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Monday, June 29, 2009

Miss Pettigrew And My Two Of My Favorite Things......

This movie is full of beautiful Men & SETS,
my favorite things in life to observe..
This is Nick. He is sexy ....this is a bad pic of him. He is definitely my type.
This is the ever so delicious Michael.
This is Delysia..........the lovable,wacky, and screwed up struggling night club singer.
Rent this movie. It is almost an 'adult disney flick' with a good message.
Delysia and MISS PETTIGREW in the art deco apartment. M.P. is a woman with a message.
This LOVE.....he is adorable.

Look at that face ! Those eyes.....

Miss Pettigrew gets lucky too.
The reason for this post is that the sets are so great. I almost stopped the movie when it first started, because in the beginning Miss Pettigrew is getting food at a soup kitchen. It is 1939 in the movie, which means the crash was in 1929, that is 10 years !!!!
Do we have 9 years left in our great recession ???
I adore Art Deco. The set in her apartment is magnificent. The iron railings, the art deco panels on the walls. Even the lamp shades on the lamps. Her bedroom is faboo too.
I spent several years importing from Paris french art deco furniture. I love it and would love to live in the apartment featured in the movie.
Back to the issue of me wanting to stop the movie because it was unpleasant to watch the difficulties of the main character Miss Pettigrew at the soup kitchen......
One of my defects of character is avoiding unpleasantness, the tedious motions and movements you to have to do to get through a task.
And my task at hand was watching the movie. I forced myself to continue watching and it, and it turned out to be a complete pleasure.

It is very difficult for me to 'do tedious'.
But, when I do finish a task it is always gratifying.
Why are some of us plagued with this character flaw ????
I have to work on this daily.
Lately I have been chanting to myself....."just get it over with , DO IT".

Delysia & Michael

title;Miss Pettigrew for A Day

to see a clip;

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....
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  1. You are so likable, Renee! Thank you for your sweet comment and support today. XO

  2. Fabulous post Renee. I am running to go rent this movie. The clip is terrific. Oh, I adore that face of Michael. I am so pleased to know someone as talented as you struggles with the tedious. I have been attempting to study for my real estate state exam & my mind wanders horribly. I have to harness myself back in & attempt to keep focused. If chanting helps, I'll give it a go! Thanks too for all your great comments over the weekend. So appreciated xxx deb

  3. I loved that movie... and was just thinking of watching it again!

  4. I have GOT to see this!!!! And by the way - I have NO character flaws! I find it's much easier going through life that way.

  5. Yes indeedy...I see some beautiful things. wink.

  6. This was a cute movie. And, yes, the sets were amazing! I ADORE Ciarán Hinds.

  7. Great post R! I like how your mind works...can't wait for your visit to hotlanta!

  8. You are way too hard on your self girl! Stop with the chanting immediately, you don't need to change a thing - leave that to the Orange People. The movie looks fantastic, very interesting characters, which is such a relief after so many boring, predictable ones of late.
    Millie ^_^

  9. He is SO cute, you are right. I was so mad when his tv show, Pushing Daisies was cancelled -were you watching it? Again it was an adult-disney type show. The most bizarre and most wonderful tv show I've ever seen!!
    PS. I have the same character flaw as you! lol

  10. I adored this movie as well! I posted a review also on my blog.



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