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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Table For Two, And A Bowl Of Milk

Oh, I am sure Miss Monroe had a tattoo on her ass. NOT !!
In a word...ridiculous.
The ONLY THING these two individuals will ever have in common is addiction.
This is Miss Monroe.
This is a Movie Star !
This is a 'sex kitten' in the best sense of it's meaning.
Lyndsey Lohan imitating Marilyn Monroe...what a joke !! No comparison.
It is an insult to those of us who do hold Monroe's memory close to our hearts.
I was particularly touched by her story which I read in my twenties. Maybe Miss Lohan should read her story as well. There are quite a few good examples of what addiction brings to your life.
Look at this face !

Everything that I have ever read about Marilyn Monroe has stated that she was a kind person, a woman who was constantly trying to improve herself.
M.M. was self conscious about her lack of she read, studied and eventually married a 'genius play write.'
She desperately wanted a child ( which I think in itself is very telling) with Arther Miller, but she miscarried. Her broken heart, and her addiction eventually destroyed her marriage too.

Marilyn Monroe's addiction to pills and alcohol killed her, whether it was a death by her own hand or not.
There is some mystery concerning her death.......
But, in the end it was her addiction and unclear thinking which left her vulnerable to many bad situations and bad people.

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  1. Amen to that! There is nothing Marilynsk about Lindsy. I liked her the most in Parent Trap and Mean Girls, adulthood has not been kind to her. Heidi

  2. Marilyn had such a beautiful face. I know she is known for her other attributes as well....but that was such a beautiful face.

  3. yes! very well said.
    great post.


  4. Wow, I love this. There is one piture towards the end where her face is just so adorable - never classically beautiful - but cute. I didn't find her so sexy as cute. To me Jayne Mansfield was always the more sexier one. But Lohan - yuck.

  5. Great insight Miss R. well said. LL is a sad little girl who is a product of a sick environment.

  6. I couldn't agree more. And MM is one of a kind..., I don't think anybody ever looked like her, ever, not even close, but "they" keep trying. I'm not sure what that urge is to try to look or be like someone else (even if it is only for a photo).

  7. I hate the Lindsay photos.
    Great post Renee!
    xo xo

  8. If LL was my daughter, I'd make her go stand in the corner & think about what she has just done. Atrocious is the word that comes to mind. Hope MM haunts her on dark nights.
    Millie ^_^

  9. Ooooh good post. And spot on. I love Marilyn...the real, tragic one...not so much the wannabe one.

  10. I like the one MM laughing in her bathrobe. I think how a person laughs is really revealing of their character. In this shot, she glowed.

  11. So well done. As to LL, Amen, Amen, Amen. They don't belong in the same breath.

  12. Very BAD try.

    Two different worlds.

  13. I'm with YOU! There is no comparison! The stars of the past are TRUE star quality! Many have tried to look like Marilyn!
    GREAT photos of MM!!!

  14. well, there's no question, no one looked like Marilyn and never will. Her face alone was so beautiful. Afterall, we're still talking about her. Even Eizabeth Taylor - who was also otherworldly beautiful and sexy - didn't rise to that level. As for LL - I've seen much more beautiful photos of her, but she's wasted herself. Marilyn had lots of problems, but somehow managed to look fresh. LL looks like a hag already. One can't help notice that MM had a womanly figure (LL is a stick figure and has lost her looks because of it) and if MM were in her prime today, she'd get the Kate Winslet treatment - "you're beautiful, but you have to lose 30 pounds". Can you imagine the treatmet she'd get on Perez Hilton and the like?

  15. linda ,
    you are right on the money.
    and LL does look like an old hag.
    and she is how old ?? 20-something ??

  16. So very well said. Marilyn was such a classic that to have LL anywhere near her memory is a shame.
    Great post.

  17. Wonderful post! Lohan is absolutely no match, in anyway, to MM.

  18. Agree wholeheartedly Sister!

  19. Amazing that I just found this post. I just got "The Complete Last Sitting" by Bert Stern. Have you seen it?? It's pretty incredible. It has every single photo taken from the various sittings. many I had never seen before.

    Thanks for all of your wonderful posts.

    Michael Hampton



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