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Monday, June 22, 2009


This is beautiful, and it works.
Everybody should at least have an internal barometer......don't you sometimes feel when there is a storm brewing ?
And I am not talking about weather.

When I accessorize a home I am particularly fond of antiques that function.
My clients and their guests always seem to be fascinated by antiques that actually do something.
This (antiques that look as though they do something) is always an ice beaker with people. It gives people something to talk about, or ask you about.
I love the face of barometers, and they come in many, many shapes and sizes.

Antique Barometer

The mercury barometer was invented in 1643 by Torricelli, a student of Galileo, in Florence Italy. At first it was found, when turning a glass tube full of mercury upside down, that there was a vacuum at the top; then it was discovered that the height of the mercury column varied slightly as both its altitude was changed and as the weather changed. These two discoveries led to many years of research by scientists, mountaineers and weathermen, not to mention cabinet makers, glass blowers and engravers, and the antique barometer as we now know it was created.
Barometers made before 1680 are extremely scarce since they were originally very crude and were used by scientists as tools of discovery. Gradually, the simple plank with a tube attached became the stick barometer, with its ornate case work, engraved silvered-brass register plate, tube and cistern cover. Until about 1780 barometers were still the preserve of scientists and the wealthy, but they had started to move out of Italy, up through France and into England. The Italian craftsmen responsible for making barometers - and there were many from the northern towns of Venice and Milan, still famous for their glass blowing abilities - arrived in England in the late eighteenth century.

If you have a narrow space on a wall and you want to bring some interest into the space. The barometer is a good choice.
Get headaches ? This little gem will tell you when certain kinds of headaches are coming.
This barometer would look great on a mantle or a large end table, or even a console.
You can see some of the sizes, some are 40 x 10.
That is an unusual size.
We all have ' bald spots on our walls' and this size will be a real interesting fix.
The storm glass is pretty cool, this three dimensional look that will add impact to any room.
I have included a bit of history.....
Would you like to use a barometer in the design of one of your rooms ?
Do you have an internal barometer ???
How well does it work ?

some images;
and Cote De Texas

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  1. Those barometers are beautiful. Thank you for sharing their history with us. I had no idea!
    I would love to use one of those beauties in a future project. I'm saving these images to show my clients!
    Happy Monday, Renee.


  2. I love them too! I think they are great things to look at & if they are in working order, it is a plus!
    Yes, I think I have an internal one as well!

  3. The post reminded me of my dad, a former farmer then gentleman farmer who know the "old" weather signs. A barometer was a fixture in our house. Dad tapped it at least once a day which would free the needle to move up or down. My migraines often coincide with the highest pressure; I dread those days.

  4. My internal barometer didn't used to be as calm as it is now. That's a good question, thanks for sharing them with us!

  5. Very interesting post, Renee! My grandfather used to have one of these on his wall. Have a great start to your week and I hope the headaches stay away for you.

  6. Renee,
    That was so wonderfully informative. The barometers are so beautiful! Thanks for all the information! I am now officially going to search them out!!

  7. i want one soooo badly!!! do you have 5 or 6 k to give me !!!!



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