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Monday, June 15, 2009

Check Out This Dorm Room !!

"But it is in fact a perfectly authentic expression of the 21-year-old college senior who was voted “preppiest in the class” at Choate Rosemary Hall and has a sincere love for Stubbs & Wootton slipper shoes and melon-colored pants. “I can’t live in a minimalist world,” says Sinsteden, who is majoring in French and art history. “For me, it’s all about eclecticism.”


He had decorated his family's home several times by the time he was twelve.

When other 15-year-olds were going to lacrosse camp, Sinsteden worked for David Easton, a neoclassical decorator in the Albert Hadley/Bunny Williams school. After his first year of college, he interned for Moss and still works for her one day a week. “I finish her sentences,” he says. “And she reads my mind.”

“Max has a gift and a great eye, combined with raw energy and enthusiasm,” Moss says.

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This artcle makes me smile just reading it.
How lucky is Maximilian Sinsteden?
And lucky, lucky that his parents indulged his talents, and were sensitive to them.
Imagine if he had been raised by different people.....

The journey getting here is a fragile thing.
Do you think so too ?

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  1. Ah, so it's the egg that rules the roost in that hen house,

    Love the open drawers with every sock, shirt and towel merchandised as if it were a Ralph Lauren retail store.
    He who shows up with the best intentions inherits the thrown.

  2. jb rattner19:28

    I have a daughter who is a very talent artist (would send a picture of her work but don't know how).. it is very hard to guide a child when you are outside the creative world... this kid is very lucky

  3. Great post! I do agree, it is wonderful when parents can nurture a child's interests and talents. It reminds me a bit of what I have recently read in the book 'Outliers'; yes, natural talents play a part, but it is also opportunities that help make a person what they are. I am sure this child had quite a few connections - he is at an elite prep school, and has an internship at two of the most prestigious interior design houses...strong connections, I am sure.

  4. Scary post Renee - looking at our mob of 5 boys, sadly not one of them vaguely resembles Max. I bet his Mother didn't find a fossilized bowl of Cheerios still in the bowl (with the spoon embedded in it like cement) under his bed after he moved out to College!
    Millie ^_^

    i love that !!!
    i have never heard that before !!


  6. I enjoyed that! I've NEVER seen a dorm room like that! These days they won't let anyone paint. A great talent gifted at a young age.

  7. Quite a talent....yes connections and MONEY help but if it's to be, it will be! His passion rules! Just hope someday if his ducks are not all in a row (or his shirts, ties, socks and undies in this case) he'll go with the flow as well! LOL! Thanks for sharing! Luanne

  8. What a great room, I would have loved to have been able to do this!

  9. ugh! I'm only mildly jealous. Ok - that's a lie ... I feel like crying! It is sooooo important to feed energy into your children's passions - these parents did it the right way - and look at what they have, a son with a box full of talent, and a resume and reference list that can't be beat!

  10. I wish I had a friend like him when I was in college! I hated living in the dorms after spending my entire life in my mother's house! What talent, he will do so well, and it is a great lesson to a young mother to indulge a child's talents! I have to say that I was shocked by some of the comments on the New York Magazine article page. People were being rather mean spirited!

  11. I loved Teri Rees Wang's comment. Very wise and funny.What a world it would be if every child's talent was nourished in this way. Things That Inspire + Niartist offers really good insights. All things considered I think Max is the antithesis of Risky Business. Nothing risky about his talent.

  12. So true-I was decorating my parents' home at 7 and painting original oil paintings for the house. I got pushed (or shoved) to go to an Ivy League college and law school and all I ever wanted to be was an interior designer. Thanks for stopping by my blogs-glad you love Chinoiserie!

  13. Our future competition, Renee!

    Further is born with the decorating gene. Don't you think?

  14. WOW... There is A LOT going on in that room!

  15. Moss has this on her web site - isn't he the cutest ever? no minimalist - omg - i love his dorm room - !!!! a rising star for sure.

  16. pamela t & edward

    for sure !
    designers ARE BORN.
    not made.

    and yes.... we are in trouble with the likes of 'max' coming up.


  17. What a cutie pie and certainly full of talent! Hurray to his parents!! Definitely a home filled with love, as they all should be.



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