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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Jumping Off Point

Have you ever been to
The Jumping Off Point? '
A place where you are taking on something new and unknown ?
Whether it is a new love or a new job, and with me it doesn't much matter.
You really do not know how it will turn out, or if it is worth the risk. 
Or if you can actually tolerate a risk at all. The fear of the unknown is paralyzing to me .

I am not a risk taker !
I am the kind of person who has never bought a lottery ticket, 
I always think about the odds, and the odds are against me.

You know , occasionally, there comes a point in ones life 
that you have no choice.
You must go to 
the jumping off place and jump!

Someone once said to me when speaking of faith, "Picture yourself with your eyes closed, and fall back." 
"G-d will catch  you."

Another words, before you jump.....let's review; 
" He is , or He is not ."
All I can say is  "I'm working on it."

And I think I will just sit here at the' jumping off place' a while longer.

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  1. DON'T sit at that place. It makes me nervous...

    Just do have nothing to lose. When you think...sometimes too much (and you make your blog friends nervous...cause that giant rock picture is freaking me out)

    My favorite saying, albeit crass, is
    Shit or get off the pot.

    Does that help ;} ?

  2. I'm not a big risk taker either, Renee, so I know what you're going through. It often though, ends up that the gut reaction you have to an idea is the best one. There will be a moment, or several moments of doubt, but if you go with your gut - you'll have the intended outcome. Do what you can do to make it fantastic - and it will be. But you have to get up, turn around, and face it head on. You know? Take the risk ... if that word scares you, just call it a challenge, or an ADVENTURE! :)

  3. i say GO FOR IT! i'm so a big risk taker and i know that i'm, after all i came to this country all by myself no sister,mother,nothing...i always say in my head if i dont try,i'll never know and at the end if it does not work out i can ALWAYS go home. loved this post.

  4. I am on the fence here ..... but I always say go with your instincts!
    The rest will fall into place!
    Good luck

  5. Linda@Lime,you're a riot! You made me laugh! Love that saying! I'm a fellow risk taker after 30 years without a horse and riding now as an adult! Talk about scary! I agree with Silvia, Renee just do it, what do you have to lose? (O.K. on second thought...don't ask yourself that question). If you're surrounded by the right people, they'll help pick you up if you fail but I'm sure you won't! The others who feed on the failure are the ones who never had enough guts to try and need to knock someone lower who's already down. Who cares if you do fail? Everybody does at some point....that's part of life and some of the best learning opportunities are at hand! Believe me, I've had some real flops! I guess I would start with asking myself, what's REALLY stopping me from doing it? Fear of failure, fear of what people think or fear of the unknown (the later, is more what you have stated in your post), lack of faith/trust in the one in control? We are not really in control anyway....HE is, we just try to control. He'll be there no matter what! Best wishes and prayers to you! Luanne

  6. Jump!..Jump!...Jump!..

    Enjoy a safe and gentle landing, you'll survive more than fine.

  7. linda,
    has anyone told you today that you are beautiful, and that they love you ????
    well...i do!

  8. artie
    i like that.......i will call it an 'Adventure.'
    why not, that's what i do with everything else !


  9. I don't remember who wrote this, but I do remember the idea: the moments we are in freefall are the truest definition of who we are. Let go of fear. Embrace the possible. You are wiser than you dare to believe.

  10. Nice post coupled with a very nice image.

    Risk-taker or not...there are times in our lives that we really need to get out there and take the plunge.

  11. i loved your blog....excellent writing and content....

  12. Maybe the anticipation is what makes the jumping off place so mesmerizing but.....jumping makes the anticipation all worthwhile. Whatever it is go for it and enjoy the leap - you know you will always land, one way or another. xv

  13. ps...just thought I hope we are not all telling you to do something really foolish!!! xv

  14. just looking at the picture makes me nervous!!!!!!!!!

    i am such not a risk taker - take one for me.



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