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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bright Days, Bright Canvas, and Bright Sundays

So.....Where the hell are my sunglasses ????
When the summer comes to Florida....It is not great for me.
Do you know about seasonal depression ? I suffer from it in Florida in the summer months. The humidity is oppressive (and it hasn't even hit yet), and I get headaches, almost daily.
When hurricane season comes....forget about it !! Miserable.
For me, Florida's summer months effect my lifestyle the same way the freezing cold effects others in the winter months up north. I can only be outside for a little while for fear of melting into the sidewalk.
I talk about it all the time to my freinds....the whole reason for living here is the ocean.
The end !!! That's it , nothing else.
Truly, the only place to be is right by the water. Once you get is difficult to complain.

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  1. Renee!
    Oh I can so relate....I never thought of it in the summertime. BUT when I lived in Alaska, I suffered BIG time. The darkness, wet, 5 hours of daylight in the winter...yucky. You are right, the beach is the BEST thing about would be the ONLY reason I would live there.
    Blessings Sweet Friend.
    there OTHER Renae!

  2. I like the umbrellas...all of them! Color just gets me going! And the blue skies! Is that you at the end of the pier? I get migraines every time a low pressure system comes through here! I'm sorry you have the same issue in paradise! I wouldn't have thought it was so bad but I have never lived in FL.....just AZ where the temps are triple digits! I leave for Key West on Thursday this week.....wonder what the weather will be like there? My brother is getting married on a boat....hope it's a big one so I don't get sea sick!LOL! I can empathize with you, hang in there! Luanne

  3. hi Renee,really? so i guess is the same's so true about the heat and humidity, my sister says that if she didnt have central air,she would die..i know but, i'm still willing to trade you just for the summer months, you can come up here(perfect weather right now)and i could go there!;o).
    have a great day Renee and think about my offer!!lolol...xx

  4. Good Weekend to you Renee,
    What great colors for thoses unbrellas and the ocean is the best! I know the heat & humidity here is also poerful. Some days all you want to do is pray for small ice cubes to fall from the sky! Enjoy your's going to be stormy weather here...lokks like it's shaping up that way!

  5. Ewwww. Poor you. No fun. I remember when we first moved here (At the end of July) I felt like someone was following me around with a blow torch...I thought I would never get used to it. I just slow down...a lot! I float in the pool with a mag and a cool drink...

    Hope we have a slow to nothing hurricane season.

    Can you go north or west for the summer months? Become a snowbird?

  6. That is really the first time I've heard someone talk about "the other side" of Florida; the oppressive humidity. I'd love to live in a warmer climate some day, an FL is an upper runner. My concern are also the hurricanes. How do you live with that? But the ocean..., looove it.

  7. maya,

    it is really, really, really, lousy here from mid june to mid october.

    so..., if you plan to move here...have an escape route for the summer months.

  8. I have had migraines for years...better now thank goodness. Heat and humidity were big triggers for me. I feel for you!!

    The photographs of the beach umbrellas all lined up like candy.....sublime!!

  9. pamela,

    it has been really helpful to me, you and a few others have mentioned that humidity are triggers for these headaches.
    thank you..........xx love to edward

  10. I second that emotion, Renee! However, because of the water, it's actually better here in FL in the Summer than Atlanta was for me. Atlanta was almost as hot and then there was no air movement most of the time. That and being land-locked made me feel even hotter. So, if this is as bad as it gets, it's still worth it to live here for me. Hope you have a great week and not too many headaches. The umbrellas are gorgeous!

  11. A sock tied to your head will do the trick. Promise.

  12. Oh boy, and I'm having an eye on FL too, for my dream house. At least it is one of the states I have on my list. I have been in FL quite a few times, but never in the summer!

  13. Lovely choices! Who does not adore a beautiful summer umbrella? Would love to have a patio full!!

  14. These pics are just the best. I totally understand and i suffered from the humidity when I lived in Australia - some people thrive on it, not me. xv

  15. LOVE all these umbrellas!!! I want the dock!



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