friend and keep us posted...and yes i still think he is sooo'll be thinking of you tomorrow..

  3. I thought the refrain in retail was "the customer is always right". The customer chose you. Your boss owes you support. That sale would not have happened without you. Best wishes, Trish

  4. Stay very strong, it is like dealing with a child, if they know you will fold they will do this to you every time. These type of people will do this crap to everybody, they should work harder themselves. They need to get over it. You made the sale, you deserve the commission. MB

  5. Oh Renee....big hugs, big hugs hug too from all of your blogging friends. Don't let him get to you...head down and don't give him the satisfaction. Hope you make zillions of sales on saturday and keep us posted....will be thinking of you. XXXX

  6. really Trish is right - the store wouldn't have had a sale without you. she would have walked out the door. tell medusa that if she bothers you. but just don't talk to her. ignore her. i really feel for you and can't wait until you can walk out of there for the last time. you'll laugh at this whole episode soon enough.

  7. This sound serious.. interesting and serious.. where else would you get Lunatic, Medusa and Coodys in a blog post? Will have to read the previous posts but getting the drift from the comments. Don't let them get to you!

  8. hi Renee, thinking of you right now, i hope your day is going well and you get go home and relax. soon,let me know if you neeed some of my cubans friends to pay the lunatic a little visit..lolol(joking)..
    btw about the wall, i'm thinking beadboard half way, its got to be cheap and i'm only doing that wall,what do you think?...
    anyway take care my friend and i'll be back later to see how you are doing....xxxx



  10. yeah! i'm with cote de

  11. Big big hug! Well, today is Sunday, hope Saturday went well. You seem as a strong woman to me, and I'm sure you handled the situation with evil Medusa awesomely. Sounds like high school with all that drama??

  12. BIG HUGS!!!
    Hope it all went well....but I'm guessing it's not over. Just let them have their stomping fits. Rememeber you're the GOOD WITCH here. lol!!! not the scaredy cat!

  13. I am so like you; I flee from confrontation & shy away from disagreements. I have to be "really" mad to stand my ground. You've done such a fabulous job thus far handling these two ass-wipes, that I know you will carry-on with great pride & honor. We've got your back my friend..huge group hug. Will be anxiously awaiting the news of Saturday ~ X deb



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