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Monday, February 8, 2010

To Laminate Or Not To Laminate

I ran upon this home while looking in the New York Social Diary.
I was instantly drawn in because I love Venetian Mirrors.
Above this classic beauty coupled with edgy chairs.

But this is what I really wanted to post about.....
the kitchen chairs and table.

The chairs are 'Louis' and the table is an old industrial table.
Don't these chairs look sparkling clean and white?
Is this very practical for a eat-in kitchen / family room with more than a few kids?
Sure it is......

Now you say, "but those chairs are white?" ,
"how is that practical?"
Laminate your fabric.
You can have 
white if you want it!!!
It is amazing....
you can spill dark grape juice, 
paint, markers, spaghetti sauce, or anything else those pesky little and big ones might spill.
Just wipe it off.
No stains. Ever!!

I love the crazy light fixtures above.

'Anything Goes'

I am not sure if the floors are Macassar wood
or Brazilian walnut or what, but it is stunning $$$$

Macasser on left and Brazilian walnut on right (or 2nd)????
How would you like to have this terrace off your master ?

Robert and Cortney Novogratz are self-taught designers (Robert was originally a stockbroker and Cortney trained as an actress) who have been enviably successful at finding bargain properties, reading the taste-zeitgeist very well while renovating them and then selling them on for fat profits. But there is another dimension to their lives that grabs almost all the attention: the fact that they have seven kids under the age of 13 – all their own, including two sets of twins—no blended family here. They’re like the Waltons of the West Village, if the Waltons were hip that is. Not surprisingly, they have a book out and their own reality show on Bravo, 9 X Design, coming to a small screen near you very soon You too will get a glimpse at the four washing machines, entryway that resembles a kindergarten cloakroom, and the magically uncluttered surfaces in their spacious, art-filled house on the West Side Highway—move over John and Kate.
* is my big question to you;
Do they look exactly alike or what?????
If you switched their heads of hair they would look the same. No?

What did you like most about this home?

credits:http: click here
They have written a book.
The Book: Downtown Chic

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  1. WOW they do look an awful lot alike! I'll be sure to check out the show!

  2. I have seen this sixx design before, love the house, and all the interiors. Wow! I really like this style of decorating, Renee!

    Thanks for the link, the artwork is so interesting!!


  3. That IS the question !!
    I think that the idea of the chairs is brilliant....we all spill things, even us grown up's, so, I like that idea BUT, yes, I have a but, I really don't like laminated floors. I always think that they look a bit cheap (even though they're not, always ),
    I don't think that I should start on how amazingly alike they are, and the fact that they have 7 children !!!!....I think I'd better say no more, haha.
    But, Renee, a pretty nice house, not all my style, but still lovely. I wouldn't say no if you gave it to me !! XXXX

  4. Are you speaking PVC vinyl?

    The main fabric shop throughout Hawaii offers quite a few versions of laminated fabrics. I guess it makes sense.

    I also like the old Naugahyde.

  5. Thank you for these gorgeous images!
    My favorite is the children's (baby's) room. Love the blue curtains with the white stripe!

  6. Laminating is a super idea. I wish I would have done it when I had a house full of kids and pets!

  7. He Renee
    Well.. the laminating is a great idea.. have your cake and eat it too... and what do i like about this house? well the light fittings in pics #7 & #8 are incredible.. as is all the industrial pieces.. the child's bed with the pink cover is quirky heaven.. and please.. give me that terrace...

    I am a timber floor sort of gal but mine would have to be a darker stain... I have an orange floor phobia.. probably from growing up with a father used shellac on everything! haha..

    Actually remind me to show you some amazing artwork that was created with shellac... Take care xx Julie

  8. What did I like the most? It's lived in. No space appeared to be "off limits" to the little ones. They did what they liked and didn't let "rules and boundaries" stop them. If they liked it, they did it. Good for them! After all, they are the ones that have to look at it everyday!

  9. My fave is the terrace overlooking the bay!
    Yes those two do look alike, and they have adorable kids too!


  10. i think they are clones.
    xx hahahaha

  11. Are they brother and sister??

    I've laminated fabric for Shades and place mats.Great idea for
    kids.. that crib or childs bed is
    pretty neat.

    Nice post Renee.



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