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Sunday, September 20, 2009

And A Good Time Was Had For All

That is, for anyone who ever has been to Tavern On The Green.
Any time of day or night. It was beautiful and special.
Especially if you were young when you went there.
It was a shiny, glittering fairyland.

Taking a small child (or just about anyone else) there during the Christmas season is sure to get some eye popping giant smiles!!
And a lot of 'OOOHS and AHHHS'.
I always thought the food was very, very mediocre.
But, it still was always a romantic gesture when a young man asked you to
brunch at Tavern On The Green. :)
Do you remember the Tavern ?
Have you been ?
What was your impression of the place?
(webshots-NYC #2 2004 052)
It seems that the Taverns days are numbered.
This is sooooooo depressing.
The Russian Tea Room Closed.
The Horse Stables on the west side of Central Park closed.

I am feeling really sad and old.
When you start saying things like ' In the old days you could go on horse-back to Tavern On The Green for Champagne and caviar.'
ugh.......I am feeling so old!

Mr. Costa said Sotheby’s appraised the restaurant’s furnishings ranging from deer statues to Tiffany-style windows.
A Queens warehouse and its contents — artifacts from Tavern and Mr. LeRoy’s other restaurants — is to be sold next month, he added.

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  1. I remember having lunch there with an aunt when I was a little girl and I felt like I was inside an Easter egg (you know the room I was in, I'm sure). I agree that the food wasn't anything memorable, but that room sure was. Years later, that same aunt had her wedding reception in a private room, where you could see evidence that the place really was a barn back in the day. It was charming. Once again, the food wasn't memorable, but the room was fantastic.

    I wonder what will become of it.

  2. i had dinner there one new years eve... i know...crazy but i was younger and it was truly an amazing experience....HOW can this be happening?

  3. I've not been to Tavern on the Green...sad it may be closing...your pix are lovely. I did go to the Russian Tea was lovely.
    love and hugs...

  4. I only remember going there once and it feels like a lifetime ago..., for drinks I recall. Funny I can't place the memory right now. It must have been when I was just visiting a friend (and not lived in the US yet).

  5. And thanks so much for your note!!

  6. Hello Renee,
    I have never been to this specific Tavern On The Green! There is another restaurant here with the same name. Looks very intriguing! Where is this?

  7. Sorry, Renee, Coming from the U.K I've not been to these places, even though I've travelled around the States, but I understand your feelings when places from your 'younger'(sorry!!) years all start closing down. An end of an era for you. Try not to be too upset. We have to try and 'move on' !!!!

  8. How oh how did I miss this news? I have always dreamed of going there. For a non-New Yorker, it just seemed so magical. I am incredibly sad. Just fits in with the scheme of things over the last entire 18 months. How did we go from being so young to "well I remember long ago"?? I now feel like "everyone's" hoo..

  9. I remember going there as a kid with my mom and my "Aunt Debbie", fabulous Godmother. There was a hair in her salad. She asked if she had to pay extra for it. Pretty funny, but always a great memory for me. So beautiful!

  10. I remember taking you Renee when you were 19 living with that
    girl .. I took you both in the 80's
    we were in the room 2nd from the bottom mamma



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