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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Andrea Cochran - Landscape Architecture

I have for a very long time wished for a room with a glass garage door such as this example.
I could open it to my garden and feel as though I am outside. The perfect flooring for such a room would be a polished concrete floor, or a stone floor.
I could stay inside , and out of the sun & rain. This would be perfect for painting or napping.
I adore both !
I came across these images and wished to share them with you.
Andrea Cochran is amazing , and these pictures reflect just some of her work.

About The History of Landscape Arcitecture

"The Romans under took landscape architecture on an extensive scale,and Vitruvius wrote on many topics (eg the layout of towns) which still concern landscape architects. As with the other arts, it was not until the Renaissance, that garden design was revived, with outstanding examples including the pleasure grounds at the Villa d'Este,Tivoli,Italy. The renaissance garden developed through the 16th and 17th centuries,reaching an ultimate grandeur in the work of André le Nôtre at Vaux-le-Vicomte and Versailles.
In the 18th century,England became the focus of a new style of landscape design. Figures such as William Kent,Humphry Repton, and most famously Lancelot 'Capability' Brown remodeled the great estate parks of the English gentry to resemble a neat and tidy version of nature. Many of these parks remain today. The term 'landscape architecture' was first used by the Scotsman Gilbert Laing Meason in the title of his book onThe Landscape Architecture of the Great Painters of Italy(London, 1828). It was about the type of architecture found in landscape paintings. The term "landscape architecture" was then taken up by JC Loudon and AJ Downing.
Through the 19th century, urban planning became more important, and it was the combination of modern planning with the tradition of landscape gardening that gave Landscape Architecture its unique focus. In the second half of the century,Frederick Law Olmsted completed a series of parks which continue to have a huge influence on the practices of Landscape Architecture today. Among these were Central Park in New York, Prospect Park in Brooklyn,and Boston's so called Emerald Necklace park system."

The way I feel about Interior Design & Landscape Architecture is this.....
every house is ugly before it is 'touched by design.'
I mean it starts out as a box. A shelter.
And then it is polished by an architect adding a few bells and whistles , such as shutters, balconies, patios, fire places , floor to ceiling windows, etc. etc.
You could make a really, really ugly house charming or dramatic just with the landscaping.
You can never spend enough, or do enough landscaping.
This is a relatively new profession, being brought into the mainstream in the 1970's.

And landscaping is a never ending project.
It is good for you too.
Landscaping is good for the soul.
I particularly like this.
It may be in the 17th floor of a high rise, I don't know.
But this is totally brilliant. Do you like it ?

This looks like Modern Art to me.
To name but a few of Andrea Cochran's accomplishments;
AIA National Convention, 2009
New York Botanical Garden Lecture 2008
Portland Museum of Art
Dwell On Design Conference 2007
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Garden Tour 2007
To Read More Click Here

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....
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  1. Oooooh I want the glass garage door... hmmmm... must keep garage clean! I want the pool... down sized would work! Ooooh and the thing over the patio... what are those called starts with a P... I'm brain dead... wellll I want one!

  2. Love these pics! The highrise string with vines growing is a fabulous idea!

  3. What a fabulous idea. Love it.

  4. Yes, I do like them....especially the one with the HUGE trunk tree and all the rounded mounds that surround it! Andrea Cochran is quite ingenious! Love the Red Maple trees in the reflection? The reeds in the concrete squares are wonderful and unexpected! I might try that. We have a phase four landscaping taking place this summer....? I agree with your thought...every house is ugly without being transformed by landscaping inside and out! So glad you were inspired today! We're just starting to heat up here...I'm getting ready to take a trip to Key West...wish I was in Boca Raton instead! Cheers! Luanne

  5. I do love all landscape and architectural ideas.

  6. Oh. Love it all. I always wanted a glass garage door too!

    The grass she uses is so sculptural, architectural.

    Wonderful find!

  7. You must check out the driftwood horses on the Lime & Cocunut blog....they are beautiful!

  8. Fifi...they are called Pergola's!
    Renee...I want a P too...I love how the vines are growing on the lines to make a natural pergola. The glass garage is interesting also, I wouldn't want to be worried about having the glass cleaned all of the time.

    (I will be out of town Aug 5th through 17th)

  9. A low price can often be presented in the form of an "estimate" Always be cautious of these. Instead, insist on a firm proposal which details the service to be provided and sets forth fixed pricing for those services. Unless a significant amount of excavation is involved, an experienced landscape company should not have a problem with this type of arrangement. Best Georgetown Landscaping



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