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Friday, June 19, 2009

Just A Peek At Ian Schrager

His passionate commitment to the modern lifestyle has been expressed through a series of pioneering concepts: The hotel as home away from home, the hotel as theater, "cheap chic", "lobby socializing", the indoor/outdoor lobby, the urban resort, and the urban spa.

Now and....

Schrager first became known for creating the New York nightclub Studio 54 with his partner, Steve Rubell.

"Since the 70’s, entrepreneur Ian Schrager, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ian Schrager Company, has achieved international recognition for concepts that have revolutionized both the entertainment and hospitality industries.

His passionate commitment to the modern lifestyle has been expressed through a series of pioneering concepts: The hotel as home away from home, the hotel as theater, "cheap chic", "lobby socializing", the indoor/outdoor lobby, the urban resort, and the urban spa.

His keen instincts for the mood and feel of popular culture were honed during the 70’s and 80’s, when he and his late business partner, Steve Rubell, created Studio 54 and Palladium. Rubell and Schrager soon turned their attention to the hotel business opening Morgans Hotel in 1984, introducing the concept of the "boutique hotel" to the world."

from his web site;

The Old Days at Studio 54 with the likes of Halston, Minelli,The Stones, Bianca,and everyone else.
Who of you did go to Studio 54 ??

I remember this studio 54
This sapce is fabulous ...the mirrors are the best !
This bar looks pretty darn lush. His colors are sublime.

"The partners expect these hotels to be not just aesthetically pleasing in their markets but to be environmentally responsible as well.

In addition, Schrager is developing a number of unique and exciting hotel and residential projects in gateway cities around the world that are in various stages of completion."

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  1. When I think of images of what was Studio 54, I see the strutting and ushering of Halston and Biance both, before any one else.

    In a way I am glad I missed that era, since I am guessing my person may not have survived such heavy vibration.

    Seems like Schrager's wild aesthetic survived by leaps and bounds and morphed into his surrounds. So-surreal in real life.

  2. Studio 54 was really hot back in the day and we can still read stories about what happened there these days.

    Although I find some of Schrager's creations to be a little edgy and sometimes have a bit of darkness, they are quite comfy and adventurous.

  3. I went to the opening of the Palladium in NYC, and I've stayed at Morgan's, which I liked because it was a huge suite. The prolification of boutique hotels (and of hugely varying "gimmicks") I think may, but certainly should, have had its day by now. I just struggle to find a hotel that provides a comfortable and quiet clean and straightforward room that doesn't cost the price of a small car, in most cities in the West, (and I'm particularly thinking of London, where I'm trawling through websites and thinking "oh yuck" for $400 per night), but usually have the same difficulty in Paris, or other similar cities. Maybe the recession will bring a bit of sense to the nonsense that has been allowed in the last 10 years. Sorry, just a rant after the usual exhuastion of websurfing!

  4. Mr. Schrager always pushes the envelope in hotel design. I'm always impressed by such daring.
    It was nice to get some more info. about him.
    Thank you, Renee.
    Happy weekend.


  5. columnist,
    love the rant....keep it going !

    i relate with you on so many levels.
    xx have a nice weekend



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