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Monday, June 22, 2009

Is There Something Wrong With This Picture ?

A man of G-d with a gun ?
No Man of G-d that I have ever known has carried a gun.

This not only looks strange, but feels strange.
It is most terrifying to have a clergy willing to kill you for having a difference of opinion.
An Iranian cleric and member of the Basij militia takes part in a military parade alongside women comrades to mark the national Basij week at a military base of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards in northeastern Tehran.

Imagine that there were plain clothed spies (the Basij) all around you in your daily life. These people willing , able , and encouraged to silence you in whatever means needed. That means beating or killing students, woman , children and men who oppose the head nut bag!!

How would you react to a Priest, Rabbi , or Minister being the leader of your country ?

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  1. Yes, you are correct there is something terrifying about that image.
    Imagine the media outrage if that was a gun toting rabbi or priest.

  2. Pretty horrible, now is that what life is about? It is the difference of two completely differnt worlds, and I hope the two never collide!

  3. Yikes. Pretty scary.

  4. wow.....
    I think clergy carrying a gun is an oxymoron.
    Provocative post!

  5. Yes, very scary to us -but a fact of life for them. Different cultures -but it does seem beastly, no?! I feel so lucky to be born in the west.

  6. Being a child of the 60s, images of Kent State flashed back to me. I know my politics may differ from many here, but to me Bush tried to create a theocracy. Is a clergy carrying a rifle touting only one way just a deadlier version of religions using their god to inflame others to murder? Perhaps because I live in Kansas and the Tiller murder, in his church, have conflated and confused this issue for me.

  7. ArchitectDesign,
    i know..........can you imagine???
    we are very lucky !!


  8. That is a DIFFERENT WORLD altogether. We should embrace our freedom and rights to choose and hope that it NEVER changes! Power to the People!!!

  9. I think there is wisdom in "home before dark" looking beyond the image. I have met people of that faith here in London and they do not feel represented by the scandalising and sensationilist bylines of most papers.

    The truth is we are all different and need to aim for understanding and reasonable debate rather than scaring eachother. Using the church or any other religious means to hate eachother or divide us won't solve anything.

    Plus the definition of cleric in their religion does not exist. There is no intermediary present. That character is a scholar belonging to a political party, not a representative of the people at all.

  10. I know it's so hypocritical! And on a totally different note..., A Beach House Dreamer has moved to A Beach Lovers Place. I hope you'll visit and follow me there.

  11. This is the picture when there is no separation of church and state!



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