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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dexter's New Digs

This is a story about a boy growing up in Miami, he was adopted by a cop who found him at a crime scene. The 'crime scene' was a bloody mess where his mother had been killed with a chain saw by an evil man that she had 'informed' on to the police. The officer who's 'RAT' she was, was the very cop who found the boy sitting in his mothers blood for days. So......the cop adopted the little boy. The boy grows up to be DEXTER, the main character in the Showtime series by the same name.
Dexter and his co-star, who plays his sister in the show. (my daughter tells me they were married in real life - but please don't quote me)
Dexter grows up with his new adopted sister, and they both become cops in Miami.
Dexter is a blood splatter analysis expert. Dexter really likes blood.
Did I mention that Dexter is a serial killer , and that he only kills criminals who have murdered and some how escaped the system????
The man above is the man who murdered his mother.
He finally gets him.

This is his love interest. She is adorable, and she got pregnant last season.
This season should open with another killing by Dexter and their wedding.
This is the EVIL B-ZITCH Lila, that Dexter killed last year. (thank g-d)
Everyone was cheering him on for this murder.
She was as sick as they come.
She just needed to go!
This is my darling Dexter's pleasure boat. He uses this boat to dump the bodies.
Not a soul has any idea that he is a killer.
Not one cop.
OOPS! Well, one cop did. But he is gone now.

This is a dream sequence where Dexter dreamt that he was dragging a victim through the Miami police departments offices.

The entire cast by his boat.

Here it is below....A Tribute To The Dexter TV series on Showtime.
Dexter's New Diggs
This is supposed to be his home.
The designer of the apartment/loft wrapped herself in his 'kill room' plastic wrap.
The chairs are supposed represent 'binding' as in 'rope' that he ties his victims up with.
Although, I have never seen him do that. He usually shoots them up with something to knock them out, and the next thing you see is his (well deserved) victim lying flat on a table held in place with saran wrap. And then he shows them pictures of their victims, and yep, you guessed's curtains for them. SO SAD...TOO BAD.
The new season's first episode is this Sunday.
I have included the TV listings at the bottom of this post.
And to think.....some of you thought I was a bleeding heart liberal.
I do believe in capitol punishment. Evil killers getting away with a slap on the wrists and a cell with all the comforts of home? Nope. Doesn't work for me.
And getting a college degree too?
Too bad there isn't a real DEXTER. Think of all the money our government could save.

*just copy & paste the sites in your address bar

The Dexter Apartment is from the N.Y.Times.

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....
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  1. Renee, I had no idea this was the story line!! I'll have to watch it and see if I can handle the blood. I don't like scary shows in general. But this was fascinating!

  2. Hey Renee
    This is one of my favourite tv shows. Here in Australia we are way behind in this series [no surprise there], so lucky for me there are some avid Dexter fans at work that feed my fix!! hehe... Actually I haven't seen it in a while and need to get back into the swing of Dexter... our lovable serial killer. Have fun. Julie

  3. Hi Renee
    Mary and i did have adjacent rooms at the Met Home showhouse. Hers was Dexter and I had to design a space for the United States of Tara. Renee and had spent the most hours working on our spaces, we both burned the midnight hour for days on. She is a wonderful person, i had known her as a client of my showroom but working together in such a close environment helped us to get to know each other much better.

  4. Thanks so much for this Dexter recap and showing us how the look and story of the show fit together. I'm a little shy of the violence, so I have to keep telling myself it's just TV. I'm enjoying your blog and look forward to reading back posts.

  5. thanks for your comments.

    the show isn't really scary or too BLOODY.

    it is a bit campy.
    the characters are interesting and complex. i think most of you would enjoy it.
    it certainly is a wild concept.

    imagine a show that actually has the viewer rooting for the serial killer-dexter.

    ya' gotta love 'em.

  6. Love, love, love the intriguing Dexter. Great character development on this show, for sure. Initially, I would run out of the room at the mere suggestion of a room draped in plastic and the sound of a saw! However, now I remain for the duration. Great photo montage here.

  7. Hi Renee!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my C.Crawford post!

    This is too of my husband's work colleagues loaned him the first two seasons of Dexter and one night I walked through the TV room and asked him, "What in the WORLD are you watching?" He told me it was complicated....
    NOW, I get the story plot, and certainly the level of interest. I'm all about a twisted crime show - guess I'll have to sneak in those DVDs myself! ;)

    alison g.

  8. Hi Renee,
    Dexter has been on here in the U.K. but, I havent seen it. It does look good though and, as you have given me a synopsis, I think that I will be fine, watching the next series. You obviously like a bit of gore, like me Renee!!!!. XXXX

  9. I would LOVE to design a set!!! Oooooh that was going to be my career... Production Designer... but noooo... I picked hubby and kids...
    Anddddddddd that my friend is WHY I am into water polo... my son plays!!!
    Pretty fun game to watch and I am not a sport watching fan... but with 2 boys... I am what I am!
    ENJOY your weekend!

  10. Hey Renee, thanks for the synopsis. I actually haven't watched this yet, but I'm a bit blonde when it comes to trying to get the gist half way into a series, so this heads up is cool.
    Millie ^_^

  11. Hi thanks for coming by. I watched Dexter when they played the watered down version on reg.TV. I thought it was brilliant. I love him in this role. I tried getting my friends to watch but they didn't catch on to it.


  12. Anonymous07:59

    I wonder what kind of family Dexter really came from in real life. He has evil looking eyes.
    Then again the last photo he looks a little normal. Takes a certain
    kind of stomach to watch that. I think this stuff does influence the minds of children. Some children see or hear stories and in later life project themselves into that story. Like it happened to them..

  13. Your post was farrrr more fun than mine on the Showtime House! We are all huge Dexter fans in our family; my adult kids love it. I always look forward to your "killer" sense of humor Renee. Sorry for my lack of comments & posts. I'm doing a lame job of balancing life & new job. About 4 pm I want a glass of wine & a nap. Super post!



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