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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Asheville Condo And Salvaged Ceiling Tiles

I love this is
100 year old ceiling tile re-used to tile the shower stall.
Will that really work?
It is pretty funky....
I love the look of it because it is TEXTURE.
But wouldn't it rust ?
A fireplace in the living room.
This is the exterior of the building that the condo is in. 
It is right downtown in
Asheville North Carolina. 
Here I go again thinking about living in an office building......
Asheville is beautiful.

So tell me....are you funky enough to pull off
the salvaged ceiling tile 'in the shower look?'

And what about rust and getting tetanus 
from the rust in the shower.
This is a man contorted with muscle spasms from
tetanus (lock jaw).
I am having a rough couple of days........
pardon my dark humor.

New York Times 
Asheville Condo  $ 250,000.00


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  1. Asheville is such a charming, funky little town- this fits right in. I'm sure the ceiling tiles are sealed it works I think. Of course, I'm not brave enough to put it in my own house -but I admire it!

  2. What a great image! Love the worn against the new what a winning combo!
    Have a good Tuesday!

  3. Where do you find
    these sick images.
    I am still laughing.
    Can I use it in my
    post on Lunatics
    looks apropo..I wouldn't care for rusty Tiles I have enough IRON.

  4. Renee
    Only you can get away with this! I'm laughing too although know I shouldn't.. used to be a childhood fear.. the old lock jaw.. perhaps as I was accident prone and my siblings taunted me! ...

    So apart from poor Mr Lock Jaw! I do love ceiling tiles and like their usage in areas not above the head too!! but don't think i would do the shower thing.. mostly from a cleaning aspect!! the easier the better I say!!

    ciao ciao xx Julie [I'm now imaging you talking rusty nails to work... ooops!!]

  5. It's a cool look, but I'd wonder about that, too. Maybe if one coated it with polyurethane or marine varnish?!

    Great post! xo

  6. Ouch! That looks painful! I don't know about in the shower- but I'd love to use them somewhere in the home!! ;)

  7. My parents LIVE in Asheville! AND yes, I would love the salvaged ceiling, but FIRST it would have to be bleached and cleaned agnosium so it wouldn't drip rust, oh and seal it like ArchitectDesign suggested!

  8. I'm funky enough! Bring 'em on! (I'd finish them with some kind of sealant)

  9. i think you should pack up and move to seattle.xoxo

  10. That is soooo funny! It could double as the result of working with clients that can't make up their minds or that unbearable boss!

  11. I LOVE ceiling tiles. Are they pertinent to the States ? We don't have them here. I would definitely have them in the shower. I would save myself the bother of cleaning the shower and tell everyone that it is a verdis gris paint finish !!!! XXXX

  12. dear countrypolitan

    the image of the contorted creature was me about 5:40 pm after a phone call with an exceptionally bitchy customer from ' furniture sales.
    i am a design snob.
    i think furniture & design that is 'OPEN TO THE PUBLIC' is a bad idea.
    that is why retail sucks.


  13. dear red

    YA' THINK???
    I know I need something.......
    xxx hugs

  14. Renee, I've been there and I was the worst at sales... my design integrity made me too honest when it came to trying to sell something to someone that I knew was not right!

  15. i know you dont feel like sunshine right now... but you do spread it every day... just by being you... please go claim your sunshine award... and move to rainy seattle! xoxo

  16. Absolutely they would rust! We have metal ceilings in all bar one room (because there was a fire there!) and even though they are painted we still have to drag in the big ladders and do a little derusting. Even in the bedrooms, so forget a bathroom!

  17. Julienne
    what were they thinking????

  18. Asheville is such a great little town. LOVE this the right house it would be stunning.

  19. Um, lockjaw is my own private idaho hell. I guess my worst fear is not being able to communicate + I'm claustrophobic. So... Every time I draw blood at work (which is not infrequent for a florist) I ask everyone " do I need a tetanus shot"? We all laugh, I'm not kidding. So, no, these tiles would not work in any bathroom of mine!

  20. Un-flippin'-believeable! I LOVE the tile used in the shower! What a brilliant idea! I wouldn't care if I got tetanus or scurvy from it, it's beautiful!

  21. scott
    you are the best!!!

    i love it too....but i WOULD end up with tetanus.

  22. flwrjane

    thank you for you great humor.
    i love it.


  23. This comment has been removed by the author.



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